Stepping on a Fine Piece of Art

For the past 10 years I have been stepping on a fine piece of art.  Though I tread, walk and step on it, it is one treasure that I value so much that I am the one who would personally shake, remove dust and debris so as to clean it up. I would be the one to have it left lying under the happy sun for a day and retrieve it back.  And only last week did I decided to have it professionally cleaned.

I am talking about my much-appreciated Moroccan area rug. I value It so much because it is one of those heavy and bulky items that I decided to hand carry on my way back home after a long yet enriching trip from Morocco ten long years ago.

stepping on a fine piece of art…

My memory is still very clear in recalling how I and travel-buddy Joesel got to purchase it from a merchant inside the medina in Fes.  I can still reminisce how the seller showed us various intricate and colorful designs of various rugs for sale and was even invited by the owner of the shop to climb up to their roof deck for us to be shown on how lady-artisans do the intricate knotting of the wool so as to create a great piece of art. 

I can also remember how anxious I was when the rug I paid for a hefty price was delayed in having it delivered to our hotel. Delivery was so behind in time, I thought I was duped by the merchant yet sighed with a huge relief when the hotel’s front desk called me to inform that I have a package in their office for me to claim.

comment down below on what those symbols may mean… thank you.

proof of authenticity at the back! it says “extra superieuere”. whatever that is.

a closer look! it takes an awesome artisanal skills to do those!

I however can no longer recall the representations of the designs of the rug I chose as described during that time by the merchant.  What I remember is that I simply followed my heart on which to choose from among the beautiful Moroccan rugs presented to us.

Though it is ten years old, I know that it will take another 10 long years before my Moroccan rug can be considered vintage.  But the memory of this piece of art that I step on regularly will remain in me may it be considered vintage, collectible or antique already.

Old Majestic Tree in Aurora

Trees are considered one of life-sources.  Aside from being the great oxygen supplier, trees also makes the world a beautiful place to live in.

After seeing the majestic trees that grew from the ruins of Ta Prohm temple in Siem Reap Cambodia, I thought I will never be again fascinated by any living tree on the planet.

But after being enchanted by the massive 600+ year old tree in the town of Maria Aurora in Aurora Province here in the Philippines, I knew I am mistaken.  Hailed as the Millennium Tree, this breathtaking Balete type of a tree is considered to be the largest of its kind in the whole of Asia.

nature's gigantic masterpiece

nature’s gigantic masterpiece; i’m like meters away standing from the tree…

Unlike the massive roots of the trees in Siem Reap, people can actually enter through the hoards of root shafts of this 200 feet tall tree.

super UGAT! "inside" the massive tree

super UGAT!
“inside” the massive tree

I’m pretty sure there are higher, older and more massive trees in some tucked away and untouched forest or mountainside on the planet.  But what makes the Millennium Tree more meaningful and delightful is that people are actually allowed to climb up to a certain point so as to feel and further appreciate it firsthand.

Seeing thrilled tourists climbing up or passing through the narrow crevices of its roots were like little boys and girls being cradled by no less than the enchanting Mother Nature.

Bonggang puno…

My Long Island City Photo Treasures

No thanks to social media, we Facebook users are bombarded with photos of our friends’ recent vacation.  Gone are the days when we have to go to a friend’s house before we would be able to sit through his most recent vacation because we would be shown stacks and stacks of photo albums.  But nowadays, we can never totally escape from our friends’ vacations.

water front promenade with the spectacular view of midtown manhattan skyline

water front promenade with the spectacular view of midtown manhattan skyline

this shot garnered lots of fb likes!

this shot garnered lots of fb likes!

According to a researcher on human-computer interaction issues, posting photos of oneself on vacation is like “impression management”.  These people tend to paint an impression of themselves to get the positive reaction they want.  These are the people with narcissistic motivation who tends to provoke envy but in fact and in my personal assessment could actually be very annoying especially when photos posted has gone too excessive.  It can already be considered a bunch of uninteresting excesses of the cyber world.

Well, the person the researcher on human-computer interaction issues is talking about is so me.  That is so me and I freaking don’t care! Hahaha!  Yes I am narcissistic but let me just modify the issue on provoking envy.  I post my photos on the net particularly my blog not because I wish people to envy me.  I post them to chronicle the treasures I had amassed.  It is because I consider my travels and vacations as my treasure.

feeling rich!

feeling rich!

a super nice shot by jo dela rosa...

a super nice shot by jo dela rosa…

I actually don’t care if people hate my photos or do not care at all about what I post.  My photos chronicling my travels may not have some positive cosmological effect in the universe, but these are my treasures that can never be spent away or stolen from me.

And to further prove this adverse and unflattering trait, in this blog post are a bunch of photos of me and with some New York-based friends, whom I consider as another form of treasure.  These “treasures” were taken by my friend Jo Dela Rosa (who surprisingly possesses some excellent photo skills) at Gantry Plaza State Park at Long Island City during my recent NY vacation.

striking a pose with charles, mark and jhong...

striking a pose with charles, mark and jhong…

Oh diba? Ang yaman yaman ko, andami kong foto.

Handwritten Notes In My Treasure Box

I don’t know but there must be something in my hypothalamus that bursts with uplifting joy every time I would receive a handwritten heartwarming note or letter from a friend or a relative.  The value of handwritten poignant thoughts directly conveyed to my inner being cheers me up in high spirits.

Maybe this is the reason why I have the compulsion to keep, store and squirrel away these letters and notes no matter how short the messages are and regardless of what sort of paper these are written on.

To hint on some examples, herewith are a few of the letters/notes that I have been keeping in my treasure box in which some heedless souls may already consider as trash…

chosen notes from my treasure box

few of the notes from my treasure box

this kid will be turning 12 early next year

this kid is turning 12 early next year

Of course two of my personal favorites…

thatcher, my niece's christmas letter last year.  i can hardly remember what she gave me but this letter will forever be remembered

my niece thatcher’s christmas letter last year. i can hardly recall what she gave me but this letter will forever be kept and remembered

luis' note when he was just starting to learn how to write (left was the front page, to the right is the meat of his "very precise" message)

my nephew luis’ letter written on a tiny sheet of paper when he was just starting to learn how to write.  (left was the front page, to the right is the content of his “very precise” message).  luis is entering college next year…

Or maybe I got this penchant attribute from my mother.  I can clearly recall when I was still a skinny kid when Nengkoy would make a décor-less scrapbook of all the Christmas Holiday and Birthday greeting cards she would receive through the years. These colorful greetings card she received were usually from my father who was then working in the Middle East, from my dear relatives based in USA and Canada (the Romasanta-s and the Pineda-s) as well as from her close friends working in various parts of the world.

Kapag ako sumikat, pwedeng ipang-myusiyum ang mga ‘yan.