During your active breathing adult life, what are the common adjectives that you would get from strangers or people you know?  Which among the complimenting and unflattering words on the English dictionary do you receive or are usually associated with?

Like everyone else, I’ve heard and received countless adjectives both appealing and unbecoming.  But there is one elusive English word that I have yet to hear that would describe or associate me with. 

The word is Sexy.

People say that being sexy requires nothing.  It is a natural element that effortlessly flows out of a person’s aura.  I have been called evocative, indelicate, spicy and suggestive but never sexy.  I have been described as racy, shocking and delicious but never sexy.  I have been considered tempting, yummy and palatable yet never sexy.

too pleasant, too neat, so unsexy!

Now, to those who bumped unto this post and reached this point of the article, you can either call me one at the comments section below or tell me where is the nearest store where I can buy a bottle of this elusive impression called “sexy”! 

Please excuse this unsexy narcissistic episode! Hahaha!

19 thoughts on “Unsexy

  1. I haven’t known you for a long time but I think you are sexy! I have found you confident, kind, and I was reading one of your old posts about your school reunion and the thread got somehow heated, I find your wit is sexy!

    And if sexy is all about the physical aspect — naku you are much sexier than a lot of people who claim that they are 😀

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  2. Well, I’ve always thought you were kinda sexy – being greeted by that smile right away is what did it 😉 Since then, all the qualities Janis states have merely confirmed it. No kinda, you ARE sexy! 🙂

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  3. I understand the desire to be labeled this, as our world wide culture seems to push this above any other trait, for both men and women, as THE desirable trait. Not criticizing you for desiring to be called this adjective but it seems to me not only a hold-over from neanderthal days of men and women needing to be desired in order to procreate, and battles for the male to win out over other males, etc. And also pushed by the entertainment and marketing industries.

    Personally, I feel that kindness, sensitivity, compassion and care for others, good listening skills, …and yes, being evocative, interesting, intriguing are deeper attributes. I’ve met some pretty sexy ass #!*%! very shallow people.

    You shine with your warmth, wittiness and inquisitiveness!

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  4. Haha…I can relate to that…cute, bubbly even vivacious I have heard but never sexy 🤪 but then sexy is as much the brain as the looks…why do you need someone to say it….look in the mirror and say ‘hey dude you’re sexy’ 😀😀

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  5. You are so funny! I love this post! You are sexy! And You know, the right person, the one You WANT to say it to You, will say it someday!!! For me, sexy is a moment. It’s a look. It comes. It goes. We’re sexy. We’re not. It’s fleeting like all things! But know for sure, even if You’ve never heard it….You are!!! Cheers and rock on with Your sexy self!!! 😃

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