Thanks Viacom & You’re Welcome Greenpeace

This was in my email yesterday!

coron bikini bottom

I was so glad that my participation in the petition was heard and Viacom (the owners of Nickelodeon) listened.  Palawan, the most beautiful island in the world, was spared! Cheers to Dora the Explorer, the Chipmunks, Spongebob and the rest of the Nick gang!


Palawan: The Park Constructed by Nature

It is shocking to learn from the news that a group of businessmen as well as the government of Palawan has plans of putting-up a Nickelodeon-designed underwater theme park.  This indeed is very disturbing.

These builders of artificial theme parks must be made to realize that Palawan itself is one big and breathing park.  A park built by no one but nature itself.  A natural park where people can thrillingly commune with nature.

Palawan in so many times has been voted as the best island in the world.  All human beings who has been to this heavenly place dubbed as “the last frontier” can attest that this island is one of a kind.  The environment is serene, the air is fresh, the waters are crystal clear and the wildlife is healthy.

An underwater theme park is the last thing that Palawan needs.  Owners of Nickelodeon obviously has not gone diving or snorkeling the beautiful waters of Palawan.  They have yet to know the richness of the marine wildlife found in that beautiful island.  Thus, there is no underwater feature of Palawan that is needed to be enhanced.  The clearness of the water and the vastness of marine wildlife in itself is one blissful natural theme park already.



I obviously disagree and would not want the construction of an underwater theme park in Palawan.  This opted me to sign-up to the “No Nickelodeon’s Underwater Theme Park in Palawan” petition/campaign.  And let me ask all those who stumbled upon this post to join me by signing up at:

photo from my most recent trip in el nido, palawan

photo from my most recent trip in el nido, palawan

palawan: heaven on earth

palawan: heaven on earth

One more thing…  SpongeBob SquarePants may be adorable but I don’t need to see or be with him for me to enjoy the most beautiful island in the world.


Palawan & Me: Saying Positive, Staying Positive

According to Nengkoy, if you have anything good to say, SAY IT!  That has been one positive mantra that I have learned from my mother.  With this viewpoint, let me express two awesome thoughts.

First is to applaud the beautiful tropical island of Palawan for besting all other islands of the world.  Congratulations to Palawan for being chosen as the number one island in the Travel + Leisure World’s Best Awards.

got Nacpan Beach in El Nido  all for myself

got Nacpan Beach in El Nido all for myself

Big Lagoon

Big Lagoon

Though I am very much elated by this awesome recognition, I am a little sad because this once hidden place of a paradise is slowly being discovered by world travelers.  I would love to keep Palawan unspoiled.  I hope that the blue and emerald green waters, the jungle-filled mountains as well as the incredible and colorful wildlife both underwater and on land of this beautiful paradise will be well preserved.

Second is to convey gratitude to my Facebook friends for “liking” my profile picture.  I am delighted and overjoyed because it is the first time ever in my being an FB account user that my profile picture reached more than 200 likes.

my most "liked" FB profile

my most “liked” FB profile

Thank you FB friends!  Your “likes” in some ways makes me stay positive! I am not a popular FB account user, but my reaching 200+ likes felt like winning the award for being the best island of the world.   And just like Palawan, I think I need to preserve my positive bearing and uncomplicated being because I’m starting to get “popular”! Hahaha!

Parang Palawan, pasikat na ako!

A Superstar Tropical Destination

El Nido was never in my bucket list.  It is because, before I was able to create mental notes about my bucket list, I have already been to this paradise of a place.  My recent trip to El Nido was not my first.  I was in this tropical paradise more than twenty years ago.  I remember during that particular trip, going to El Nido was even more difficult than how it is now.

it felt like owning the whole stretch of this beautiful beach paradise

it felt like owning the whole stretch of this beautiful beach paradise



Reaching and travelling now and then to El Nido is like reaching for the stars!  More than twenty years ago, underprivileged tourists like me could not afford to pay for a private plane that would bring me to El Nido.  Me and my friends had to travel first to Puerto Princesa and take a bumpy public transport (a huge non-air-conditioned truck transformed into a bus) that would pass through the never-seem-to-end super dusty dirt road for 12 long hours.  Now the easy, smooth and air-conditioned land travel from Puerto Princesa to El Nido (though still a lot of time) would only take about four to five hours.

What is so distinct about the El Nido tourists more than 20 years ago is that majority of them were foreigners.  Except me, local Filipino tourists then would comprise of either from (i) very rich families; (ii) corrupt political personalities; and, (iii) stylish showbiz superstars.  Now, it is so heartwarming to know that more local tourists from the middle class spectrum of society could already go and marveled at the beauty of El Nido.



big lagoon

big lagoon

twin beach

twin beach

Local tourists from rich families more than 20 years ago may have gone bankrupt; corrupt politicians more than 20 years ago may have been jailed or whose souls are now burning in hell; and, stylish showbiz superstars may have gone baduy (outmoded) and laos (obsolete) but the majestic beauty, charismatic energy and mesmeric attraction of El Nido remains the same.   Glad to know that El Nido continues to be the country’s superstar tropical destination!

peaceful and very relaxing

peaceful and very relaxing

Because of its splendid attractions, I have just revised my bucket list.  It is because I have included El Nido and that I have to experience all the marvelous sites that it has to offer.  Right now this paradise has four island hopping tours (A, B, C and D tours) plus the inland travels going to a fresh water falls and the Nacpan/Twin Beach.  This now gives me reason to return!

Ang ganda naman kasi.

El Nido: Effective In Playing Hard To Get

believe it or not... i took this shot...

believe it or not… i took this shot…

One romance theory that has been backed up by empirical study shows that playing hard to get is a good way to build desire and romantic attraction.  Case in point for this theory is the hardships that one would have to encounter and endure before reaching the most beautiful tropical vacation place on earth known as El Nido in Palawan.

Unless you have heaps of wealth, getting to El Nido is an exhausting challenge.  Like the theory of playing hard to get, reaching El Nido can be like investing into some emotional and physical investments.

el nido port

el nido port

going inside the big lagoon...

going inside the big lagoon…

inside the "secret lagoon"

inside the “secret lagoon”

super nice.... at the yet to be spoiled, nacpan beach

super nice…. at the yet to be spoiled, nacpan beach



One would have to encounter the dangers-that-be lurking at the Manila airport, one would have to endure the often-delayed flights of airlines, one would have to suffer the butt-aches and bladder-control agonies of land travel for five to six hours, one would have to bear with the bumpy boat rides when touring the paradise-like destinations, one would have to endure the stings and soreness of a sunburn.

But all these hardships would definitely be worth it!  All these pains and stressors would simply be erased as soon as you see, smell and experience the desirable and attractive paradise known as El Nido.



Incorrigible Donald Trump Jr.

“Hopeless Idiot” that is what I unconsciously uttered when I read in the news about the cruel tweet posted by the son of the estate mogul Donald Trump.


So for Mr. Trump Jr. the 277-million-dollar ship that can’t properly navigate is more important (that’s why it got lost and eventually stuck on the reef) than the Tubbataha.  He doesn’t want the ship dismantled.  It is so sad to know that this son of a magnate who would soon be one of the forerunners and major stirrer of a conglomerate has gone numb and insensible about nature.

I totally agree with FranceFluxing when she tweeted this.


Yeah, the Trump Organization run by Donald Trump and his family can develop hotels, resorts, golf courses and residential towers in various parts of the globe.  But one thing is for sure their organization cannot construct a natural wonder like the wondrous Tubbataha Reef.

If Donald Trump Jr. and his supporters will try to challenge or get critical about this post then my middle finger is ready to rise…


Filipino Language In A Hit Hollywood Movie During The Language Month

August is the Philippines’ Language Month.  It is but so fitting that in this month the movie Bourne Legacy was shown in cinemas worldwide.  It is so apt because there were a lot of times when the Filipino-Tagalog language was uttered in the said movie.

In one scene female lead star Rachel Weisz was being advised by a Tagalog-speaking pharmacist-vendor about the medicines she is buying.  Rachel responded and looks as if she understood. And since a lot of scenes were depicted and shot in Manila it is but inevitable to hear Tagalog spoken from the background.  There was one scene that I laughed out hard since the cursing in Filipino was smacking solid!

And of course, aside from enjoying a witty yet action-packed movie, I was delighted at the end part of the film when the lead star Jeremy Renner spoke one Tagalog word.  He uttered “salamat” when he thanked the son of a boatman who helped them escape from their foes by sailing away from Manila and heads for Palawan.

Hearing the Filipino-Tagalog language spoken in an international hit Hollywood movie during the Language Month is quite refreshing.  Because in the last Hollywood film which I saw where Tagalog language was spoken, my native tongue is being uttered by the devil.

constantine starring keanu reeves

It was in the movie entitled Constantine starring Keanu Reeves.  In the first scene of the movie, a lady was being possessed by the devil and while being on a mad trace she threats and curses in Tagalog.  I can still clearly recall the young kid watching in front of me seated with his dad inside the cinema became so upset and distressed telling his father in a very dreary tone that the devil is a Filipino.

He said, “Ay Papa, ba’t ganun? Ang demonyo pala ay Filipino.” (Translation: “Hey Papa, why is it like that?  The devil is a Filipino.)  He cried, hugged his dad and turned traumatized because I guess he realized that the spoken language in hell is Tagalog.  Hahaha! Good thing though, Constantine was not shown in the month of August, otherwise, I would be insulted.

Salamat Jeremy, salamat Rachel pero no tenks kay Keyanu at sa demonyu.

Nengkoy in a Zip Line

Nengkoy just did an uncommon feat for a woman who is turning seventy five years old next year.  It is an accomplishment that some would even include in their bucket list.  Others don’t ever dare do it because of fear.  They would simply shiver by the mere thought of it.

Too bad I was not around to personally witness it.  It is good nonetheless, because if I was there I would have not allowed her to do it (because I –  who would be scared to death if I do it – will use her as my major reason that me and her will not do it since she’s too fragile for such a challenge).

Nengkoy spent a four-day vacation in Puerto Princesa, Palawan with my younger sister, my eldest nephew Denden and nieces Erika and Thatcher.  And here is the proof of what Nengkoy did in that beautiful adventure land…

inside the ugong rock

getting ready to fly

nengkoy in a zip-line

Yeah, my mother did the ala-fear factor zip-line!  That is after going upwards though the maze, cracks, crevices and honeycomb limestone caves of Ugong Rock, Nengkoy went down this karst topography via the 330-meter aerial rope-slide.

When I asked her why she did it, she simply answered, “Eh gusto ko eh! At mas mahirap kaya bumaba sa kweba!” (I want it! And besides it’s harder to climb down those caves).  According to my nephew as he was told by the zip-line controllers, the oldest person to ride their zip-line so far is an 84-year old male tourist.  But they could not confirm if Nengkoy is the oldest female flying fox slider they had.  Nengkoy also told me that some of the people there were so amazed, they were asking for her autograph!

Yan si Nengkoy, may pagka-Amasona ang byuti! Ano susunod bungee jumping?! Hihihi

Sights of Club Paradise, Palawan


joesel, karen, I and jesse


Four gorgeous and irresistible souls recently enjoyed an equally captivating island.  It was simply perfect!  That’s what happened when I, Karen, Jesse and Joesel spent a great September weekend in Club Paradise, Dimakya Island, north of Palawan.

Because of the beauty of the island combined with our eye-catching looks, I succumbed.  I succumbed to the irresistible deed of collecting all our photos of delight.    However, I failed the hounding struggle of keeping the pictures private.  Our photos in Club Paradise were just too attractive it would be an evil transgression not to broadcast, share and make it public.


Dimakya Island, Palawan

Words are not enough to describe the beauty of Dimakya Island located at the northern tip of Palawan.  This gorgeous patch of paradise is so beautiful it annoys me. 

 The sky is too blue, the sunset is too amber.  The breeze is too fresh and the animals (fruit bats, turtles and various birds) were too free to live their own free lives. The sea water is too clear and too aquamarine.  The schools of fish are too gracious they don’t mind a monster like me would snorkel atop and around them. The corals underwater are too colorful.  The foliage is too lush, in fact the green is so green and the flowers were too flowery. 

 The island is too perfect, it disturbs me.  I thought I was dead and gone to heaven.

Kinukurot ko sarili ko para mapatunayang di pa ko tsugi.