A Non-American and the Un-American at the US Capitol

If it would be inevitable to change my citizenship, one of the nationalities I would prefer would be to be an American.  Sad, crazy and outrageous as it may sound but who would not want to be part of the populace who has the strongest economy, the richest opportunities, a very hip civilization, beautiful people and a super power status as a nation?

It is therefore not surprising that setting my foot on USA soil (at least being a tourist) was on top of my bucket list.  Luckily by some grace and blessings from the heavens, this entry on my long and arduous bucket list has long been done and accomplished.

majestic yet a tranquil visit

I, a non-American have been to USA a couple of times already.  And in my last visit, I found myself at the capital state of Washington DC touring the insides of the US Capitol.  I can clearly recall that the outdoor grounds as well as inside of the Capitol Building gave me some incalculable sense of calmness and security.  It was majestic, it was peaceful, it was secured.  I can also recall my regret of not bringing my favorite pillow then.  Reason behind this is that being inside that most secured building on the planet gave me immense feelings of security and comfort.  The building made me feel so at ease, dreamy and relax I wanted to take a nap.  Haha!

loved it!

But these personal experiences in and out of the Capitol Building was a total opposite of what I saw and read on the news when Americans themselves consecrated the dignity of that honored spot of their country.  For me, the reckless and unwise siege done last January 06, 2021 at the Capitol Building was so sad and very un-American.  From my personal view point, the January 6 incident did not in any way made Americans great again!

Though some peace has been restored, I was in fact quite glad that on the day of the humiliating siege I was not an American.  I just hope that every American would realize how lucky, how fortunate and how free they are being citizens of the strongest and most democratic nation on the planet.  They should not let these valuable benefits slip from their hands because of some rash, thoughtless and heedless revolts and rebellions.

If some un-Americans are tired of being American, a lot of deprived and underprivileged gasping human beings here at a third world far east are willing to swap with them.  I guess, only when they become non-Americans would they realize how precious it is to be one. 

23 thoughts on “A Non-American and the Un-American at the US Capitol

  1. Powerful words and a good reminder to Americans, myself included, that we should count our blessings in this country, even amidst strife and differences in political views. I’m glad you were able to visit – thanks for sharing!

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  2. You may be right but I believe it was a small violent group that stormed the Capitol and did damage, out of a very large group. I’m afraid the US does have a history of protest, violent and non-violent.
    But people, worldwide don’t usually protest unless there’s something to protest about.

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  3. Great point! It’s wonderful you have been able to visit DC. I haven’t been there yet.

    Trump’s agenda was never to make America great again. His narcissistic and corrupt agenda has always been about increasing his power and wealth by all means possible. Sadly, many people were fooled into believing he was truly looking out for them. None of what he has done has helped the planet, the country or the people, other than himself, his family, and his wealthy donors.

    It is time for ALL the planet to be made whole again.

    Thanks for this post.

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