Best Venue for a Miss Universe Pageant

Like the rest of the Filipinos, I’m excited and anxious towards the result of the annual Miss Universe pageant.  There must really be something in the waters of the Philippines that makes almost all of the Filipinos become so eccentric and loony about this pageant.

And what is so weird is that we only get so thrilled and so tempestuous only for the Miss Universe title.  We are not as crazy and as zany towards the results of other international beauty pageants like Miss World, Miss International, Miss Supranational and other out-of-this-world beauty titles.  For us Filipinos, Miss Universe is the ultimate beauty contest.  Miss Universe for the Philippines is like the SuperBowl of USA, the FIFA World Cup of Latin Americas or the Eurovision Song Contest of Europe.

But unlike the previous years, my being anxious, excited and prayerful that Miss Philippines makes it to the top 3 spots this year is a little bland, vapid and nondescript.  It is because this year’s pageant was held here in the Philippines.

miss universe (from france)

miss universe (from france)

I agree with the opinion of the very opinionated Gloria Diaz, the 1969 Miss Universe.  She believes that except for USA (who owns the Miss Universe franchise and where the pageant is usually held), no host country should win the title.  I am actually a little glad this year that Miss Philippines just landed in the top 6.  At least no nation who joined this year’s contest would accuse the Philippines for holding a rigged pageant.

Filipinos I believe has the same sentiment as that of Ms. Diaz but with the exemption of course for the Philippines as the venue.  Since Miss Universe is the most prestigious title that any Filipina would want to have, we Filipinos would want our girl to win the title may it be held in the Philippines or not.  But if the candidate of a different host country where the pageant is held wins, then we Filipinos would construe that the pageant was doctored.

Can you just imagine a Miss Universe pageant held in Beijing and the crowned winner is Miss China or Miss Colombia winning the title when the pageant is held in Bogota?  Except for the Philippines as the venue, we Filipinos would most probably dub that year’s pageant as the best “cooking” show in the universe “with 3 Michelin stars”!

And because I agree with the opinion of Ms. Diaz. I just hope that this is the last time Philippines hosts the pageant.  I am saying this because I want our candidate to win fair and square.  We know that it is more pleasing, magnificent and majestic if Filipino brings home an accolade that was gained and bestowed from different country.

miss philippines maxine medina

miss philippines maxine medina

And because we are known to be the craziest fanatics of this pageant and we can seriously mock a country for being fraud, cheats and deceitful, no country then would dare host it and have their candidate win.  And since all participating countries wants to win, no country then would want to host it.  This results to a predicament of the Miss Universe Organization on where to hold the next pageant.

My suggestion? Try holding the contest in a neutral country.  A nation that does not participate in the pageant for reasons their country would only know.  Countries like Syria, Yemen or Iran could have been great neutral places but due to some folks with their radical Muslim beliefs, holding the pageant in these countries may be life threatening for the ladies and the organizers.

I guess the best venue for Miss Universe then would be the Vatican City.  A city state that has diplomatic relations with almost every country in the world, a country that does not have a prison system, and a tiny government run and enriched by some of the most religious people in the universe, Vatican City would be the most neutral, most friendly and most appropriate venue for the next Miss Universe pageant.  I would like to believe that a lot of people including Gloria Diaz would agree with me on this.

Kongrats sa nanalo…

Thanks Pia For Such An Awe Inspiring Gift

thanks pia!

thanks pia!

Christmas 2015 in my country, the Philippines, is merrier than the usual Christmases in the past.  Aside from festive, there is an overwhelming feelings of pride.  This is because, five days prior to the actual Christmas Day, me and my fellow Filipinos received a very special and awe inspiring gift.  It is the gift of being so proud to be a Filipino.

Thanks to the beautiful, witty and very regal Pia Alonzo Wurtzbach, the Philippine candidate who won the 64th Miss Universe pageant!  Her winning the coveted crown which the whole country has been wishing, praying and craving for in more than 4 decades has made all Filipinos feel so proud, happy and jubilant.

It’s so awesome to be Pinoy this Christmas.  Thank you Pia for this awesome feeling!

Panalo tayo ngayong Pasko!

Miss Universe Without Miss Philippines Would Be Like…

Can you just imagine if there would be no Miss Universe pageant in the world?  That world I guess must be simply turning quietly around the sun trying to live a normal planet life.



miss philippines

miss philippines

But can you just imagine if there would be no Miss Philippines candidate in the Miss Universe pageant?  That would be like watching the Super Bowl without the Halftime Show. Or it would be like watching a Floyd Mayweather boxing match.  Or perhaps, it would be like watching hit sitcom Friends without Rachel Green (Jennifer Aniston) in it.

Though Philippines has never won this pageant in the past 43 years, Miss Universe pageant remains to be the pageant of all pageants in this spot of the planet.  I no longer remember who the past winners were, but I certainly remember these funny reactions by my fellow Pinoys out from viewing their beloved pageant.

No other mega-popular sports event or reality-based contest TV viewers , I guess, have had reactions like these!

Come December 20, all Filipinos around the world will again be glued unto their TV sets with rapidly beating heartbeats hoping that their country’s candidate be finally crowned as the most beautiful woman in the universe.

Geym Na!

Mary Jean Lastimosa, Philippines!

During the preliminary round of the Miss Universe pageant, MJ Lastimosa delivered very well.  She was a total stand out in both gown and swimsuit rounds.  A lot of fashion and beauty pageant experts say that MJ looks like she is the one to beat.

one class act

one class act

But what I was particularly impressed about MJ was the way she introduced herself.  She was unlike the other candidates who were looking too nervous or were embarrassingly screaming on the top of their lungs.  MJ was so graceful and sophisticated yet she sounded like she was in high spirits and evidently having so much fun.

Her introduction exudes confidence and was uniquely high class! Call it a new form or a fresh technique, MJ’s flair in her introduction was truly something for the books. I’m pretty sure future beauty pageant introductions will be based or patterned towards this elegant style!

May pitik sa dulo! Hahaha!


Shifting the Cheering Gear from Pope of the Universe to the Queen of the Universe

Now that the Pope is back in his quarters, still feeling the grand euphoria he felt when he was here in the Philippines, it is time for the Filipino people to cheer again.  This time it’s for Mary Jean Lastimosa, the Philippines’ candidate to the upcoming Miss Universe pageant.

WOW! (photos taken from mj lastimosa fb page)

(photos taken from mj lastimosa fb page)

From the clips that I have seen, MJ Lastimosa no doubt is the embodiment of poise, grace, beauty and fun.  Her communication skills are formidable.  When she speaks, one can’t help but listen.  Her positive aura is like sunshine and delight to all those people around her.  I particularly love her bubbly spirit.  Her megawatt smile, her seductively graceful catwalk and knockout sexy body screams “queen”!

Come pageant day, all Filipinos worldwide will surely be glued on the television and will surely cheer for her.  MJ Lastimosa definitely deserves to bring home the crown!

Mabuhay ka aming reyna!

Miss Universe Plus One

miss philippines (ariella arida); 3rd runner up in the miss universe 2013

miss philippines (ariella arida); 3rd runner up in the miss universe 2013

Congratulations to Miss Philippines for being in the top 5 again in the recently concluded Miss Universe Pageant.  This is the 4th consecutive year a beautiful and smart Filipina placed the Top Five.  This definitely sealed the concept that Philippines is a first-rate powerhouse in the world of international beauty pageants.

I am not complaining that it has been four consecutive years that the Philippines almost took the coveted title.  It has been said that our country’s major movers on international pageants already has the correct formula for winning.  But I beg to disagree because there is one ingredient missing in their formula.  And that would be a Pageant Interpreter.

the brilliant philippine senator, miriam defensor santiago

the brilliant senator, miriam defensor santiago

May our candidate possess a sharp and perfect command of the English language or not, we should still have the component called Pageant Interpreter.  It’s the missing element for geeze sakes!  And these brilliant movers must give in to the enduring clamor of the Filipino people that Senator Miriam Defensor Santiago be our candidate’s Pageant Interpreter.


donald trump, owner of ms. universe organization

donald trump

As for this year’s winner, let me extend my warm congratulations!  As for the owner of the Miss Universe Organization, Mr. Donald Trump, let me remind you that would have to shell out more than just what Miss Venezuela has won.  You would now have to add an additional pax in the budget of Miss Universe 2013 for her every trip, meeting, function or social engagement that she would have to attend.  It would be additional expenses for plane tickets, meals, clothing, room accommodations and the likes.  This would obviously be for the essential and necessary Mr. or Ms. Interpreter.

last year, venezuela missed the "translator" element that is why they lose

last year’s venezuela candidate was more stunning than this year’s winner, but they missed the “translator” element that is why she lose

I always believe that a Pageant Interpreter can actually make a beauty contestant sound intelligent.  It has been an accepted fact that a translator’s skill and proficiency in integrating the idea of another person’s thought spoken in a different language through the usage of flowery expressions, momentous terms and big words can make a lot of difference.  Hence, let me also congratulate Mr. Interpreter for also winning the coveted crown!

Si Miriam talaga ang kulang. Pag hindi pa din tayo nanalo papagalitan nun si Donald Trump.

Best YouTube Video Reaction On This Year’s Ms. Universe Pageant

photo of the now "classic" 2010 ms. universe pageant reaction on youtube

photo of the now “classic” 2010 ms. universe pageant reaction on youtube

YouTube again is now flooded with clips that demonstrates Filipinos euphoric reaction while watching the Ms. Universe pageant.  Common in all these jubilant and ecstatic emotional bursts is especially evident when Ms. Philippines is announced as part of the cut of top 16, top 10 or top 5.

This serves to confirm that beauty pageants no matter what it brings to the country’s economic or cultural growth is a big deal in this part of the globe.  In the Philippines, Ms. Universe pageant can be equated as the Superbowl of America, the Mardi Gras of Brazil, the crowning of a monarch in Great Britain or the TV appearance of Kim Jong-un in North Korea.

People around the world would again wonder how come it takes some time before it is uploaded on YouTube.  The answer is simple, the Philippines has to slowest internet web loading in the planet.

These usually funny video clips loaded on YouTube is now a staple in the Philippines since the country’s representatives for the past 3 years has landed on the top 5 of the pageant.

janine tugonon & olivia culpo

janine tugonon & olivia culpo

But for this year’s version of video clips some were not the usual rapturous reaction but nevertheless remains hilarious.  This is especially true when on the final spot of the competition, the Filipina beauty whom everybody expected to win because of a grand performance during the night and supposedly sealing the crown on her head with a very intelligent answer was not announced the winner.

For me this year’s epic funny video comes from these two hopeful yet surprised earthlings (uploaded by Alma Gloriana) who evidently are not living in the Philippines (the Philippines have yet to have a winter season).  Look at how this two drop their jaws on a very simultaneous manner.  It’s an epic of a clip!

“Uhhhg!” Hahaha! Napa-NGA-NGA si Ate’t Kuya!

Janine Tugonon: She Grows In You

janine tugonon

janine tugonon

Odd as it may seem, but I could equate Janine Tugonon, this year’s Philippine representative to the Ms. Universe pageant, to a Hot & Sour Soup.

At first sip of this Asian soup, you wouldn’t like it.  The hot and sour taste would swiftly burst into your mouth which could result to some contortions on your face.  But when you would have your second and succeeding sips you will start to realize that this soup is actually very tasty and delicious.  Your taste buds would simply crave for more.

Just like Janine Tugonon.  She would simply grow in you.

Here in the Philippines, at the early stages when Tugonon won the right to represent the Philippines in this year’s most coveted beauty pageant, a lot speculated that it is not going to be a 3-consecutive-year feat for the country (in 2010 Venus Raj placed 4th runner up while last year Shamcey Supsup placed 3rd runner up).

But after watching the preliminaries of Ms. Universe 2012, you would start to realize that the Tugonon-bashers in the past could actually be very wrong.  One YouTube commenter even wrote that there’s a bit of Raj, Supsup and Quiambao (1999 1st runner up) in her.

If you want to see what I mean, watch this goosebumping video and let Ms. Philippines grow in you…

Wow! The crowd’s gone crazy when it’s her turn!  I hope she won’t bring home the bacon for I wish that she bring home the crown. Hahaha!  Good luck Ms. Philippines!

May laban ang bruha!

The Tsunami Walk

I noticed for the past few days Shamcey Supsup, the reigning Ms. Philippines-Universe 2011 is constantly among the top trending name/topic in Yahoo Philippines.  This prompted me to seek out how did Shamcey performed in Brazil during the pageant’s preliminary run.

I was surprised to learn that the charming Filipina is considered a top contender for the crown.  She is absolutely stunning!  In almost all Brazilian news features that discusses about the upcoming Ms. Universe pageant, Shamcey seem always included.  I suppose this may signify that she is one of the favorites and may actually be the lady to beat.  So much so, the beautiful and now elegant Shamcey actually possess a unique way of walking, now tagged as The Tsunami Walk.

Those swaying hips can actually create waves of mass destruction!

The Tsunami Walk is an elegant way of gaiting with unique swaying of the hips that result to distinctive poise, bearing and attitude, in which, in the upcoming Ms. Universe pageant, only Shamcey Supsup can deliver.

If Shamcey Supsup lands the title of Ms. Universe 2011 – which I predict is very likely to happen – I won’t be surprised if upcoming patimpalak ng kagandahan (beauty pageants) during town or barrio fiestas participated by pretty ladies or Bekinese speaking population of the land will strut ala The Tsunami Walk.

Para kang SM Shamcey… “Yu gat it ol!” 

Analyses on Venus Raj Q&A

It has been less than 24 hours but multitudes of people have been judging, mocking or are still in the process of making fun on the answer given by Ms. Philippines to the question asked by one of the judges in the recently concluded Ms. Universe 2010.  I personally believed that she was thrown with the toughest question.

But if you are to fully analyze the question “What is one big mistake in your life? And what did you do to make it right?” it’s like demanding the candidate in front of jillions of people at the arena and viewers around the world to reveal and confess one huge personal blunder that she has done.  Now, if you are Ms. Philippines, would you reveal it?  Would you have the guts to uncover it?  Would you dare make it public? I’m pretty sure you won’t!

That is why those who had an abortion; those who are drug or alcohol addicted; those who had pre-marital sex; those who are secretly married; those who had sex with their boyfriend or girlfriend’s best friend; those who are cheats and thieves; those who silently farted and made a public uproar out from the released stink-bomb; those who had an episode of violating God’s Ten Commandments; and those who had any form of booboo who has kept it in themselves and refused to reveal it, you actually have no right whatsoever to poke fun at the answer given by the 4th Runner Up of this year’s Ms. Universe Pageant!

For those who consider themselves to be an open-book and does not seem to keep a secret blooper and would proudly raise that they could have answered the question better, my only advice to you is to join first the local pageant here in the Philippines (Binibining Pilipinas) and see for yourself if you can actually land the top plum of the contest to represent our country in the next Ms. Universe.  I’m fairly sure you’re not even qualified to join Binibining Pilipinas!

Now let me personally analyze the answer given by Ms. Philippines. With gentle grace and respect exhibited by Ms. Philippines to the not-so-respectable judge who asked her, she responded “In my 22 years of existence, I can say there is nothing major (major) problem that I have done because I am very confident with my family with the love that they are giving to me.”  It’s like saying “It’s none of your damn business, Mr. Baldwin! And I refuse to answer such a half-witted private question in front of this considerable number of people!” Thus, it’s a case of giving a stupid answer to a stupid question.  At least she was stunningly graceful and incredibly tactful!

With these analyses I therefore conclude that Ms. Philippines did a great job during the Q&A.  Congratulations!

World Pis sa ebri wan…