The Robot Movie For All Dads

It is not a feel-good-movie but a feel-GREAT-movie!  This is how I perceive Real Steel the robot boxing movie extravaganza starring Hugh Jackman.  I highly recommend this movie to be seen and enjoyed by all fathers for it will make them feel like a young kid again playing with their most favorite toy.

For all those young single adults, you can actually tag along your old man to catch this movie since it can actually represent the ultimate realization of your old man’s dream who at one time in their life was a young kid with rich imagination fancying about robots and action figures.

What I like most about this movie is that it is a toned-down type of Transformers movie.  It’s not a dark robot movie but instead light, fun and visceral.  In Transformers there are scenes where I can hardly discern the robots apart when they fight, unlike in this movie in which the robots even during the action-packed fights can easily be discernable.

Moreover, what I like most about the robots is that they are mere robots controlled by human pilots.  They don’t talk, not percipient and do not have free flowing emotions.  They are essentially like giant toys in which kids can grow deep attachments with.   All in all Real Steel is a real deal of pure enjoyable rugged story with endearing characters along with action-packed bouts of brawling robots. Watchitwatchitwachit!

If my father is only alive, I would definitely treat him to watch this fun and heartfelt movie.  This could have been a great birthday present for Tatay Joe (my father) whose birthday is today.

Grabe ang walang humpay na bakbakan ng mga bakal.

Borutesu Faibu

“A generation without closure” is one label that has been associated to my generation.  This is basically linked to me and my contemporaries’ failure to realize whatever happened to the well-loved Voltes V team (Steve, Big Bert, Little John, Jamie and Mark) and the Bozanian Empire when the very popular TV show’s final five episodes were cut off the air by the Marcos regime in the late 70’s.

But because of the new technology in which almost all information is now available in the internet, I had the opportunity to finally make a closure on this long-standing delay.  Some even feel that this anime is considered to be the longest story ever told.  Thanks to Youtube and the person who uploaded the final episodes of the most adored anime series of my generation.  Hermetic seal has somewhat been achieved. 

However, there are still some silly questions that left hanging after watching the final episode:

  1.  Who did Jamie end up marrying? Will she pose sexy in the cover of FHM magazine?
  2. Did Little John outgrow the black heads on his face?  How does Little John look like as an adult?
  3. Would Big Bert agree to trim his body down as treated and sponsored by Dra. Vicky Belo?
  4. Would Mark be signed up as a Bench underwear model in its next bi-annual fashion show?
  5. Would Steve agree for a 5-picture contract with Pinoy Box Office Queen Sarah Geronimo?
  6. Are the remaining Bozanians with horns on their head dehorned by the earthlings when peace was achieved and realized in the universe?  In case they do not have horns anymore, does it mean they will never get horny for the rest of their lives?
  7. With peace being achieved in the universe and Voltes weapons are practically of no use anymore, will the Ultra Electro Magnetic Top, Laser Sword, Voltes Bazooka and Chain Knuckle be auctioned in Sotheby’s or be on display at Tokyo National Museum?
  8. Is it true about the rumor that Voltes V will do a film and their main antagonists are Celia Rodriguez, Bella Flores and (the come-back movie of)  Zenny Zabala?  There’s even a big buzz that Imelda Marcos will have a special participation at the end to relive her family’s power of killing Voltes V! 

 These questions may seem to belittle the fascinating anime of my childhood days.  But one thing remains Voltes V was able to bring a generation of Filipinos (of various social-classes) into a commonality.  It created a shared experience that really brought people together.   It captivated a Pinoy breed on a story of friendship, of brotherhood, of sacrifice, of justice and of team work.  No doubt, Voltes V will always have a reasonably huge fragment in my life and the persuasive lessons it conveyed will always be remembered.

Dahil dyan… Let’s Volt In!!!