El Nido: Effective In Playing Hard To Get

believe it or not... i took this shot...

believe it or not… i took this shot…

One romance theory that has been backed up by empirical study shows that playing hard to get is a good way to build desire and romantic attraction.  Case in point for this theory is the hardships that one would have to encounter and endure before reaching the most beautiful tropical vacation place on earth known as El Nido in Palawan.

Unless you have heaps of wealth, getting to El Nido is an exhausting challenge.  Like the theory of playing hard to get, reaching El Nido can be like investing into some emotional and physical investments.

el nido port

el nido port

going inside the big lagoon...

going inside the big lagoon…

inside the "secret lagoon"

inside the “secret lagoon”

super nice.... at the yet to be spoiled, nacpan beach

super nice…. at the yet to be spoiled, nacpan beach



One would have to encounter the dangers-that-be lurking at the Manila airport, one would have to endure the often-delayed flights of airlines, one would have to suffer the butt-aches and bladder-control agonies of land travel for five to six hours, one would have to bear with the bumpy boat rides when touring the paradise-like destinations, one would have to endure the stings and soreness of a sunburn.

But all these hardships would definitely be worth it!  All these pains and stressors would simply be erased as soon as you see, smell and experience the desirable and attractive paradise known as El Nido.



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