Megan Young BBC Interview

miss world 2013

miss world 2013

Upon knowing that we were Filipinos, the local Starbucks crew inside Siam Discovery Center in Bangkok told us that Ms. Philippines who won the Ms World 2013 pageant was indeed beautiful.  We left that coffee shop proud and with a smile on our respective faces.

I have seen a couple of YouTube clips of the pageant and saw how stunning Megan Young strut her stuff.  She was undeniably elegant and was no doubt a standout among all the candidates.  It seems that all stars and heavenly bodies connived and has preordained that Miss Philippines will be crowned as this year’s Miss World.

This pageant’s question and answer portion though was a bit floppy.  It is because all the finalists had ample time to think of the best philosophical answer that they could give on why they should be the next Ms. World.   They were even given the opportunity to listen to the answer of other candidates, thus, a lot of cerebral reckoning and calculations can be done before you are given the chance to answer the same question.  It was therefore not surprising that all the finalists gave superlative answers.

Miss Philippines winning the crown absolutely made all Filipinos proud.  But what made me more impressed about Megan Young was not her performance during the pageant per se but the interview she had with a BBC correspondent.  Her being level headed, articulate and impressive bearing during the whole interview reaffirmed, showed and validated that she unquestionably deserves the title. Also, the interview makes you glad and appreciate that we Filipinos knows without effort the powers of speaking the universal language, that is, English.

It was an effortless eloquence from this year’s Queen Of The World.

Nowsblid ako…