Incorrigible Donald Trump Jr.

“Hopeless Idiot” that is what I unconsciously uttered when I read in the news about the cruel tweet posted by the son of the estate mogul Donald Trump.


So for Mr. Trump Jr. the 277-million-dollar ship that can’t properly navigate is more important (that’s why it got lost and eventually stuck on the reef) than the Tubbataha.  He doesn’t want the ship dismantled.  It is so sad to know that this son of a magnate who would soon be one of the forerunners and major stirrer of a conglomerate has gone numb and insensible about nature.

I totally agree with FranceFluxing when she tweeted this.


Yeah, the Trump Organization run by Donald Trump and his family can develop hotels, resorts, golf courses and residential towers in various parts of the globe.  But one thing is for sure their organization cannot construct a natural wonder like the wondrous Tubbataha Reef.

If Donald Trump Jr. and his supporters will try to challenge or get critical about this post then my middle finger is ready to rise…