Getting Stout and the All-Purpose Comforter

Oftentimes during my nightly video teleconference with my family, they would tell me that I’m starting to gain so much weight.  That my face has gone so stout that it no longer fits their cellphone screen!  This was further confirmed by a friend whom I recently caught up with.  When he told me that I have gone quite corpulent, I rolled my eyes heavenward and justified that it is because my social life has turned depressingly invaginated, that the mentally-disturbing pandemic has gone so long and that I am still miserably uninspired and alone. 

Yup, my food intake has gone way extra in the past months because of these reasons.  A lot of us, I’m sure, at some stage in our lives have taken to using food as a surrogate for the stuffs we cannot have.  Since the helpless food does not resist and surrenders instantly, it is the best substitute for everything.  It doesn’t fight back when you assault it with your spoon or attack it with a fork.  It does not scream pain nor howl agony when you munch it in your mouth.  It is the ultimate giver of warmth and the all-purpose comforter.

double-chin smile! haha!

I’m almost certain that after checking out his latest (dis)approval ratings, Donald Trump sought solace not from Melania, but from a big bag of chips.  It is just too bad that the sugar high that food provides goes straight to our chin and belly and results to blobs of fat that clogs our defenseless arteries.  And it is disturbing to realize that the quantity of fat in our body is exactly proportional to the size of our doctor’s bank account.

Please pardon my body-shaming-like post today, all these blood sugar seem to have caramelized in my brain already.  Christmas season is coming so expect a bigger me.  Or maybe, I should reactivate my exercise regimen and restart being on ketosis already!  Let me contemplate on this then.  Have a healthy week everyone!

25 thoughts on “Getting Stout and the All-Purpose Comforter

  1. Those who have the means did get heavier during these Pandemic times, while the rest are getting hungrier because the breadwinners lost their jobs. (No, I am not trying to make you feel guilty) Anyway, losing weight is 80% diet and 20% exercise. I’ve been exercising everyday, and still didn’t make a dent on my tummy gained during the lockdown.

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  2. Ha, that’s a bit mean of them – no complaints here, you look great! But yes, I too have gained weight, in that I have the makings of a gut for the first time ever. I foresee lots of sit-ups and walking. That’s about my limit when it comes to exercise, so it had better work!! 😛

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  3. You look great – everyone has a problem with drinking or eating during the Pandemic. I used to weigh over 60 lbs more than I do now. There is no secret, eat less of everything except fruit and vegetables, keep a food diary and walk more. Good luck!

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  4. “It doesn’t fight back when you assault it with your spoon or attack it with a fork. It does not scream pain nor howl agony when you munch it in your mouth. It is the ultimate giver of warmth and the all-purpose comforter..” – I like how you describe food here. Very entertaining! 😉

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  5. I have lost weight, atleast 10 kgs in the past 3 months, by moving to fruit-based diet as breakfast, and minimal oil for the rest of the day. It may not seem too much decrease, but I did not have too much weight to begin with. It was just an attempt to control the pain in my knees due to sudden weight gain due to hypothyroid. I suggest you try attcking the less oily food that tastes just as yum. Try fruit with yogurt and other no-oil tasty stuff which is easy to prepare. You can find loads of recipe on Google.

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