This View Made Me Hum

Last night while seated and sipping tea at my balcony with this view…


I started humming an old song sang by Drew Barrymore in her movie with the lines that goes something like this…

                I’ve been watching but the stars refuse to shine

                I’ve been searching but I just don’t see the signs

                I know that it’s out there

                There’s got to be something for my soul somewhere

I guess I should stop sitting out in my balcony at dusk, this awesome view is making me mushy, sappy and crazy. Haha!

Swooned & Captivated by the Sunset

After spending the whole afternoon at the mall with Nengkoy and family – watched a Filipino movie and have an early dinner treat – me and my nephew Luis decided to walk the three-and-a-half-kilometer distance from the Mall of Asia to our respective condo units in Vito Cruz.  I was actually in some way thankful that there was a traffic gridlock in our place and that taxi drivers refused to have us as passengers.  It is because on our way to our respective units, we instinctively slowed down, took photos and enjoyed this…

Capticating Manila Bay Sunset!

Captivating Manila Bay Sunset!

While walking the surprisingly breezy streets and intently listening to Luis about his school research/thesis, at the back of my mind I am realizing that appreciation for the beauty of nature is something that is innate and spontaneous.  Since it is instinctual, it is but a natural tendency for a person to stop, stare and be captivated.  It gives human beings a break from fretting over the past and a pause from worrying about the future.  Captivating beauty of nature makes you feel refreshed, relieved and revitalized at that very moment.

And for those who have been overridden by the acquired imperative of the need to be urgent, of the feeling to hurry up and of the thought to get things done immediately, I simply wish that you would someday take it easy and be swooned and captivated by the natural beauty of the sunset.

Teyk it isi…

Good Amber Afternoon

I am not a professional photographer and I may not shoot the best photo in the world but today’s beautiful weather in the Philippines just egged me on to take a shot of today’s magnificent sunset.

manila bay sunset (jan 21, 2012)

manila sunset (a shot from my unit)

The afternoon today is so orange and the rays of light that touched my skin made me look so radiant.  The sun today is superbly amber it made me feel light and happy.  How I wish this beautiful weather is the same weather we have at all times.  I also wish that a magnificent sunset – may it be 50% or 98% amber – can at all times invoke a person’s light and positive feeling.  Too bad a good feeling is just like the colors of the sunset.  It fades in the night.  It is not like a photograph that you can keep in a box.

Maalab na hapon sa inyong lahat.