A Visit to the Home of LA Lakers

I am not a big basketball fanatic but when I was growing up, I can clearly remember that my whole family – especially my father – has as our favourite NBA team.  And since I was no basketball fan, it was actually the only NBA team I knew back then.  And up until now if I would be asked to name an NBA team, it is so automatic as if embedded in my genes, LA Lakers would simply first pop out of my brain.



Actually, the first and only NBA player I grew up knowing was the lanky yet legendary Kareem Abdul Jabbar.  And as I reached high school the only other player I knew then was Magic Johnson.  Obviously from the same LA Lakers team.

That is why, when I had the dreamy opportunity to visit the USA, I was just so glad that I had the chance to see the home of the LA Lakers, the Staples Center located at Downtown Los Angeles.  It was so surreal that I was actually on the plaza grounds where the striking statues to revere the legends Jabbar and Johnson were located.

nba legends jabbar and johnson

nba legends magic and kareem!!!

with mr. & mrs. torio, two of my super friends who toured me around l.a. and las vegas

with mr. & mrs. torio, two of my super friends who toured me around l.a. and las vegas

joesel's version of jabbar's tardemark "skyhook" (the fashionable way)

joesel’s version of jabbar’s trademark “skyhook” (the fashionable way)

at the staples center with the world travelers...

at the staples center with super friends…

What added to my already delighted feeling of being in the area is that on the day me and my terrific friends and travel buddies were there, the area was packed with lots of bustling goings on ala mini-funfair.  It is because a game was about to be held between LA Lakers versus Boston Celtics.  There was a booth that showcase the last NBA championship trophy won by LA Lakers, a booth where you can take photos and signature of the LA Lakers cheerleading squad, an ESPN booth that interviews an NBA player whom I don’t know, a booth where fans can line up to acquire souvenir autograph by an LA Lakers player and of course numerous booths by major sponsors that gives away souvenir pieces and thingies.

Having a long glimpse on those statues, seeing the iconic LA Lakers colours and insignia and most especially being at the lively Staples Center made me miss my late father.  How I wish I could proudly tell him that I was once at the home base of his most favourite NBA team.

Walang steypler sa staypols senter…

Warning: NBA Finals Game 7 may lead to a Job Disciplinary Action

Even if the economy is bad, a lot of people borrowed large sums of money just to place their bets.  We Pinoys are so immersed on the performance of a bunch of basketball prima donnas chasing, bouncing, passing and shooting a ball on the final game.  Each Pinoy is either a Team Lakers or a Team Celtics.

The upcoming Friday morning is not going to be a walk in the park.  Every working Pinoy citizen (who has work on Friday) has been clogged with a lot of things to update and finish this 4-day work week especially after just having an extended weekend.  But NBA finals game 7 (only the 17th time in the history of NBA) will happen this busy Friday so work on Friday morning will have to wait.  For sure, a lot will not be able to concentrate in their job and would try to peek in their handheld China-made mobile phone with TV they brought along in their place of work while being on duty trying to get a glimpse of the much anticipated final game.

Due to this, I’m sure a lot of employs may be given a disciplinary action because of the following possible office violations: 

  • malingering (for those who called-in-sick and opted to go on half-day to watch the game);
  • negligence (for those who fail to concentrate on their job because of no means to see the game);
  • deliberate slowing down of work (for those who peek into their mobile TV they brought in their place of work);
  • gambling (for those who can’t resist on placing their money bets to their preferred team);
  • deliberate destruction of office tools, materials and/or equipment (for those who can’t resist destroying an office equipment because of emotional outbursts during and/or after the game)

Here is a tip to prevent this.  Office politics will be very important on Friday morning.  For sure your boss is either on your team or comes from the opposing side.  Therefore, be creative!  If you and your boss is a fan of the same team then watching the game with him during office hours won’t be a problem.  However, if you favor the opposing team then sincerely talk him over, bring a hot breakfast or snack for him and remind him that NBA finals game is on and would love to see who would be a better cheerer between you and him during the game.  Furthermore, tell him that you would be willing to finish the pending job on extended working hours before calling it a day.

Gudlak sa maka-Seltiks at maka-Leykers…