Nengkoy’s Preferred Sea Salt

I have always believed that not all salts are equal.  Varieties of this important yet often neglected flavoring abound.  Popular ones are the ordinary iodized salt and sea salt while the chic, hip and pricier array would be Kosher, Himalayan, Fleur De Sel and Celtic salt varieties.

But Nengkoy (my mom) prefers a different variety of salt.  Afraid to run out of stock, it is the seasoning that we never miss to buy and bring back to Manila every time we are in Alaminos, Pangasinan, a province north of Manila, tagged as the sea salt capital of the Philippines.

a gorgeous morning site of sea salt beds in Pangasinan

And unlike the strong, robust and concentrated variety, Alaminos Sea Salt seem subtle, calm and pleasant to the palate.  I don’t know why but this salt never overpowers and would seem to simply let the flavors and taste of the food standout.  It has some strange way of accenting the flavors of the food. 

Alaminos Sea Salt variety is really good.  In fact, the extra one sack that Nengkoy has in her house was actually purchased by a Korean guy who makes and sells home-made Kimchi.  Upon learning that Nengkoy got an extra high-grade sack, the Korean dude never hesitated on offering a good amount so as to buy my mom’s reserve/stock.

Online Sea Salt sold by Winner Joe’s

Good thing though, Alaminos Sea Salt can now be ordered and available online through Winner Joe’s Facebook page.  Thanks to Winner Joe’s, Nengkoy nor my family need not travel to Alaminos, Pangasinan anymore so as get hold of this exquisite seasoning.

Now, watch the beauty and magic in the creation of this pleasing flavoring.

Try this sea salt variety.  I am so sure your taste buds will do a standing ovation and definitely thank you for it.

A Fruity Twisted My Brain

I was not longing for Ruby Roman Grapes, the most expensive grapes in the world.  I was never looking for Ackee, one of the rarest fruits on the planet.  And not once did I crave for Cherimoya which according to Mark Twain is the most delicious fruit known to men.

I was only yearning to try a Miracle Berry and experience for myself the magic and oddity it does to my taste buds.


And this yearning has finally been resolved when Chef Clark Soliman, a co-employee, learned about my hankering.  He’s got a Miracle Berry plant in his backyard in Pampanga.  Chef Clark when he visited my office actually gave me a handful of this amazing berry.

I right away tested it.  I ordered the nearest restaurant from my office to deliver me a chopped calamansi (a very sour citrus fruit abundant here in the Philippines).  I munched into the miracle berry as soon as my chopped calamansi has been delivered.  And after a couple of minutes, I was supping, lapping and sucking on what supposed to be the sourest citrus fruit on the planet.  But my discernment was different, my taste buds were telling me that I was supping on the sweetest and most delicious honey orange in the universe!

from notorious sourness to heavenly sweetness

Miracle Berry indeed tricked and deceived my precious taste buds!  I never knew that my brain could further be twisted by such a mere fruit.  It’s fun! Find one and be twisted by the effect of Miracle Berry.
Tikman nyo! Kaaliw!

Kris Aquino Inspired My Breakfast

Turning on my old bulky TV after rising from my bed each morning is one proof that I am a creature of habit.  I do my usual morning rituals to get ready for work with the hosts of all the local TV networks’ morning shows.

But yesterday morning, I got stuck watching TV when Kris Aquino host of “Kris TV” guest-ed a chef who cooked Arroz Caldo.  With Kris’ usual sosyal antics and the chef’s preparation of a somewhat high-end variety of Arroz Caldo – imagine a congee topped with crispy tofu, toasted long-jawed anchovies, slices of hard-boiled egg, crispy garlic, sesame seed oil and squeezed with lemon – I was drooling on my way to my office.

When my office mate asked if I already had breakfast, the words I uttered was “I want lugaw”.  I ordered take-out delivery from the nearby Café Adriatico in Malate, and this is what I had…

i was half way through with this lugaw, but i had to take a photo for it was sooo good,,,

i was half way through with this lugaw, but i had to take a photo for it was sooo good. btw, mine had quail eggs, freshly chopped leeks, caramelized onions, toasted garlic, calamansi with big chunks of chicken meat, YUMMY!

I may forever wonder how Kris TV’s ornate Arroz Caldo could have tasted but one thing is for sure Café Adriatico’s Arroz Caldo is so good I could cry.

Para syang manok na may lugaw, di na lugaw na may manok!