A Fine Story Behind A Fine Sign Pen

Are you like me in which the attractiveness of my own signature is dependent on the quality and refinement of the pen I use?  I asked this because I am impressed and enjoy using my present sign pen.  Unfortunately, my present pen (pictured below) does not seem to have a label.

And it seems that I can no longer obtain the same pen in case the present one runs out of its ink.  Reason being, I got this pen from a boy who sells various ball-points, markers and pen on a moving bus.  If in New York subways there are young students who sells chocolates and snacks inside a moving train, here in the Philippines, there is a young boy who sells cheap sign pens and ballpens inside a moving bus.

On a public commute to the City of Manila from a weekend adventure in Villa Escudero in Quezon Province, a shy-looking young boy hopped up our bus and started distributing a note to all the passengers. The message indicated on the note states that the young lad is selling cheap ballpens and that the proceeds of his earnings shall be used for his schooling expenses.

I opted to buy one priced at twenty pesos (less than 40 cents in US$) and got to pick the green colored pen then return the note he handed earlier.  My colleague MJ, on the other hand, actually handed 50 pesos (US$1) to the young dude after reading the note and opted not to get any pen.  She however did not return the note the boy distributed and instead kept it inside her bag.  She told me that she is to show the note to her daughter and tell her daughter about our encounter with this pleasant-looking young boy.

And every time I use this sign pen I am reminded that it was the most meaningful 20-peso spending I did that day.

Ka-aya-aya ang piling!


caption this! hahaha!

caption this! hahaha!

Remembering.  That is one task I can’t seem to recall on when was the last time I celebrate what should be celebrated today.  But for this year, let me hug, assent and celebrate Valentines.  Actually, the mere fact that I am posting something on Valentines is already a rare and huge celebration on my part.  Typing the letters V-A-L-E-N-T-I-N-E-S actually took some toll on me.  I needed few minutes of some peaceful rest after typing it.

Excited.  But putting myself on some positive note, this is basically my general feeling for the past weeks.  It is because I feel that very soon the one who would sweep me away from my being solo, by myself and alone would finally arrive.  I’m excited to meet the person whom I would simply sit down with enjoying freshly brewed coffee mornings after mornings.

Congratulations.  This would be my heartfelt greetings to all those who were blessed and successful in finding their significant other.  I hope your Valentines this year would be a celebration that would be remembered for a long period of time.  I also hope that your partner would not leave as swiftly as how he/she arrived.

And since I profess of celebrating Valentines today, here’s an old yet emotive song dedicated to those whose feelings were swept away by their significant other.  I’m hoping to feel and sing the same… soon…

O ayan ha.  ‘Di ako ampalaya!

The Superbook Knows That Love Always Wins

A considerable amount of my time growing up during my pre and early teen years was spent by watching the original cartoon animation series The Superbook.  It is an anime series that chronicled the events in the Bible’s Old and New Testament.

joym chris and gizmo

joy, chris and gizmo

The Bible in its written form can be so intensely deep and enormously ornate in words, idiolect and terminologies.  Because of this, its thoughts, teachings and philosophies can be at times so difficult to understand.  Because of this, The Superbook then was my early basis and reference on how to understand the stories and teachings of the Bible.

And from among all episodes of this valuable anime series during the 1980s (including its re-runs dubbed in Filipino language), never did I saw Christian, Joy and their toy robot Gizmo encounter an episode that being gay and falling in love with a person of the same sex or gender is a sin.

Maybe it is because the creators of The Superbook series knows that it does not take a person to read, know and understand the Bible to realize that falling in love is not a sin.  I guess The Superbook creators knew that love is universal and that love is beautiful.  I guess The Superbook knows that there’s no book on “how” and there’s no book on “who” when in comes to love.

The same thought that this music conveys…

Ay lab Superbuk! Ang kumontra, Chaka!