Nengkoy in a Zip Line

Nengkoy just did an uncommon feat for a woman who is turning seventy five years old next year.  It is an accomplishment that some would even include in their bucket list.  Others don’t ever dare do it because of fear.  They would simply shiver by the mere thought of it.

Too bad I was not around to personally witness it.  It is good nonetheless, because if I was there I would have not allowed her to do it (because I –  who would be scared to death if I do it – will use her as my major reason that me and her will not do it since she’s too fragile for such a challenge).

Nengkoy spent a four-day vacation in Puerto Princesa, Palawan with my younger sister, my eldest nephew Denden and nieces Erika and Thatcher.  And here is the proof of what Nengkoy did in that beautiful adventure land…

inside the ugong rock

getting ready to fly

nengkoy in a zip-line

Yeah, my mother did the ala-fear factor zip-line!  That is after going upwards though the maze, cracks, crevices and honeycomb limestone caves of Ugong Rock, Nengkoy went down this karst topography via the 330-meter aerial rope-slide.

When I asked her why she did it, she simply answered, “Eh gusto ko eh! At mas mahirap kaya bumaba sa kweba!” (I want it! And besides it’s harder to climb down those caves).  According to my nephew as he was told by the zip-line controllers, the oldest person to ride their zip-line so far is an 84-year old male tourist.  But they could not confirm if Nengkoy is the oldest female flying fox slider they had.  Nengkoy also told me that some of the people there were so amazed, they were asking for her autograph!

Yan si Nengkoy, may pagka-Amasona ang byuti! Ano susunod bungee jumping?! Hihihi