Happy Mothers Day 2019

The most challenging hurdle in the world, I guess, is to raise me as a child and that unthinkable task has been assigned by the heavens to this lady.  She’s a lot of things to a lot of people. And she need not be in cape nor costume to be my hero. She is simply the incomparable!  Nengkoy who else?

nengkoy unknowingly provided flowers in this tranquil garden.  photo from her most recent trip to japan

Happy Mothers Day!


The Food at Apartment 1B

A friend learned that I dined at Apartment 1B of The Henry Hotel and suspected that the food must have been no good that is why I did not write or post about it in this blog.  But since now that I am writing about it, it only means that I indeed enjoyed the food that they served us.

The selfish in me actually wanted the restaurant of The Henry Hotel to be a secret, but since friends learned that I dined there with Nengkoy and family, might as well spill the sumptuous beans! 

apartment 1b got some delicious secret…

beef burger with australian cheddar cheese and bacon

whole wheat spaghetti with grilled veggies (my personal favorite)

baby back ribs with honey bourbon sauce

croque madame! 

main course number 1: white toblerone cheesecake with rapberry coulis

main course number 2: carrot cake 

with nengkoy (of course)

I have nothing bad to say about the warm service, the appealing food and the relaxing ambiance.  The food at Henry Hotel actually was a big positive surprise!  I never expected it to be so good.  Their well-presented dishes were amazingly fine and delicious.

I have nothing but alluring and charming praises for the food served at Apartment 1B.  I will surely be back!


2017 Mudra Day: I Joined PAL’s Moments With Mom Promo

I joined PAL’s Mabuhay Miles Mother’s Day Promo.  Mechanics says that participant needs to post a photo with his/her mom in any memorable Philippine Airlines destination.  Chosen entry will win 10,000 mile-points and an overnight stay for 2 at Las Casas Filipinas De Acuzar.

Though it looks like me and Nengkoy is not going to win because I saw the other entries and theirs were so stunning and beautiful, I enjoyed joining.  It’s a way I suppose of expressing how fun to be with her and that I am proud of Nengkoy!  This is my entry…

winning entry! hahaha!

happy mother’s day to all

I actually don’t need to win because having Nengkoy, my Mudra, in my life is the ultimate reward! Happy Mother’s Day Nengkoy!

At sa inyo din, hapi mudra day!

Blaming Millenials on the Dwindling Availability of Greeting Cards

One of my monster pamangkins (nephew) recently shared this in his Facebook page…

It may have some good points but I’m sorry because I find this video-message seem to border on egotism, arrogance and conceit.  This is my personal stand on this clip after me and Nengkoy had difficulty looking for a greeting card. Hahaha!  I felt sadness while inside the National Bookstore (the leading books, stationaries and greeting card store in the country).  It is because the availability of greeting cards have dwindled in the stores where it is usually available.

Nengkoy wanted to send a Thank You card to one of her best friends who is based in the United States because this sweet longtime friend sent her a package of American-made presents.  Unfortunately, National Bookstore no longer seem to sell Thank You greeting cards and what is so evident is that greeting cards are now positioned at one lonely corner of the store with very limited themes and varieties to choose from.  Gone are the days when almost half of National Bookstore is filled with various types of colorful greeting cards.

nengkoy searching for a thank you greeting card

And I am blaming the millenials for this turn of events.  It is because the generation today no longer send greeting cards via post or snail mail.  Millenials may love to travel and go on an adventure but gone also are the days when travelers around the planet would get a postcard from a local store of their destination and send it home via postal.

Today’s generation can easily send a recycled, reused and secondhand digital greeting to a friend’s or relative’s social media account, which for me is a little cold, stony and unfeeling. It is unlike receiving a greeting card which is more warm, tender and congenial because you know that it took quite an effort on sending such a tangible greeting.

Yeah millenials are fast, smart and proficient but I just hope that classy and classic Greeting Cards remains available for the likes of Nengkoy and those who were born before this seem-to-be-conceited generation.  I hope today’s fast paced generation would acknowledge that the likes of Nengoy and the older folks are the precursors to the development of delightful living for today’s young population to enjoy.

Kalungkot lang…

Shut Up! That’s How Nengkoy Loves Me!

nengkoy & me at rustic morningsMy mother loves me.  Case in point is what just has happened.

I was too lazy to answer my phone.  But after ringing like a million times, I knew that it’s my mother who’s calling.  She’s the only one whom I know who has the patience and tolerance to wait that much amount of time of allowing numerous ringing of a telephone before finally giving up.  But this time, I was starting to feel a headache out from the unstoppable ringing, I did not have the choice but to answer it.

And when I answer “hello”, Nengkoy’s first utterance over the phone was a question of what time will I be going to her house.  I did not answer her question but instead greeted her warmly by saying “Happy Mother’s Day!”  She answered back by saying an annoyed and sarcastic “Tse!” (English translation: Shut Up!)

She started telling me stories over the phone, who were already in her house at that moment and what food she has prepared.  We concluded our conversation by assuring her that I will be in her house later in the afternoon.   That’s how Nengkoy loves me!

Happy Mother’s Day Nengkoy!

Hapi Mader’s Dey sa lahat lahat!

Blame Nengkoy, Thank Nengkoy

Based on genetics, half of the reason why I look so delicious is because of Nengkoy (my mother).  So if you hate the way I look, don’t blame me.  Blame my mother for giving me such a stunning set of RNA components and eye-catching DNA segments.

Though I am still a work in progress, I consider myself to be a mature, open-minded and caring human being.  But if you dislike me, don’t blame me.  Blame my mother because a big chunk of what I am today is the rearing that she gave me.

But if you like me (or at least don’t hate me that much), then let me thank my lovely mother.  Seriously, without Nengkoy, I’d probably be in some stinky gutter somewhere.

nengkoy 2015

nengkoy 2015

Thank you Nengkoy for being such a beautiful human being.  And thank you for always thinking about me even though it sometimes makes you go bonkers and so loony. Hahaha!

Hapi Maders Dey Nengkoy!

Nengkoy & I: A First Travel Tandem

Thanks to Muslim’s tradition of observing the Feast of Sacrifice, Monday has been declared a non-working holiday in Manila.  Since it will be a long weekend and we both possess multiple entry visas, I and Nengkoy decided to go on a short trip to Osaka, Japan to visit my dear nephew Denden and pretty nieces Erika and Thatcher.

This is gonna be the fourth time that I will be travelling with Nengkoy in Japan.  However, this will be the first time that only I and my mother will be travelling in tandem, this is because in the past we would usually be accompanied by hordes of members of our family.

I don’t know how things would go out.  I don’t know who between me and Nengkoy will lose patience first.  Members of my family are actually worried.  They think our travel tandem is like mixing Skittles and M&Ms in one bowl.  Same shapes and colors but totally different whiffs and flavors.

Prior to this trip I have been told by my sisters to pack with me oodles of patience, as if I am really to observe the upcoming Muslim’s Feast of Sacrifice.  Likewise, my sisters forewarned Nengkoy to completely observe conduct at all times during the duration of the travel if she don’t want to be left right in the middle of the journey.

Even if both of us have tremendously fierce personalities, one thing is sure though.  This is going to be one fun and memorable voyage.

As of this writing, everything seem to be doing well.  As a proof, here is a photo of our stylish shoe selfie – which by the way has the same color tone – while at the Manila airport waiting to board the plane.

ready to conquer the streets of osaka (again)

ready to conquer the streets of osaka (again)

Pssst. Nengkoy beheyb!

A Fierce Little Woman: A Mother’s Day 2014 Special

We don’t get to pick our mother, but if we did, I still would have chosen Nengkoy.

My spirit of self-sufficiency has come largely from my mother.  Her generosity, resilience and sense of humor got my siblings and me easily passed through from bad times when we were kids.  And now these are the qualities I try to offer my own nephews and nieces.

happy mother's day nanay...

donya lang ang peg mo dito

I have always believe that Nengkoy has the sweetness and chicness of Barbie yet possess the heart and strong-mindedness of Joan of Arc.  This Mother’s Day, let me honor Nengkoy for being such a fierce little woman!

O, taray diba?! Happy Mother’s Day Nanay…

Nengkoy Hates Delicious Pizza

I don’t want to expound but let me describe Nengkoy as a mother in one sentence.

 Nengkoy is the type of mother who would say she hates pizza if there are three people and only two mouthwatering palatable slices are available on the table.

I have been happily suffering from grandeur delusion believing that I have legions of devoted fans.  Getting nutty or not, one thing is for real, my biggest fan will always be my mother.  There are no ifs or buts about it.  And because of what I quoted above, the feeling of course is mutual.

Happy Mother’s Day Nengkoy!!!

Dahil maders dey, di kita aasarin ngayong araw…

Nengkoy & Me in a Photo (A Mother’s Day Feature)

Facebook account holders who have fantastic relationship with their respective mothers have been changing their profile picture to photos of their mother or with their mother.  They vow to keep it there till the last hour of May 8 (Mothers Day).   But let me deviate a little from this delightful bandwagon.  Instead of changing my gorgeous looking profile picture, let me post a photo of me and Nengkoy in this blog.  This photo will not only remain until the last hour of May 8 but until this blogging comes to an apocalyptic end.

Every photo has a tale.  A good photo could even rouse multiple narratives out from the depicted visual content or subject matter. In this manner, I would like to put a title to the photograph I posted that would best describe this shot.  But lots of thoughts come into my ridiculous mind.

Some of the titles that cropped out of my wits were as follows:

The Beautiful Main Course and the Naughty Dessert

Si Aling Lupe at si Gary” (from telenovela Mara Clara)

Ang Bida at Ang Kontra Bida

Madonna and Child-ish

Nengkoy with her Yummy Kid

Ang Mahjongera at ang Taong Grasa

The Impossibly Stunning & The Pornographically Sexy

Hapi Maders Dey Nanay! Kises, kises, kises… Pengeng pera!