Hanami in Osaka

Some people believe that blossoming of flowers at the start of spring is one of life’s simple pleasures.  But not in Japan,  because here in Japan, the blossoming of cherry blossoms (known as Sakua) is such a BIG DEAL!  It is such a big deal that they were able to establish one fantastic tradition known as Hanami Picnics.




During limited number of weeks when the Sakura are in full bloom until the latter days when it falls of from its branches, people of Japan gather under the cherry blossom trees to watch and appreciate the beauty of cherry blossoms.  This tradition of barbeques, bento boxes and Japanese alcoholic drinks in the park ushers the start of colorful spring.

hanami food

notice the ochiba (fallen sakura petal) at the left side of the blue plastic mat


me and my niece (japan’s ms. congeniality)

Today, I personally experienced what it is to experience an Hanami Picnic.  Thanks to my niece (Japan’s Miss Congeniality) who brought me and my family along to the Hanami Party organized by her Brazilian-Japanese friend.  Our picnic spot was at a park around the Osaka Castle in Osakajo.  I can definitely say that Hanami is one rare experience.  Yes I can have a picnic anytime in any part of the world, but this event is one authentic adventure.

Piknik na ibang level…