Beach Bumming at Abagatanen

There is a calm, tranquil and secluded-like place north of Manila.  It is 300 kilometers away and would take around 6 hours to drive from Manila.  A quiet fishing village in Pangasinan, Abagatanen white sand beach is one beautiful attraction.

fresh waves! abagatanen, a back-to-basics kind of a beach

The white sand beach may not be as powdery and white as the popular, commercialized and tourist-infested beaches in my country, Abagatanen beach has its own distinct beauty.  With the absence of mercantile shops and restaurants the place is beautifully nostalgic.  With the non-existence of pricey resort facilities, the beach is charmingly traditional.  And with its having no mobile internet reception it is gorgeously retrograded. 

golden hour!!!

Its main attractions are the crystal clear water of the ocean, the exquisite wind-driven waves of the sea, the unassuming and courteous locals and above all the undeniable energy of peace and tranquility.  Me and my family were lucky enough to have discovered this piece of paradise.  Stressed and worry-free, I energized my spirit by basically bumming around the Abagatanen white sand beach.

My Brain Break Colored Pieces

Here are three additional art pieces that is the fruit of my recent brain breaks.

still can't believe i made this...

still can’t believe i made this…

love your own...

love your own…

i know my color wheel...

i know my color wheel…

The Secret Garden coloring book has definitely made my time and concentration within a relaxing bubble.  Choosing the right shade of green, avoiding going over the lines and slowly filling up the page has at least temporarily fades my intense concerns.  It shuts me off from the rest world and brings me to a different level of calmness.

And it is good to know that based on neuroscientific research, Art Therapy to human beings can physically change, grow and rejuvenate the brain.  Another benefit of this activity is that, it unplugs me and kept me away from the world of the worldwide web for some considerable time.

Pang myusiyum talaga ang peg!

Being So Immersed in Coloring My Secret Garden

My presence into the world of internet has been reduced for the past week.  This is because I have been busy utilizing my brain’s right hemisphere for the past few days.

No, I have not been reading a book but instead – believe it or not – I have gone crazy with a coloring book.  I know it sounds like another childish silliness, but this coloring book seem to relax me.

the book itself, uncolored, is gorgeous!

the book itself, uncolored, is gorgeous!

my first venture!

my first venture!

Secret Garden: An Inky Treasure Hunt and Coloring Book by Johanna Basford has so far been completely entrancing!  It has been the book that surprisingly calms me and at the same time enabled me to squeeze a lot of my creative juices.

I have yet to know or read an actual science that proves coloring in a coloring book makes the person happier or reduce stress.  But for me, it has been an effective tool for a blissful meditative escape from stress and pressures of daily life.

flowers and the "ipis" (as per nengkoy)

flowers and the “ipis” (as per nengkoy)

primary colors!

primary colors!

my next project...

my next project…

And after finishing three pages by simply coloring away to my heart’s content, I was chilled out to realize that there exist some creativity in me.  This book is so engrossing, it is like being so immersed in your own Secret Garden…

Aminin! Pang Nashonal Myusiyum ang gawa ko!

A Pause from the Busy Metro

It was indeed relaxing…

This is what I particularly uttered when I and my coworkers were heading back to Manila last Monday.   This was after we spent the whole day lazing around Casa Luminaria, located in Barangay Talisay, Lipa, Batangas, an hour and a half away from the busy Metro Manila.  I was a bit surprised that a haven of tranquility like Casa Luminaria exists so near Manila.  It is an idyllic place to relax, bond and chill with your friends, colleagues and/or family.

relaxing interiors...

relaxing interiors…

it is so relaxing, i can sleep on that mat

it is so relaxing, i can sleep on that mat

there's 50 of us yet the place still is peaceful and tranquil...

there’s 50 of us yet the place still is peaceful and tranquil…

It was the generous owners of the company that I am working for who granted the rest of our Management Team to relax for a day and do nothing.  The only agenda in proceeding to Casa Luminaria is to be calm, unwind, have a break and chill out.

chill out with the ladies in stripes (grace & rochelle)

chill out with the ladies in stripes (grace & rochelle)

with mr. customer service  edwin santos

on a beautiful rug with mr. customer service edwin santos

relaxed and fully charged dominic diaz

with relaxed and fully charged dominic diaz

Some took a relaxing dip in the pool, some simply had a calming nap at the hammocks, some enjoyed playing cards, some had tranquil moments at the open-air lounge chairs, some snoozed on the outdoor mats and some simply enjoyed the soothing sound of nature.  Me? I simply sat down and paused.  As in paused during the whole time I was there.  No work, no analysis, no hassle, no physical exertion and no deep thinking.

Sarap tumanga…