Dilemma On Quaresma: The Modernized Pabasa

pabasawithmicrophoneIts Maundy Thursday today and the traditional Pabasa Ng Pasyon (Chanting of Christ’s Passion) literally kept me up all night.  Not because I joined the bandwagon this year of chanting in monotonous tone the narratives of the life, passion, death and resurrection of Lord Jesus but because a community right beside the building where I live chose to chant the Pasyon in loud and proud manner utilizing a microphone with humongous sets of speakers.

I know Pabasa Ng Pasyon is considered to be a unique Filipino communal tradition which would run during the whole span of the Holy Week.  But do devotees today really have to use a microphone to fulfill this religious meditation? What about those who opted to follow the tradition of shutting their mouth and ears to find peace and serenity during the observance of the Holy Week?

I am not saying that Pabasa should be stopped in all corners of the land what I am trying to point out is that this tradition should be kept and observed in the traditional manner, that is, speaker-less, microphone-less with merely raw, genuine and unprocessed chants.

In my personal opinion, using microphones and speakers in Pabasa denotes artless, insincere and contrived expression and profession of the Catholic faith.  It no longer sounds the way I used to hear it – exotic, bizarre and mysterious.  For me, using these modern technological equipments turns the “modernized” Pabasa into nothing but a thoughtless, vain and immodest show.

It’s the Holy Week no one should be playing or making loud music for Pete’s sake!  I just hope the ear fatiguing sound from the nearby colony of human beings would stop while I write this post otherwise this week is turning out to be one unholy week.

Mataimtim na kwaresma para sa lahat…