Olay Broadway Lovers/Haters Test

Here’s some silly theory! 

To test if you’re a fan and love Broadway musicals, you would be able to finish watching and listening to this non-sense of a product face-cleanser commercial. 

But if you just stopped and suddenly scrolled down or continue with web surfing while in the middle of this Olay commercial, it only signifies that watching at least 1 Broadway musical will never be or has never been in your bucket list.

I bet you watched the whole thing! I’ve seen the commercial and finished it 3 times.  And I can’t wait to wash my face!

Kaloka! Nan-sens pero tinapos ko tri tayms!

Celebrating the Heart of Filipino Christmas

Yearly, without hardship and difficulty, I can easily capture and feel the spirit of Christmas.  But not this year.  I guess I can attribute this to the still very hot weather due to the ongoing El Niño phenomenon, my having no time to do any Christmas shopping as well as the need to do and attend to the tons and loads of work in my office.

screen-grabbed from the video! cool foreigners indeed!

screen-grabbed from the video! cool foreigners indeed!

Thanks to Philippine Airlines because after seeing this heartwarming video, I can somewhat feel what seem to be a elusive Christmas spirit.

The short happy video captures the magical energy and some unique elements of a Filipino Christmas which foreigners seem to marvel and be surprised about. Seeing this video made me realize that no one in the world celebrates Christmas like the way Filipinos (like me) do.

Tumitibok-tibok, sumisinok-sinok! Tenks PAL!

Man on the Moon by John Lewis

I know that it already have stores here in Manila, but if destiny would grant my wish of travelling someday to the United Kingdom, I will never miss the chance of going to John Lewis.  This is for the simple reason of being so touched every year by their Christmas ad.

John Lewis Christmas ads are so awe-inspiring, it seem to have become a tradition for Britons to look forward to its annual release.

This year’s edition is entitled “Man On The Moon”



Ang Es Em kaya maka-gawa ng ganyang ka-tatching na patalastas?

Sa Bukid Walang Papel

I was walking on green fields and leaping through the flowery groves while the raise of the sun is mellowing…  It was an enormously divine green field of dreams…  I smelled the grassy breeze of air and felt the undisturbed delight of the snow capped mountain ranges above…  I was sweetly smiling for experiencing the charming breath of heaven… But I was aware that I was just lucidly dreaming.

I was awakened by the rumbling of my stomach.  With drooping eyes and remnants of dissipating sweet dream on my mind, I went straight to my toilet.  After some intense abdominal and intestinal twisting, wringing and extraction, like a typical Filipino that I am, I reached for my “tabo” (dipper) to soap and wash my posterior end.

With heavy and still half-opened eyes, I reached for the toilet paper dispenser but there was none in it only the cardboard roll was left.  This is when I realized like the controversial Filipino bathroom tissue TV commercial that in lovely and dreamy green fields there is no tissue paper.  That’s when I fully woke up!

Sa bukid walang papel. Uyyy! Ikiskis mo sa pilapil! Uyyy!