Old Majestic Tree in Aurora

Trees are considered one of life-sources.  Aside from being the great oxygen supplier, trees also makes the world a beautiful place to live in.

After seeing the majestic trees that grew from the ruins of Ta Prohm temple in Siem Reap Cambodia, I thought I will never be again fascinated by any living tree on the planet.

But after being enchanted by the massive 600+ year old tree in the town of Maria Aurora in Aurora Province here in the Philippines, I knew I am mistaken.  Hailed as the Millennium Tree, this breathtaking Balete type of a tree is considered to be the largest of its kind in the whole of Asia.

nature's gigantic masterpiece

nature’s gigantic masterpiece; i’m like meters away standing from the tree…

Unlike the massive roots of the trees in Siem Reap, people can actually enter through the hoards of root shafts of this 200 feet tall tree.

super UGAT! "inside" the massive tree

super UGAT!
“inside” the massive tree

I’m pretty sure there are higher, older and more massive trees in some tucked away and untouched forest or mountainside on the planet.  But what makes the Millennium Tree more meaningful and delightful is that people are actually allowed to climb up to a certain point so as to feel and further appreciate it firsthand.

Seeing thrilled tourists climbing up or passing through the narrow crevices of its roots were like little boys and girls being cradled by no less than the enchanting Mother Nature.

Bonggang puno…

The Unique Charm of the Hundred Islands

hundred islands, a totally different adventure

hundred islands, a totally different adventure

Having close encounters with the Taklobo or Giant Clams, colorful corrals and vibrant schools of fish are the highlights of my recent journey to the Hundred Islands in Alaminos, Pangasinan (a calm and peaceful province north of Metro Manila).  I was so glad to have the opportunity to snorkel in the deep blue waters (of the Coral Island) in this portion of the Lingayen Gulf.  I have been a couple of times to this gorgeous protected national park and I am glad that the islands were still jarringly beautiful.

I really like the fact that it would be very difficult for people to stay overnight in the islands because there are no luxurious room facilities available in these islands which would tend to spoil, destruct and deteriorate the natural splendor of the place.

Among the more than 120 islands of the park I think only four are allowed for tourists to stay overnight.  People who would want to stay overnight would only have to settle on pitching their own tent/s and pray that unforgiving heavy rain won’t fall and gust of viscous wind won’t blow during the night.  Otherwise, it would be some messy, muddled and shambolic escapade.

with lambert, jun and willie

with lambert, jun and willie

now, how can you construct toilets on those islands? aber!

now, how can you construct toilets on those islands? aber!

my magic shot of jb...

my magic shot of jb…

those rickety pump boats are not for the fainthearted

those rickety pump boats are not for the fainthearted

Some two-legged squeamish finicky creatures may actually say and declare that they hate the park due to its inadequate or lacking in facilities – like drinking fountains, toilets, luxurious restaurants, air conditioned huts, high-class smooth sailing speedboats, etc. – in the islands.

But for me these add up to the unique charm and appeal of this Philippine tourist spot.  It totes up to the rugged virginity of the place.  This makes you feel that these harsh islands remains to be untouched, unexplored, undamaged and indeed intact.  That the environment and its ecosystem is nothing but ‘natural’.  So when you’re in the Hundred Islands, simply embrace nature’s beauty and expect the unexpected!  Besides, that’s what fun is about!!!

Hundred Islands is not a fluid, easy and relaxing type of an escapade.  It is for the rough, tough and jagged type of an adventurer.  This distinct characters of the Hundred Islands makes me love and fancy this erstwhile Philippine tourist destination.

Kakaibang adbentyur… di pwede sa lelembot-lembot…

Hanami in Osaka

Some people believe that blossoming of flowers at the start of spring is one of life’s simple pleasures.  But not in Japan,  because here in Japan, the blossoming of cherry blossoms (known as Sakua) is such a BIG DEAL!  It is such a big deal that they were able to establish one fantastic tradition known as Hanami Picnics.




During limited number of weeks when the Sakura are in full bloom until the latter days when it falls of from its branches, people of Japan gather under the cherry blossom trees to watch and appreciate the beauty of cherry blossoms.  This tradition of barbeques, bento boxes and Japanese alcoholic drinks in the park ushers the start of colorful spring.

hanami food

notice the ochiba (fallen sakura petal) at the left side of the blue plastic mat


me and my niece (japan’s ms. congeniality)

Today, I personally experienced what it is to experience an Hanami Picnic.  Thanks to my niece (Japan’s Miss Congeniality) who brought me and my family along to the Hanami Party organized by her Brazilian-Japanese friend.  Our picnic spot was at a park around the Osaka Castle in Osakajo.  I can definitely say that Hanami is one rare experience.  Yes I can have a picnic anytime in any part of the world, but this event is one authentic adventure.

Piknik na ibang level…

Flowers Feed The Soul

There is a rare inspiring feeling when gazing upon the features of a flower.  It is something that is not tangible and very difficult to explain.  Flowers are beautiful creations that link us to the miracles of nature.


I don’t now but for me there is always something magical about the world of flowers.  Flowers somehow fades or reduces the stresses and concerns of everyday life.  It can actually feed your soul and make you incredibly alive, aware and totally animated.




So if you have the rare opportunity to see and smell the flowers, do it.  Enjoy the experience before nature is engulfed in flames due to global warming and the upcoming end of days.













Using merely my cellphone’s camera, photos of this post were photographed when I had the opportunity to stay overnight at the beautiful and tranquil Sonya’s Garden located in Alfonso, Cavite.


Bulaklak sa banga! Pasok sa banga! Ang ganda no?    

Out My Window This Morning Was The Bow Of God

A lot of folks – me included – get so excited seeing a rainbow in the sky.  I know that rainbow is just but a wonderful result of a climate condition and has nothing to do with luck.  But rainbows don’t appear often that is why seeing it invokes joyful hope and optimistic promise.

This is what I exactly felt when I woke up this morning, rose from my bed, looked out my window and saw this brilliant display of colors in the sky.

the bow of God

the bow of God

if you'd look closer it's actually a double rainbow

if you’d look closer it’s actually a double rainbow

I would like to believe that seeing it is a sign from the cosmic universe that something wonderful – may it be divine providence or good fortune – is ahead.  For me, seeing a rainbow has always been a delightful, ethereal and inspiring experience.

Swerte, akin ka!