Something Good

I recently received a wedding invitation from a good friend.  While he proudly tells that I am the first one to have received a copy of the actual invitation, we discussed details of what is to happen and where he and his wife-to-be are in their stage of planning and organizing their big event.  I particularly was engrossed with his answer when I asked him what songs to be played or songs to be sang during his wedding. 

a super cool wedding invite from jb & irene!

It then dawned in me though seem farfetched and unreal circumstance in trying to answer the same question.  What would be the songs to be played in my own wedding if in case?  To be specific, what specific song would be played during the wedding while I walk down the aisle?

My brain seems to have a ready answer to this silly question.  No need for research, no need for review and no need for discussions.  My brain’s ready answer to this is Something Good (the Jonathan Groff version). Listen!

got my would-be simple wedding cake too! mwahaha!

One problem though that I need to resolve.  I need to find the one whom I should get married to! Haha!  And while I await the melodramatic arrival of “the one”, let me continue my doing “something good” on the days and years to come.


caption this! hahaha!

caption this! hahaha!

Remembering.  That is one task I can’t seem to recall on when was the last time I celebrate what should be celebrated today.  But for this year, let me hug, assent and celebrate Valentines.  Actually, the mere fact that I am posting something on Valentines is already a rare and huge celebration on my part.  Typing the letters V-A-L-E-N-T-I-N-E-S actually took some toll on me.  I needed few minutes of some peaceful rest after typing it.

Excited.  But putting myself on some positive note, this is basically my general feeling for the past weeks.  It is because I feel that very soon the one who would sweep me away from my being solo, by myself and alone would finally arrive.  I’m excited to meet the person whom I would simply sit down with enjoying freshly brewed coffee mornings after mornings.

Congratulations.  This would be my heartfelt greetings to all those who were blessed and successful in finding their significant other.  I hope your Valentines this year would be a celebration that would be remembered for a long period of time.  I also hope that your partner would not leave as swiftly as how he/she arrived.

And since I profess of celebrating Valentines today, here’s an old yet emotive song dedicated to those whose feelings were swept away by their significant other.  I’m hoping to feel and sing the same… soon…

O ayan ha.  ‘Di ako ampalaya!