Eurovision’s Woman On The Stick Stunned Me

Despite not being European and is 100% Asian, this is my 3rd (not consecutive) year to be hooked by Eurovision.  First was being so engrossed and excited for the performance by Dani Im in 2016 and having to fall in love with the romantic winning song 2 years ago from Portugal. 

This year was of a totally different reason.  I was so entranced and captivated by the performance and staging of the song entry from Australia.  Here’s why and let the video speaks for itself!

The staging I guess has never been done in the past Eurovision contests.  And it takes lungs and a diaphragm of steel to sing precise high operatic notes while standing, swinging and swaying on a 6 meter pole.  That woman slayed it!

Zero Gravity performed by Kate Miller-Heicke genuinely feels what people would consider a total enjoyment which for me is another Eurovision appeal.  Too sad this entry did not win (maybe because Europe is not ready and has not accepted yet that a Eurovision show will be held outside Europe) but Australia’s 2019 entry has definitely blown me away!  She kicks ass up there on the pole!


zero gravity!


Parang gusto ko i-perporm yan sa susunod na Krismas Parti!

Could Have Been a Magical Damivision

I woke up at three and got my ears pregnant!  That is after watching the intense and high-valued production numbers of 42 countries competing for the Eurovision Song Contest 2016.

Though I am gutted because she did not win, I am very proud of Dami Im for making it to second place.  She actually garnered a landslide of a vote from the international jury, which is 50% of the votes.  How I wish I was at the arena for me to witness how shocked and sputtered the crowd have been after Ukraine was announced the winner.  Ukraine’s entry was neither the top choice of the international jury (which went to Dami) and neither the viewers’ choice (which went to Russia).dami im eurovision 2016

I personally feel that Dami should have been the winner!  She clearly was the one to beat.  For me, close second would be Sweden (super nice song that is easy to the ear) then followed by Lithuania (such a danceable track!).

Dami’s entry was awesome!  The song was great, the production was awesome, the high fashion overall look was impeccable, the megawatt voice was enchanting and Dami’s radiating charm and multi-cultural background is what Europe needs. Eurovision this year could have been a magical Damivision.  And the news headline could have been “Australia Invades Europe!”

Anyhow, Dami clearly won the hearts of Europe!  Massive congratulations Dami Im!  One Pinoy member of the fierce Dami Army here is no doubt so proud of you.

‘Di pa redi ang Yurop sa talento ng lola mo…

Dami Im’s Sound of Silence Sounded like the Sound of Success

photo grabbed from dami im's fb page

photo grabbed from dami im’s fb page

The sixty-year old Eurovision Song Contest is literally an unknown here in the Philippines.  Though it is watched by more than 300 million viewers around the world, news about it here in the Philippines would usually run for a short five to ten seconds.  It is merely just to announce who was declared the winner.  News about Eurovision (if ever it actually post interest among local TV networks) is basically like an entertainment-news-filler so as to stretch the news program here in the Philippines.

But for this year, I am one of the very few Filipinos who is very excited about the upcoming Eurovision Finals this year.  It is because Dami Im, my favorite Aussie singer with a megawatt voice made it to the finals!

I couldn’t contain my happiness when I learned through her Facebook page that she got through the finals.   When I read this news, I dropped everything and started searching for her performance on Youtube.  And when I found the video, I had my phone’s sound on a full blast!

Hear the ear-splitting reaction of the crowd… they were actually singing along… I had goosebumps everywhere while watching this…

While watching her perform, I suddenly wanted to move to Sweden so as to cast my vote!  Dami’s performance during the semi-finals was absolutely amazing!  She slayed it!  Her Sound of Silence song seem to already sound like a sound of success in this year’s Eurovision!

Penomenal ang lola mo! 

A Pinoy Looking Forward to Eurovision This Year

(photo captured from eurovision website)

(photo captured from eurovision website)

Eurovision is a very popular song contest participated mostly by the members of the European Broadcasting Union.  Though it is widely popular even to non-member countries like USA and China, I, being an inhabitant in the southeastern portion of the planet is not keen and familiar about this contest.  News on who won in this prestigious contest would oftentimes be brushed-off in my country.

But for this year, I would have to go off a tangent.  It is because I am very excited to see the talented Dami Im on the stage performing this year’s song entry by Australia.  I am looking forward on seeing the dazed, dumbfounded and bewildered reactions of the audience after watching and hearing Dami sing. And I am most eager to witness how she would blow up the big stage in Stockholm with her amazing set of pipes during the night of the competition.

I have been a member of the Dami Army since day one of X Factor Australia 2013 (press the LINK for proof).  And for this year I would have to admit that I would be cheering for Australia to win.

Though Philippines is not a member and participant in this contest, let me then initiate the casting of the Philippine vote for 12 points to Australia.  Aussie, Aussie, Aussie! Oi,Oi, Oi! Here’s this year’s Aussie entry as performed by the fantastic Dami Im…

Dami por da win… ‘yan na ang panalo!

Wowed Again By Ella Henderson

ella henderson

ella henderson

More than a year ago, I wrote about Ella Henderson.  After seeing and hearing her unique and magnificent rendition of Cher’s Believe in X Factor UK, I was immediately mesmerized.  I continued and followed watching that show until the night Ella got eliminated. I ceased to watch it and never knew who won that year’s contest.

Just tonight while surfing the net, I got to see and be updated with the Ella Henderson goings on.  I am glad that her new single Ghost is doing good and its official music video on YouTube already have more than 8 million views.

But what made me write again about Ella Henderson is this amazing video.  I still can’t fathom how this great talent did not even made it to the contest’s finals!  Her singing of the acoustic version of Ghost seem to turn the 2012 X Factor UK TV show a big joke.  Watch!

Astig ka ‘te. Husay!

Gorgeous Judges

Nowadays, every country seem to have their own franchise or version of The X Factor, Idol, The Voice or ‘name-a-country’ Got Talent.  With the continuous popularity of these reality singing contests season after season along with the continuous diaspora of the Filipino race in every corner of the globe, it is no longer a big surprise if one or two or three of the show’s contestants are Filipinos or of Filipino descent.  And because of the innate singing talent, Filipinos around the world has been wowing the planet.

And every time a Filipino joins these contests, the whole country tend to celebrate and be more than proud every time the Judges would either love, praise and exalt the talent they just heard.  I actually at times gets so whacked every time I read the dog-tired “Proud To Be Pinoy” comment on Facebook or Youtube.

Anyway, because of these happenings, I along with a lot of Filipinos got to see personalities and celebrities around the world judging these reality based singing contests.  Thanks to Youtube and Facebook.

Let me clarify, this write-up is not about my fellow Filipinos with killer pipes.  This is about the judges of these fabulous contests.  So far, via Youtube, I have seen and watched celebrity judges from Bulgaria, Italy, Great Britain, The Netherlands, Australia, USA, Israel, China, Canada, Spain, Poland, Norway, Taiwan, Ireland, Thailand, Austria and New Zealand.  It is because these are some of the countries where at least one Filipino has joined.

ronan, danii, redfoo and nathalie (photo taken from

ronan, danii, redfoo and nathalie (photo taken from

Anyway, going back to the judges!

For me, the most gorgeous set of judges ever is from Australia.  They are the Season 5 and presently running Season 6 of X Factor Aussie version.  They are the clean cut Ronan Keating, the brunette Danii Minogue, the afro Redfoo and the blonde Nathalie Bassingthwaighte.

I have seen them throughout the whole season of season 5 and all I can say is that these four are simply oozing with gorgeousness both inside and out.  If I am to join a singing contest, I would be joining the contest where all these four will be judging.

They are the only set of judges in a reality singing contest who gave a contestant more than a standing ovation.  The four super impressed me when all of them stood on top of the judges’ desk to jump and applause over a contestant’s unbelievable performance!

Their comments may it be a denigration or accolades towards a performance looks and feels so sincere.  They judge the performance not the person.  What’s so good about their criticisms is that they express it not in a very cocky, arrogant or harsh manner.  Even though a performance may turn bad, these judges always have something positive to say.  Thus, rejected contestant walks out of the stage unhurt and actually goes home happy and inspired.

They’re the living example of charisma, great sense of humor, confidence and intelligence mixed into a gorgeous looking group.  They got amazing bags of sex appeal and looks so comfortable with each other.  They look like they are truly having fun.  No drama, no palaver, no non-sense.  I don’t know if it’s the differing hair but for me, they just blend perfectly.

Hurrah tu dis hurado!

Dami Im and The Best Judges’ Ovation

damiimarmyI told myself that I would only write about Dami Im when she has been proclaimed the winner of X Factor Australia this year.  But with the amazing talent that Dami Im has just shown in the grand finals night tonight, I could not contain myself to not write about it anymore.

Being a self-proclaimed member of the Dami Army let this blog be a portal for dear Australia to know that one world class talent and superstar is in the person of Dami Im.  It would be a crime if she won’t win the X Factor Australia 2013.

So to dear Australia, I hope you vote for Dami Im!!!  Here’s her last performance that would surely seal the deal.  This video I suppose also contains the best judges’ ovation of any talent show in the world.

Winner or not, I will definitely miss her when the show ends…


Enlisted To The Dami Army

got this from dami's facebook page

got this from dami’s
facebook page

It’s official.  I am an enlisted personnel of the army, The Dami Army that is.  I have done this by pressing the Like icon button of her Facebook page and posting this article into this blog.

I followed the progress and features of this year’s X Factor Australia initially by being so mesmerized by the Jai Waetford audition, this year’s first audition feature.  But during that same first day of audition-features I was equally impressed by the most awkward looking lady singing Hero by Mariah Carey as her audition piece.

But I totally became a fan when she performed during the bootcamp portion of the competition.  There was a major mishap yet she rose to the occasion and performed a very beautiful number.

She actually was dropped from the competition because of this.  Yet fate I guess is truly on her side to become one popular artist because she was the one who got a surprise call when one of the finalists backed out from the show.  From then on, I continued looking after how Dami Im has performed in the contest.

Dami Im is the personification of “awkward” being “the new awesome”.  Her inelegance and gawkiness is so fresh and captivating.  What is so damn great about Dami is when she starts singing her un-polish-ness just disappears right before your eyes and transformation into a remarkable singing talent just comes into sight.  You would not believe that the awesome voice is actually coming out from such an awkward, down-to-earth and naive-looking lady.

As of this writing, she just passed through the week 4 of the finals singing Roar by Katy Perry…  Here is Dami Im singing a disco hit of the late ’70s, her live performance during the week 3 of the finals…

I guess her magnificent talent is coming from the pureness and sweetness of her heart.  If she gets eliminated in the program, I think it is because she is too good for X Factor.

Shayn, shayn, shayn Dami!

Fame Flores: A Rare Filipino Talent

Fame Flores, a semi-finalist in the TV contest Pilipinas Got Talent (a Filipino franchise-version of Britain’s Got Talent owned by Simon Cowell) possess the most tasteful, sophisticated and world-class talent among all the contestants.  Her singing was beyond Pinoy.  It can cross the boundaries of cultures around the world.  It’s the type that cultured souls would love to listen to.

She could be compared to world-class talents like Italy’s Andrea Bocelli; England’s Sarah Brightman; Charlotte Church of United Kingdom; or, New Zealand’s Hayley Westerna (my personal favorite among these lot whom I own 2 of her CDs).

The title of the show “Pilipinas Got Talent” is a misnomer.  It should have been called “Pilipinas Got Mercy” because the judges seem to base their decision/selection not from remarkable talent but from either: corporeal, financial or emotional state-of-affairs of the contestants.  Flores should have joined the British version.  For sure she could have undoubtedly advanced to the finals.

Unfortunately, the dubious lady judges are cheap and unsophisticated that is why they let such a rare talent go astray.  If Fame Flores reached the finals, her talent could have further widened the diverse spectrum of popular Filipino art and music. The Philippines do not have mainstream pop-classical genre.  Flores could have started it!

Paki-treyn nga ang mga diyadyes!