All The Bright Places by Jennifer Niven

I enjoyed it sooo much!  It is beautifully written. It’s as joyful as it is heartbreaking.  All The Bright Places by Jennifer Niven is a book that knocked me off my ass!



I loved how the author painted the characters Theodore and Violet.  Their characters worked so well together.  They were so opposite yet so the same.  Their characters were presented in a beautiful interwoven style just the way I liked it. You get to see, hear and feel both of their perspectives.

You will get so invested in the characters of both Theodore and Violet.  It is a book that will make you fall in love with these two and – without giving away anything – will later reduce you to tears and will make you badly miss them.

I particularly got so captivated by the character of Finch.  I love the way he adopts a persona.  Though perceived by others as someone who is weird, he can become somebody that is either a slightly different version if not a better version of himself.  Add to that is his adoring wit.  He could be very funny and quirky yet so deep, romantic and definitely full of sense and essence.  He is such a unique character every reader I guess would be snuck up and drawn in by his passionate persona.

such beautiful words...

such beautiful words…

All The Bright Places is one of those few stories that would slowly and gently grab your heart as in like you have fallen so much deeply in love.  And yet after sometime it will crush you into emotional bits and pieces.  I was not happy with the ending but it is one ending that is a must to make this book a remarkable book.  The heartbreaking twists at the end parts of the story would make you get to love it.

Somehow, I think 5 stars aren’t enough for such a remarkable book.  I will definitely give it as many stars as those shining in the entire universe because All The Bright Places truly deserves them.


Defending Jacob Is Splendidly Exhausting

defending jacobDefending Jacob written by William Landay is such a compulsive read.  The great story telling technique of the writer will make you bone-tired and muscle sore yet you would still wish to continue reading because it is so compelling it will leave you guessing right ‘till the end.  You would think that the story has concluded and the author was just wrapping up but at the last few pages even more exhausting bombshell revelations would crop up.

Defending Jacob is much more than a superb mystery crime novel.  It is also about family battling and striving to hold things together for the sake of an accused child. It will compel you to question yourself on how far would you go to protect your child or what would you do if it happened to your family or how are you going to handle it. You will definitely ponder your capacity for objectivity as a parent while you read this novel.  Furthermore, the style of writing is so effective it will make you feel how devastating and haunting it would be like if you would be faced with such horrific circumstances.  These poignant thoughts that percolated in my brain add up to the exhaustion that I felt while I read this novel.

Defending Jacob may be quite a disturbing story but it is indeed an insightful, informative and enlightening novel as well.  Bravo! It was one terrific read, it definitely kept my attention!


The Fault In Our Stars: Superb!

the fault in our starsThe book entitled The Fault In Our Stars is so superb I want to hate it.  Reasons…?

  • The characters Hazel Grace Lancaster and Augustus Waters were neither glossy nor sugar-coated.  Also, I am totally captivated by the character of Isaac.  The presentation of these characters were so raw they seemed so real.
  • It made me cry— as in from quiet tears to full sobbing.  I actually threw first towards the sky and cursed John Green (the author) for writing such a light yet tragic yet beautiful novel.
  • It gave me a different perspective about cancer stricken people.  That these people’s lives can also be fun, playful and meaningful at the same time despite being in a horrific circumstance.
  • The plot is simple yet the healthy doses of lessons and life’s views depicted in the story will hit you in the gut.
  • The book made me loved and adored my imperfections.  It made me realize that the “world is not a wish-granting factory” and my imperfections make me a just human being.
  • I lost one weekend and did nothing else but read because I was so hooked I could not put the book down.  No I was not hooked, I was floored by it!
  • And lastly, I hate this book because it blew me away and to say that I love this book would be an understatement!

Ito ang librong simpleng hebigat.

Honor Bound by Raffaelle Sollecito

For the past 4 nights before I go to sleep, “Honor Bound: My Journey To Hell And Back With Amanda Knox” written by Raffaelle Sollecito is the book I have been reading.

It is a shocking yet fascinating book about the extremely controversial story of Amanda Knox and Raffaelle Sollecito (the book’s writer) that made worldwide headlines a couple of years ago.

It depicts an anatomy of wrongful accusation about a mysterious death of a young English lady as well as the tough conviction of a remarkable young innocent man who stood by what is the truth no matter what adversary he would be faced with.  It is also about a grave mockery of a corrupted justice system illustrated in a very uninhibited yet genuine manner.

Appreciation towards ones freedom, standing by what is truth as well as life’s little rewards (like availability of fresh glass of water) are the ultimate learnings you would get out from reading this book.  Read it and hope that Sollecito’s frightening rollercoaster ride of life with will never happen to you.

Inspayring! Di ko kakayanin kung ako ang nasa lugar ni Soletchito!