Valentines & My Crooked Palm Lines

Our journey through life presents many challenges.  If we find someone to share that journey with, it opens up a totally new perspective and a whole realm of possibilities.  Lucky are those who found someone that they love and share life’s journey with.

Though people say that I don’t look one, I am already five decades old.  And though people say that I am addicted to love, by this time and at this late period of my life, I have started to accept the fact that sharing my journey with someone seem already farfetched and very unlikely.

happy valentines everyone!

If a psychic palm reader would try to peruse the lines on my hand, I guess, he would say that such palm-lines seem crooked and uncommon.   I guess my fate is simply different as compared to the majority. 

It’s Valentine’s day tomorrow and I realized that I am too old to turn crabby or cantankerous.  I have started to accept the thought that sharing life’s journey is not for me.  If such is not for me, then it is not for me.  What is important with my life’s situation now is that I simply follow my heart, I’m living my own truth, I try to enjoy life and I got a beautiful family who cares and loves me.

love rule #1: if it’s not for you, then it’s not for you

Have a sweet and beautiful Valentines everyone!

Valentines: Got Myself an Ice Cream

Like Rock Hudson who promised that he would treat himself for an ice cream if he gets the acting-role he first-time auditioned for, I too promised myself in the past that I would treat myself for an ice cream in case I finally found my “significant other”.

smiling today! haha!

I am writing this because it is Valentine’s Day today, the day of hearts, the day of love and the day to celebrate with a “significant other”.  Unlike other Valentine Days in the past where I would just stay indoors, be quiet, sometimes be cranky and do nothing, I this year mustered a lot of chutzpah to be seen in public. 

With testicles the size of asteroids, I stepped out, I went out and smiled outdoors!  I decided to be cheery and light-hearted!  A good amount of it was spent in my office so as to beat a deadline, shop at the biggest people-infested mall for larger-sized shirts because I’m getting plumper and do a little grocery at a nearby hypermarket.  Included in my grocery haul was a pint of ice cream.

Yup, I decided to treat myself today for a big calorific amount of ice cream.  You may be wondering now if I finally find my “significant other”.  Let me answer it then…

ice cream!!!

Did you know that Rock Hudson went to his nearby diner and ordered for an ice cream despite knowing that he was not chosen for the acting role that he auditioned for?   Though sad and down he was nevertheless was full of hope.  Rock Hudson treat himself for a big goblet of an ice cream because he was proud of the courage he showed during the first time he auditioned.  

I got the strawberry flavor!  Happy Valentines everyone!

The Unescapable February

My solo dealings literally, figuratively and unromantically about life’s quests and adventures has resulted to considering the love month of February as a season for silly rants, inane bitterness and ridiculous resentments! Hahaha! 

While everybody adores the amorously fab month of Feb, for me, it’s a dark and menacing month that I hate to confront and grapple with!  I am so prosaic and unromantic, friends and colleagues know that if I could just skip and jump to March after the cool month of January, I would! Hahaha!

But this year, let me go pretty easy towards the unescapable February. Let me be a little different this year.  I decided to post no rant, no bitterness and no resentment in this season of love!  I will instead try my very best to post thoughts and notions about love may it be towards pets, friends, a movie, a song, a romantic partner or even inanimate objects!  Besides who wouldn’t want to be love-filled during these uncertain times of the pandemic?

Watch out Cupid, this blog may eat your heart out this love month of Feb! 

Trying My Nutty Best This Valentines

It is early morning and it is Valentines.  It is early morning and it is Valentines and I am trying my very best not to be the grumpiest, old and solo living creature on the planet.  I have been for the past years!

surprisingly received the most sought after dessert this valentines from super friend gie and a cute valentines napkin from super friend mj

This day this year, I am changing gear and is trying to rewire my nutty brain.  I chose not to be bitter.  I am not the rebel heart this year for I chose not to maltreat those who loves celebrating this day.  I was a success of not wearing all black today.  And I actually was able to control my emotions of not kicking and smashing the Valentines heart designs in my gym last night!

Though living solo and celebrating Valentine’s today solo, I would like to put my bearing and my outlook on a very positive note.  I will treat this year’s celebration on a more amiable light.  Because of this, let me greet everyone who happens to read this post a very Happy Valentines!  I hope you stay in love and celebrate this day all throughout the year!

Ayoko magpaka-ampalaya ngayong taon, para maiba naman!

My Uchisar Journey and Still Solo on Spooky February

February for me is more eerie and scary as compared to the Halloween month of November.  For me, it is more disturbing and unnerving as compared to the Chinese ghost month of August.  Reason being? It’s the sinister month when Valentines is celebrated!

With much resilience and fortitude, I was able passed through more than four and a half decades of scary Valentines celebrations.  And though my chance of finally celebrating it with a partner may have started to further dwindle, I would like to stay positive.  I am staying positive because I believe that everybody deserves a great love story.

And while I STILL wait for the most spectacular Valentine’s Day ever, let me just post my photos from my previous SOLO travel in Uchisar, the highest point in Cappadocia, Turkey.


And I hope that my upcoming love life shall be as spectacular, historic and as stunning as that of the Uchisar Castle of Turkey!

Balang araw! Hu yu kayo sa kin pag nagkataon! Hahaha!

Default Setting: Solo

Kiss January goodbye and welcome to the dreadful Valentines month of February.  It is so awful the level of ghastliness (especially the 14th day) can be compared to Black Saturday when Jesus is dead, the Halloween, the Day of the Dead, the Bombing of Pearl Harbor and the day the Jews were burned to death by the Nazis rolled into one.

I may feel vileness in the air this time of the year but the whole world loves February.  It is the month the world’s population observes the ultimate celebration of love towards someone they adore.  But for me, I find February to be something gruesome.  It is because it is the month when I am kept reminded of my heart’s, seem to be perpetual, default setting: solo, alone, by myself, solitary, unaccompanied, SINGLE.



Though I don’t like February, I would still like to believe that Love at any day or time of the year and no matter what its form is an antidote to all the bad stuff that life throws at us.  Perpetual singlehood may be harder and my default setting for quite a considerable time already, believe me, I still consider Love as a great source of happiness, comfort and safety.  It eliminates fear.  Everything else fails in comparison to love.

Sige na! Kayo na ang maganda! Kayo na ang maligaya!


caption this! hahaha!

caption this! hahaha!

Remembering.  That is one task I can’t seem to recall on when was the last time I celebrate what should be celebrated today.  But for this year, let me hug, assent and celebrate Valentines.  Actually, the mere fact that I am posting something on Valentines is already a rare and huge celebration on my part.  Typing the letters V-A-L-E-N-T-I-N-E-S actually took some toll on me.  I needed few minutes of some peaceful rest after typing it.

Excited.  But putting myself on some positive note, this is basically my general feeling for the past weeks.  It is because I feel that very soon the one who would sweep me away from my being solo, by myself and alone would finally arrive.  I’m excited to meet the person whom I would simply sit down with enjoying freshly brewed coffee mornings after mornings.

Congratulations.  This would be my heartfelt greetings to all those who were blessed and successful in finding their significant other.  I hope your Valentines this year would be a celebration that would be remembered for a long period of time.  I also hope that your partner would not leave as swiftly as how he/she arrived.

And since I profess of celebrating Valentines today, here’s an old yet emotive song dedicated to those whose feelings were swept away by their significant other.  I’m hoping to feel and sing the same… soon…

O ayan ha.  ‘Di ako ampalaya!

Into The Blue: A Feb 14 Song

Today is Valentine’s Day and this “awe-mazing” song just smacked right between my ears.  It obviously is not a cupid love song, yet this fantabulous pop track simply represent how still positive I am amidst this dreadful day.

The lines of this applause-worthy song that truly hit me denotes strength and independence.

“When I got my back up against the wall,

don’t need no one to rescue me. 

‘Cause I ain’t waiting up for no miracle,

yeah tonight I’m running free!”

I like this song simply because I have never been a believer of self-pity.  Self-pity is for people who have too much time on their hands yet they wait for miraculous change to befall them.  As for me.  Instead of dreaming miracles, I have long learned to make my own.

This may not be this year’s song for those who chose or no choice but to remain solo and unattached, let me nevertheless announce that Into The Blue by pop goddess Kylie Minogue as my Feb 14 theme song…

hapi balentong…

A Love That’s Not Broken Just Bent

Today is Valentine’s Day.  It is but appropriate to write something about love, fidelity, infatuation or even lust. Instead, I’m opting to post a song that is not about sweet crazy love neither bitter broken love.  It is a song that is in between.   The composition is so good it can be a song for the hopeful (who wish to revive their feelings and learn to love again) or the hopeless (who wish to move on and learn love again).

For sure, considerable numbers of people today are trying their best to  rekindle their affection towards the person they once was fascinated with or are trying their best to find a way to get out of a ruptured relationship.  As what the song says… it is a love that’s not broken just “bent”.

A happier Valentine’s Day to those who are at this situation…

Gud lak na lang…

Catch Love, Win Love

Love is like a raffle stub.

The more entries you send the more chances of winning!!!

I hope you win the heart of your beloved this Valentine’s Day.  It’s not the day you run away from love, it’s the day you track it down, tie it up and take it home.

Here’s a classic yet modernized Kundiman song for all lovers out there…

Hapi Balentong Day!