Songs as Sprinkles of Sexiness

If an award and recognition will be handed out for the un-sexiest blog on the planet, it is very likely that this blog would be up on the podium.  My writings are so genial and pleasant I and a lot of people find it so un-sexy!

Though I was not aiming to be sensual and amatory in the first place when I started this blog, other bloggers seem inherently and effortlessly sexy even though they simply post a photo of a flower or would talk about food or would ironically discuss about transcendental, pious and divine principles of living.

I wanna be sexy for once so let me just sprinkle this blog with a dash of sexiness.  Here are two songs I find to be the sexiest songs ever sang and written. 

This 50-year old song exudes sexiness.  My goodness!

Even the icy heart would gyrate to this song! 

What about you? What songs do you find to be the sexiest? drop your answers at the comments below.  Have a sexy day everyone!

Show Me by John Splithoff

This has been my gym-treadmill-music for the past week

After hearing series of newly released songs in my Spotify account, I can conclude that music released nowadays seem to sound the same.  And this makes Show Me by John Splithoff stands out from the rest.  The beat is vibrant and the rhythm is cool!  The tempo is just perfect for those who wish to walk and lose a couple of pounds on a treadmill.

Though it may be silly, another thing I love about this release is the poster.  It’s a reminder of the famous Madonna pose!

madonna and john splithoff

Ang kul ng kantang ‘to!

Listen to Jay, Lisa, Ingrid and a Cab Cutie

Here are four beautiful but less known songs that I have been listening to during the weekend.  These are under-praised tracks that are magnetizing to the ear as well as penetrating to the core of the heart.  Makes me wonder how come these swoon-worthy tunes never made it to be mega hits!

These are the types of music that you would listen to if you wish to laze around.  It is best to listen to while lying in bed and staring at the ceiling thinking of nothing.  The very thing that I have done the whole day of Sunday.

Maybe the reason why these tracks failed to make it big is because these are heartwarming songs that people would rather keep for themselves and would not want others to hear about.  The beat, the sound, the message and the emotion it evokes are so deep-seated you would rather not share it.

Super proud and in love with my first SoundCloud playlist!

Endyoy! Sarap sa tenga, ‘di bah?