Nengkoy’s Movies, Sarah’s Wigs, My Day-Off

nengkoy: a great tagalog movie buddy

nengkoy: a great tagalog movie buddy

Are you the type of Philippine inhabitant who has difficulty looking for a friend whom you can drag to a cinema to watch a Filipino movie?

I am.

Fortunately, I have Nengkoy.  This is because every time I crave to watch a Filipino flick I could easily drag my mother to the nearest movie house.  Aside from her senior citizen discount, what is good thing about Nengkoy is that she doesn’t want to watch any Hollywood movie!

Thus, if I am channeling the “persona of every domestic-helper-on-a-day-off”, she could be a great movie buddy and companion.

In actual fact, I along with a couple of the members of my zany family was with Nengkoy at SM Mall of Asia.  We watched the cheesy movie of Sarah Geronimo and Coco Martin entitled Maybe This Time.

maybe this time movie poster (taken from google images)

maybe this time movie poster (taken from google images)

I would not want to be critical and diagnostic on how bad the movie was.  What is good about this types of movies is that you need not bring a lot of brain cells to analyze, digest and comprehend it.  Besides, I had too much thinking and analyzing already.  So in general, I enjoyed it.  I liked it because it gave me a couple of laughs.

Coco Martin was surprisingly comical, diverse and atypical!  But the big revelation was Sarah Geronimo.  The sweet girl can act.   Too bad she no longer sport those ill-fitting wigs she wore in her movies with John Lloyd Cruz.  I miss those atrocious wigs!  The movie could have been more hilarious if she did!

Na relaks naman ako impernes…

Sarah G is such a Turn-Off

geronimo & anderson

Entertainment TV host Ogie Diaz and the rest of Pinoy showbiz-landia attributes actor/celebrity Gerald Anderson’s surrender of pursuing actress/singer/superstar Sarah Geronimo to be his girlfriend to the latter’s wicked mother. Considering that Anderson is one of the most eligible bachelors of this country, only stupid ladies, I guess would say NO to him. Even devoted caring mothers would pray to the heavens that their daughter be the girlfriend of this gentleman.

Though Anderson’s acting skills can be compared to a guy suffering from indigestion, Gerald is famous, single, childless, young, handsome and filthy rich.  A lot of people would agree with me – and I apologize to the multitudes of Sarah fanatics – that he is even more beautiful than Sarah Geronimo.  He could therefore be considered “one rare find”.

I just hope Sarah Geronimo (who at 24 years old has yet to develop her inner backbone) would not end up marrying an old, adulterous, ugly and atrocious beer-bellied worthless bum in the future.  Her inability to stand up for what she wants and how she feels as well as her allowing to be controlled by people whom she actually feeds is just absurd.  She for me in this case is a whopping turn-off.

Hindi ka stap toy na pwedeng itago sa cabinet ng nanay mo neng?