I’m a Surfer!

How many times do a person need to play a sport before he or she considers that game as his/he sport?  Does it have to be a daily playing of the sport? Once a week? Once a month?  Do a player needs to receive a prize or a medal for winning the game before he or she considers that sport his/her sport?  Or do you have to enlist yourself to legit and recognized sport organization so that you can call that sport your sport?

Or do you simply need to know the mechanics of the sport, be a knowledgeable on who are the legends and superstars of that sport and you just have to simply have to be an avid fan of such a sport before you can consider that sport your sport?

If the basis for having a sport is the last question, without any shoes or any gear, then my sport would be tennis.  But for other basis or criteria of having a sport, then I can easily say that I don’t have one.

Maybe playing a sport is not in my genes and bloodstream.  In the past, every time a soul would ask me what’s my sport, without butting an eyelash and feeling sedimentary, I would simply say “none” then start justifying that sports are only for people who needs to exhibit hatred, vent out ones boastfulness and dispense their sadistic pleasures.

But this is until recently when for the third consecutive year of visiting the bucolic municipality of Baler, I guess I can consider myself of finally having a sport.  That would be SURFING!  No not windsurfing or kite surfing or internet surfing.  Its beach surfing!  Yeah!  This is my third time on three consecutive years to surf the soft-sanded Sabang Beach of Baler.  Would this count?

a short re-briefing...

a short re-briefing…

as usual someone needs to carry my surf board for me. hahaha!

as usual someone needs to carry my surf board for me. hahaha!

i heart baler

i heart baler

surf is up! hahaha!

surf is up! hahaha!

I have yet to know technical terms of the sport like tubing, windswell, crumbly and pearling, but I’m definitely stoked every time I got to surf.  It may only be my third time but I already feel like I’m a Kahuna!  Kahuna by the way according to surfers are the wizards and magicians of surfing!  Hahaha!

Now ask me.  What’s my sport?

You, what’s your sport?

‘Yun nga lang… nakaka-hingal!

Friends from the Land of Rainbows and Unicorns

surry hills, new south wales, aus

Almost on the last leg of our journey in Australia, we were inside a moving van heading back to Melbourne from the spectacular views of the Twelve Apostles in Victoria, me and Karen were asked by Jesse on which among the sights and adventures was the highlight of our 2011 Australian trip.

Everybody suspected that my stay in Gold Coast, Queensland would be my answer for I specifically broadcast how beautiful the people are and how amazing the place was in that part of the continent.  I even wanted everyone in the group to rather proceed in Surfers Paradise to spend the rest of the trip and drop the plans of going to Melbourne.

Everyone was surprised when I announced that my Gold Coast stay was just a runner-up.  I revealed that the highlight and most focal point of the whole trip was that actual moment.  The fun moment I was having inside that van with the complete people whom I consider to be very close friends – Joesel, Karen, Denton, Jerico, Charles, Gareth and Jesse.

The whole trip gave way for me to develop beautiful friendship with these beautiful people.  The geographical landscape and cosmopolitan setting of Australia may change, but the fact will remain that these people are true friends in every sense of the word.  My bonding with these people are definitely incomparable to the sights and adventures of The Land Down Under.  They made me feel that Australia is like a land of rainbows and unicorns…

Because of this, let me dedicate this short photo slide show that enumerates some of the various spectacular Aussie places that I have been to…

Si yu sun pips!  : )