2015 is Year of the Rich

feeling rich!

feeling rich!

I have a problem with the Catholic Bishop’s Conference of the Philippines or CBCP.  The religious group chose to radiate a humongous negative energy by declaring next year (2015) as the Year of the Poor.  They announced that this is in line with the upcoming visit of Pope Francis whose mission is to serve the poor with mercy and compassion.  Thus, based on CBCP’s declaration 2015 is not going to be my year.

Let me clarify that I do look forward to the visit of the Pope but I refuse to consider myself poor.  I am rich! With due diligence in believing in the “power of spoken words”, it has always been one of my mantras that “I am a money magnet”.  I have always wanted to emit positive vibes that is why calling myself poor would be preposterous.

Let me also clarify that my being a money magnet does not determine how rich I am.  For me wealth and prosperity is not only measured by how much money a person has in his bank account.  It is the abundance of life’s experiences, the asset of possessing a healthy body, the wealth of attaining true friends, the splendor of having a happy and beautiful family and the fortune of continuous peace of mind.

For me, 2015 will be the usual Year of the Rich.  My year, our year!

Tweynti piptin… Akin ka!

My Wish for the Year 2013? Spell It!

money scrabblePeople need money.  But for me, I don’t just need money because what I want is MORE MONEY!   People need money to survive and live a normal life.  Money allows us to buy what we want and what we need.  It is indeed not the guarantee to make people happy but let us face the fact that it is one potent medium that gives us vicarious pleasure.

Some even say that it is the root of all evil.  But let us also confront the truth that it bridges the gap for us to have roof over our head, food on the table, clean water, electricity, gas, transportation and even medicine when we are under the weather.  And if used properly it could enhance other’s lives through donations, charities and poverty alleviation.  Therefore having loads of money can be a powerful catalyst to spread the… spell it! L. O. V. E.

I know a lot of happy people who gets along fine without money.  But I don’t want to be like them.  I want to be happy and at the same time own truckloads of money.  I guess there’s nothing wrong with wanting the good things in your life.  Don’t get me wrong because I intend to earn, have and own money in a virtuous manner.  No way will I be a crook.  And I know I’m smarter than the devil so I won’t sell my soul just to have it.

I don’t know how much money I need.  But one thing is for sure I want mountains and mountains of it.  I want money running out of my butt.  I want money wafting out of my ears.  I want money growing out from my pimples.  Call me greedy, call me insane but I want to be a money magnet.

I guess now you know what my absurd yet practical wish for this New Year… spell it! M. O. N. E. Y. and more of it.

Oo na. Mababaw na kung mababaw. Pero aym shur… gusto mo rin nyan!