Winter Feels???

I have long learned from grade school that Venus is the hottest planet in the solar system.  And when I grew up, living in one of the hottest nations where the fiery hot sun is up every day, there are boiling moments that I would start believing that my muggy sweaty beach-weather country is not on Earth but in burning Venus!

winter cold: the tropical country version! hahaha!

But not today!  At a temperate 24 degrees Celsius, my country now must be in a winter season status! Haha!  And it actually takes a cold snap in Korea, Japan and India before my country experience such a clement kind of temperature.  

gone crazy!

We don’t have winter but now that it is a little cold, I should pull out my winter gears! I don’t wanna experience frostbite!  And yeah, I am happy and gone nuts because of this beautiful weather!

19 thoughts on “Winter Feels???

  1. Enjoy! Temperature is such a strange thing. I grew up in Southern AZ in very, VERY hot weather. When it would get “down” to 69 in the winter, we’d be snuggling up in our wool clothes with thick wool coats on top of that. When I lived for several years in Seattle, WA, when it got to 60 people were pulling out their shorts and flip flops 🙂 I guess it is all relative.

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  2. Next time you are in America, visit our northland. I’m in northern Minnesota where we have a foot of snow and we are driving the the frozen lakes with large vehicles to go fishing through the ice. You would love the experience and thaw out later. LOL

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  3. Don’t forget gloves, socks, earmuffs, muffler and a warm blanky.😁 Oh yes, hot cup of chai to go with it.
    24 is like the “normal” weather here in South India. Normal except when it is too foggy or cold (15degrees or so), or rainy (21-25 degrees) or too hot (35 or so…).😂 I think this sums up the three seasons.🤣

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