Khaoniao Mamuang: Best Thai Dessert

I can no longer count the number of times that I have posted in this blog that my favorite course in an entire meal would be the dessert.  The confectionery course has always been my main course!

When I was in Bangkok with my mom and sisters, we of course got to try Thai dishes.  I have always revered how uniquely sensual and remarkably palatable Thai dishes are.  But still, it is a simple dessert among all the striking Thai dishes that really makes my modest and artless taste buds happy.

I love Khaoniao Mamuang.  Don’t be fooled by how the words were spelled and how should it be read.  The best Thai dessert for me is simply known as Mango Sticky Rice!

I adore this dessert for it is uncomplicated, simple and straightforward!  No lavish implements are needed for its presentation; no rare, pricey and uncommon ingredient is need; no knotty and confusing procedures are required for its preparation; and, no intricate and confusing way of eating and enjoying it.  Yet the taste is so heavenly! 

mango sticky rice in the past are simply sold by street vendors of bangkok, but now it is conveniently available in groceries and supermarkets…

a night in bangkok…

It was my fifth time in Bangkok about a week ago.  I may have failed to revisit some the beautiful and spectacular tourist spots of the city, but I never failed to eat, savor and enjoy the divine and blissful Khaoniao Mamuang!

Uulit ulitin talaga…

Resolved Craving for Patupat

Americans may crave for the tasty mac & cheese, Italians may hanker for an authentic margherita pizza and Japanese for a shot of sake.  This is a common desire and appetite if they people have been out of their country for a considerable span of time.  I for one yearned for the texture, flavor and smell of Patupat.

Being a child of a Pangasinense, I grew up chomping on the sweet molasses flavor of this glutinous rice wrapped in coconut leaves weaved into a bag.  Patupat during my childhood was a usual chow readily available inside our ref every time my father’s relatives living in Pangasinan visits Manila.  And because of this, my DNA was programmed to crave for such if my nutritional intake has been Patupat-deficient.  I can confidently say that Patupat in a way defines me.  It’s in my tradition, it’s in my subconscious, it’s in my roots.

i have to steam it! just like me... it's best consumed when sticky and hot!

i have to steam it! it’s best consumed when hot and sticky!

patupat defines me...

patupat defines me…

I could no longer recall the time when the last time I ate a bag of Patupat.  I have been craving for it!  That is why when I learned that Thatcher (my niece) will be arriving in Manila from Pangasinan, the foolish request I asked her is to bring me loads of this tasty, sticky and gluey delicacy.

Now my craving has been resolved because my hearty breakfast are two bags of Patupat.  I guess… Patupat defines me.  Patupat is tasty, hot and sticky just like me!  Yummy!

Walang kaduda-duda, Pinoy nga ako!

Craved for Rice & Shopping Mall in Tel Aviv

My being a Far East Asian cracked up and transcended when me and my sister were in Tel Aviv.  First was when both of us were craving for rice, the staple food of Far East Asians.  After a couple of days gobbling over falafels, hummus, schnitzels and loads of bread and pastry varieties, part of my sleep were dreams about munching on a bowl of hot and freshly cooked rice.

These was further amplified when both of us where hankering whether a shopping mall exists in Tel Aviv.  Yeah, the biggest shopping malls on the planet are found in our part of the world!  Thus, a week without going to a shopping mall for Far East Asians like me and my sister makes us intensely loony.

So as to resolve our impending bouts of madness we scrambled on googling the net so as to determine where’s the nearest mall and where rice are most likely sold.  Thanks to the ever reliable google and google map we found Dizengoff Center, the first mall in Israel.  Luckily, this mall was only a couple of minutes walk from our hotel.  In this mall was when our rice-cravings was resolved.  My theory that Filipinos loves or needs shopping malls was validated because in Dizengoff Center did we saw the most number of Filipinos in Israel.

craving for rice, we passed by dizengoff square a few steps away from the dizengoff center

craving for rice, we passed by dizengoff square a few steps away from the dizengoff center

having fun inside a tel aviv bus!

having fun inside a tel aviv bus!

And after a couple of days, me and my sister bravely rode a bus and headed to the most modern and one of the biggest malls in Tel Aviv known as Azrieli Center.  This complex houses three iconic modern towers of Tel Aviv simply known as the Circular, the Square and the Triangular towers.  Circular Tower is the tallest building in Tel Aviv and at its top-most floor is where the breath-taking Azrieli Observatory is located.

a ceiling shot of the mall... now try to find the triangulat, square and circular towers

a ceiling shot at the center of the mall… now try to find the triangular, square and circular towers

spectacular view from the Azrieli Observatory. The Mediterranean Sea at the far end!

spectacular view from the Azrieli Observatory. The majestic Mediterranean Sea at the far end!







2 happy pinoys in tel aviv

2 happy pinoys in tel aviv

I love Azrieli Observatory!!!

Discovering the malls of Tel Aviv by ourselves was one advantage of not booking a tour package for our entire stay and trip to Israel.  Going and planning on our own, enables me and my sister resolve these kinds of insane issues.  I’m pretty sure those expensive yet inflexible tour packages basically offers the more popular Israeli destinations which of course would not include moments inside a mall.  And those who availed those rigid package tours failed to see other dimensions of what Tel Aviv or Israel as a whole got to offer.

Without rice and the absence of a shopping mall experience for the entire trip to Israel could have made me and my sister gone mad and demented at the end of the trip.  Thanks to Dizengoff and Azrieli Centers for keeping the both of us sane.

‘Yun nga lang, walang Tosilog sa mol nila.