My English 101

Tv There has been a new name for television.  It is now called the modern day nanny.  Busy working parents nowadays would have no choice but to leave their children in front of a television.

  A lot of people would say that TV will not give any benefit to a growing child.  Some even calls TV as an ‘idiot-box’.  I beg to disagree on this concept.

In my trainings and lectures, everytime I would talk about the boundless importance and advantages of speaking the English language. I never fail to discuss that practicing it (reading, listening, writing and speaking) is the best way to learn and improve the skill.  Also, I never miss telling my listeners that my foundation in learning English came not from school but from watching TV during my childhood days.

Sesamestreet Yeah, I learned English by watching Jim Henson’s ‘Sesame Street’; the locally produced yet with an American host ‘Uncle Bob’s Lucky 7 Club’; and, Lea Salonga’s mini-variety kiddy show with her younger brother Gerard ‘Love Lea’.  I can proudly say that I am a living testament of a person who benefited from watching TV.  All these boob-tube shows were in English.

Unfortunately, younger mortals than I am seem to have difficulty speaking the English language.  Maybe it is because they grew up watching ‘Batibot’ the Filipino version of Sesame Street.  Batibot utilizes the Tagalog/Filipino vernacular as its mode of communicating to the young viewers.

I am glad to know that my 10-year old nephew Luis is on top of his English class in school.  It is partly because he prefers to watch ‘Nickelodeon’ and ‘Cartoon Network’ than those Tagalized and more violent anime shows on TV.

Sesamestreet2 Thanks to all the Muppets especially to Bert, Ernie, Cookie Monster, The Count, Grover, Kermit, Ms.Piggy, Oscar the Grouch and the gentle Mr. Snuffleupagus.

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