Being So Immersed in Coloring My Secret Garden

My presence into the world of internet has been reduced for the past week.  This is because I have been busy utilizing my brain’s right hemisphere for the past few days.

No, I have not been reading a book but instead – believe it or not – I have gone crazy with a coloring book.  I know it sounds like another childish silliness, but this coloring book seem to relax me.

the book itself, uncolored, is gorgeous!

the book itself, uncolored, is gorgeous!

my first venture!

my first venture!

Secret Garden: An Inky Treasure Hunt and Coloring Book by Johanna Basford has so far been completely entrancing!  It has been the book that surprisingly calms me and at the same time enabled me to squeeze a lot of my creative juices.

I have yet to know or read an actual science that proves coloring in a coloring book makes the person happier or reduce stress.  But for me, it has been an effective tool for a blissful meditative escape from stress and pressures of daily life.

flowers and the "ipis" (as per nengkoy)

flowers and the “ipis” (as per nengkoy)

primary colors!

primary colors!

my next project...

my next project…

And after finishing three pages by simply coloring away to my heart’s content, I was chilled out to realize that there exist some creativity in me.  This book is so engrossing, it is like being so immersed in your own Secret Garden…

Aminin! Pang Nashonal Myusiyum ang gawa ko!

Acid Rain On Treadmill

treadmillI don’t run.  I brisk walk.

Brisk walking is one great exercise.  It makes you healthy. But brisk walking outdoors in a place called Metro Manila would actually make you more sick than healthy. The air is so polluted it would be stupid to jog or brisk walk outside.  And if tough luck besets upon you droplets of acid rain may even infiltrate your lungs making you even more prone to illness.

That is why a Metro Manila inhabitant like me would rather settle to go to a gym and do my brisk walking on a painfully boring treadmill.  Let me be clear that I do not detest Metro Manila the way I have grown to detest the treadmill with growing hatred.

Brisk walking on the treadmill is a mental game for me.  Aside from shaping up my delicious mortal chassis, brisk walking on a treadmill for me is an exercise of mental toughness.  It is because brisk walking on a treadmill is so god awfully boring.  There’s nothing more dreadful than seeing the seconds count down and being fully aware of how much time is still left and the calories you have shred off was actually just equivalent to a spoon of mayonnaise.

To ease the agony of boredom and win the battle against this mentally tormenting machine, I have sought the service and assistance of musical artists particularly of the dance-electronic genre. Now I shape up and step on a treadmill with matching beats.  My walk has gone interesting since the pacing and distance of each stride depends on the beats of the music on my earphones.

Music of Alexis Jordan has been an often tune in my playlist every time I step on the treadmill.  She’s got great selection of songs with varying fast beats.  The most recent one that I truly enjoy listening to is ironically entitled Acid Rain.  This is the Acid Rain that will definitely not hurt at all. Now, boost up the volume and start listening!

Lakad na!

Strenuous Holiday Rush

With all the chores that I need to accomplish

With all the party revelries that my delicious presence compels to grace

With all the dreaded road traffics that I destined to endure

With all the unanticipated gifts that I still need to purchase

With all the stressful deadlines that I must carry out

With all the catch-up dinners and luncheons I opt to attend

With all the surprising presents that I have to wrap

With all the Love and Peace that I ought to give

It seems that the time today until the big Christmas Day is not enough

I am suddenly wishing that there are 48 hours in a day

And it looks like the only thing I will do when merry Christmas day comes is SLEEP and will  only wake-up on December 26.

Nakaka-ubos ang Pasko. Ang aybags ko may tatak ng LV!