Do you have “The One That Got Away”?

Human beings 40 years old and above at one point in their early lives has encountered a special relationship with another person may it be in the form of unexplainable infatuation, true love or irrational lust.  It is the special feeling that you at such a tender age thought would last forever.  But at some point in time it is destiny who will judge that both your cards just didn’t fall the right way which results to your drifting apart.

Since destiny joked on you by encountering unexplainable and uncontrolled circumstances, feelings of regrets sets in.  Longingness to relive the special feelings and yearning to revive the failed sensation ensues.  This regret, longingness and yearning is like an unresolved bump in the throat, it is like an unsolved crime caused by incomprehensible mystery.

As you age, the only option you will have is to admit, recognize and endure that the person whom you had a failed mystifying affection for is the One That Got Away…

Kung ikaw ay cuarenta pataas at wala ka nito, siguro dahil ikaw ay isang pinagpala o kaya’y di ka lumalabas ng bahay sins bert. : )