An Okay Eight Years

This blog has not put healthy food on the tables of poor families neither has it placed a roof on the top of their heads.  Others actually find these writings a big BS. But I am proud to convey that this blog today has been running for eight years already.

It initially ran for three years under Friendster (an extinct tacky social media site) and then transferred to five years ago.

I know that the pieces of writing that I have done for the last eight years are just but okay.  Those are not remarkable neither awesome posts.  But being okay is still remarkably and awesomely fine.  Besides, not all people had the chance to chronicle their life’s snippets, encounters and experiences the way I just did for the past 8 years.

walong pampa-swerte (8 lucky charms)

walong pampa-swerte (8 lucky charms)

I really don’t know if this blog is aligned with my soul’s purpose and how this blog will be to me in the future.  It has never been that clear.  Although I wish it would, I am not expecting such vividness will come that soon.

But what is so imperative about this blog is that it has been a truthful expression of myself.  It may not have maxed out my being a human being, but nevertheless, this blog has displayed a segment of who I am, what I am and why I am.

To those who found time reading my posts in the last 8 years, let me convey a massive thanks. Though there will still be a lot of spiky attitude, let me promise that in the future, there would be more gratitude.

O sha. Tama na drama. Salamat sa pag basa.

Neil Tattoo

It is believed that a tattoo marked on a person’s skin is the owner’s artistic expression about himself/herself.  It further distinguishes a person’s appearance, trait and character other than his or her unique DNA and matchless thumbprints.

If ever having a tattoo on your skin is going to be one key requirement to live a normal a life on this planet (similar to having a “name”) have you ever wondered what design/s are you gonna have printed on your epidermis?

I do.  It would be this….

neil in tamil

This is how my name is written in the ancient language of Tamil.  I intend to have it marked on my left shoulder blade.  And since I for sure cannot tolerate the excruciating pain of tattoo needles nipping my clear, supple and young-looking skin, I will just have it soon printed on a shirt.

Istey kul, bukul…