translation: Its okay not to be famous at least my prominence won't corrode!

Stardom is defined as a status of an individual acknowledged as a star.  One gospel truth is that everybody aspires to be sikat (popular) and be a star.  It is synonymous to fame and fortune!.  Due to life’s surprises and enigmatic circumstances people just suddenly find themselves in the status of stardom.  It could be in-born, a fascinating fate and destiny or simply caused by melodramatic blood, sweat and tears.

I envy those ungifted and undeservinng stars who did nothing but suddenly found themselves filthy rich and fiercely famous (the likes of Kim Kardashian, Zanjoe Marudo, Willie Revillame, Gerard Anderson and Kate Gosselin to name a few).  Some have not yet even finished their studies but owns heaps of money and monstrous properties.  The only factor why they ended up being wickedly famous is because of their so called x-factor – the unexplainable element that enables these individuals to portray kick-in-the-butt social and cultural values in the lives of others.  They are the existing testament of “life being unfair”.

Saan ba makakabili ng letcheng x-factor na yan?! Bibili ako ng lima. Grrr!