nengkoy in her tengoku shirt

A couple of years back my younger sister Joy initiated a family tradition.  Every December 24 the whole Langit clan is distributed with shirts of the same design.  This is the shirt that every member of the family would wear to welcome the birth of Jesus Christ.  Everyone would wear it otherwise you would be considered an outcast.

Each year, the family’s surname is printed on the shirt.  This year was something different, in which collaboration and consensus of everyone was carried out.  As early as October this year suggestions and wild ideas are aired out and would crop out among family members on what shall be this year’s color and shirt design during simple family gatherings at Nengkoy’s house.

This is our 2011 Christmas shirt…


A Japanese kanji read as Tengoku meaning Heaven in English or Langit if translated to Filipino.

Nays nays… : )