Perfect Imperfections of Costa Pacifica

Costa Pacifica is a high end resort/hotel place in Baler, Aurora Province.  If I am to describe this stunningly relaxing resort in one word, the word would be “imperfect”.

first shot! the sun has yet to rise when we arrived

first shot! the sun has yet to rise when we arrived

picture muna

picture muna

Though ranked as the number 1 resort in whole of Aurora province, the soft, fine and sandy beach offering of Costa Pacifica (which is literally few steps away) is not the soft white variety that you would typically find in a high end resort in the Philippines.  But you will totally forget about the color of the sand as soon as you would see the awesome color of the sunrise, hear the calming sound of the beach and experience the exhilarating swells of its waves.





amazing view

amazing view

Though the very nice facilities and ambience of this resort can already be considered perfect, the reason for its imperfection is their overwhelming customer service flexibility.  It’s more than perfect that is why I consider it ridiculously imperfect.

I know that check-in time for any resort or hotel is at 2:00 PM and request for early check-in would usually be granted starting at 10 in the morning depending on room availability.  But what is insanely surprising is that we were granted a 6:00 AM early check-in even though we did not actually insisted or demanded for it.

Upon arriving in Baler super early in the morning, we went straight to this beautiful resort just to request on the possibility of our luggage to be kept in their storage area.  And that we would just return at 2:00PM in time for our check-in.  But surprisingly, we were already offered to check-in in our room right at that very moment!

super nice!

super nice!

nice loots for nengkoy... she would hate me if i will just leave those...

nice loots for nengkoy… she would hate me if i will just leave those…

fit for a king...

fit for a king…

To prove and push further their incredible customer service flexibility, they allowed us to avail our breakfast – which by the way was a delightful buffet – on the day we arrived.  When in fact, the breakfast should only be availed the following day after we have spent overnight in that beautiful resort.

These two rare more-than-perfect experiences made me incredibly so impressed by the customer service orientation of the whole resort!  It shut off my usual petulant morning crankiness making my whole throughout stay in Baler very pleasing and relaxing.   I have been to lots of expensive hotels and resorts, but never was I granted this amazing level of generosity and flexibility.

one happy & satisfied guest...

one happy & satisfied guest…

Walang kadamot-damot… Kakaiba ka Kosta Pasipika!

Las Casas De Filipinas

It is so far the most magnificent and most historically significant “jigsaw puzzle” I have ever seen in my life!  Who on earth would have the idea of putting together parts of very old, decaying and abandoned heritage houses in one place and create a magnificently beautiful nostalgic paradise?  I guess it is in the person of Jerry Acuzar, a rare soul with lofty ambition, who owns Las Casas Filipinas De Acuzar.

My Las Casas Filipinas De Acuzar adventure, located in Bagac Bataan was like travelling through a time capsule bringing its visitors back to the glorious 18th and 19th century Philippines!!!

At the outset of our visit, I was a skeptic.  I did not believe on the resort’s claim that the buildings were the actual and authentic parts of Filipino Principalia Mansions.  Initially, the “illustrado” fragment of my soul was screaming “Cinverguenza! Punyatera! No way will Jerry Acuzar be able to transfer, rebuild and restore such old houses?!”

But when I and Karen went out of the resort to buy a pack of cigarette from a nearby construction workers’ carinderia (eatery and mini-store), we passed-by multiple decks of old stone bricks, voluminous timeworn planks of wood as well as various antiquated hard-wood house-posts lying on the ground.  Those materials were obviously salvaged from an old house somewhere in this country.  That was the moment I believed and confirmed that those massive mansions inside the resort were no-doubt authentic.

Let me then offer an honorable salute and a big standing ovation to Mr. Acuzar for such a rare feat, ingenuity and craftsmanship!

Kakaiba! Cinverguenza sa ganda!