Getting Flipped Over Flip Stavy Videos

As a way of showing huge gratitude to this adorable Canadian (with Greek descent) guy for loving the Philippines so much, let me feature two of his enjoyable videos on my blog.  I have been so captivated by Flip Stavy’s YouTube videos which features his fondness and adoration towards the Filipino language, food and people.

First is a very funny video, which I guess, only Flips can laugh about.  I always find it so cute and hilarious when human beings born of another tongue would utter Filipino expletives.  Stavy looks so innocent and so clueless making this video a riot! And by the way, the genius dichotomization and extraction variations of the invective ‘put*ng in@’ at the latter part of the video is so brilliant.

But here’s a Filipino language vocabulary video of Flip Stavy discussing about family.  I never thought of Filipino genealogy labelling in this very cool manner.  How I wish my Filipino teachers taught me my language in this very refreshing style.

Flip Stavy’s adorable videos would not have been possible without his Filipino buddy whom he calls Pao-Pao.  I hope Pao-Pao would stay as friendly and supportive as he is now to Stavy.  He definitely exemplifies the Filipino’s in-born warmth and hospitality.

‘Tang ‘Nang ‘Yan! Wi lab yu tu Stavy!

The Word of the Day is UMAY

Living in a scorching and humid tropical country, I love it when it rains.  Rain is like a sweet dessert after a damn hot meal.  But being subjected to constant raining for the past five days is too much.  It’s no longer sweet and pleasurable.  It’s already like the horrible sickening feeling you get after a nasty food binge.

Thus, my word of the day is “UMAY” pronounced as “ooh-mai” meaning cloy or cloying.  After raining for almost a week this has been my general feeling.  No thanks to typoon Maring and the monsoon wind for being so stupefying.

It’s already nakakaumay, umay-peg and umayness.  But for the sosyal, classy and ostentatiously wealthy the feeling is nakaka-cloy, cloying-peg and cloyingness.

stuck and stumped inside my unit due endless raining for the past 5 days

stuck and stumped inside my unit
due endless raining for the past 5 days

I definitely miss looking at the moon and at the stars.  And I hope the dark clouds would give us a break and the great sunshine would finally show up tomorrow.

Sana bukas umulan… Umulan ng pera…

Bustling Bus-less Busted Manila


city buses around the metro

I am a daily witness to the decaying City of Manila through the swarming and infestation of mendicants and homeless people on its streets as well as the unforgiving traffic jam you would encounter daily.  Going to your destination via roads of City of Manila would agonizingly be delayed because of traffic. I am so sure that the speed of rumor is faster than the speed of your car’s speedometer when you are to drive on the streets of Manila.

But guess what? Last Friday it only took me 30 minutes to go to Manila Post Office building from my office in Malate to get a personal parcel then back.  Within that 30-minute period, I was even able to shoot a few photos of the iconic Manila Post Office building.  Going right at the center of City of Manila was a breeze.  This is because of the new local government’s tightfisted drive and stingy ordinance of no longer allowing bedlam-causing buses in the city.

manila post office

inside the majestic facade of manila post office

the soon-to-be-extinct profession

the soon-to-be-extinct profession

To further substantiate this surprising development, when I and my family went yesterday up north to Manaoag, Pangasinan, we decided to pass through the City of Manila.  We passed the often-vehicle-filled Roxas Boulevard, the panic-infusing Lawton area, the traffic-choke-point Quiapo, the chaotic jumble streets of Dimasalang, Dangwa and La Loma.  To our amazement, we were out of Manila and reached the north express way in less than 30 minutes.

Still further, when we came back to Metro Manila later in the day, we decided to pass through the often-dreadful and jaywalker-infested Taft Avenue.  And still, we passed through Taft Avenue with so much ease.  My sister could not contain herself and asked how much buses were eliminated for such a road to move vehicles at an unexpectedly speedy pace.

This truly is a very welcome development.  Congratulations to the new City Mayor Joseph ‘Erap’ Estrada and his Vice-Mayor Isko Moreno for growing some balls in disallowing those monstrous buses in the city.

May pramis… Pramis…

My 28th Day Hurdle of Breaking the Smoking Habit


my super friends

It is believed that it takes 28 days to form or break a habit.  Last Saturday, January 26 was actually my 28th day of being cigarette free.  Ironically, it was the toughest test of my being a smoke-free mortal.  This was the day I caught-up with my super friends who knows that I am a notorious smoker every time we would go out.

We convened at Sofitel Philippine Plaza Hotel I did not smoke.  We had dinner at a Filipino restaurant in Resorts World I did not smoke.  And the hurdle of all hurdles, we went to a smoke-filled dance club along Julia Vargas Avenue in Pasig later that same night and  I surprisingly did not lit a cigarette.  I’m even proud to say that I never psychopathically craved for it the whole time I was with my great buddies.  No drooling, no chills, no big cold sweats.  I was normal and simply had pure fun.

With this, I can superciliously announce that I passed the test, emerged triumphant and totally broke the noxious smoking habit.

Aym pretty shur gradweyt na ko sa yosi. 

Himig Handog Song Finalists: Review (Final Part)

himig handog p-pop love songsAccording to news Himig Handog finals night will be held on February 24, 2013 at SM Mall of Asia Arena.  Also, all song finalists are now available in iTunes and Amazon while the album CD is now for sale in local record bars.  Anyway and without further ado, here’s the last batch of songs I reviewed so as to conclude my pre-Lenten Season penitensya.

Sana’y Magbalik words and music by Arman Villarta Alferez sang by Jovit Baldovino.  It’s a power ballad without much power.  Baldovino’s pipes were very good but the lyrics and arrangement were simply corny.    The song is too typical and too common.  There’s nothing unique about it.  It’s an archetypal kantang pang-ayuda in which anytime within the song an ago-go dancer will appear and start strutting his or her stuff. This for sure will be a big hit in dingy beerhouses of the land.

Scared To Death music and words by Domingo Rosco Jr. sang by KZ Tandingan.  I personally don’t like the point of the song.  It’s the song for the wimpy, the sissy and the wussy.  For me this song is nothing but a bland pop song.  I think KZ sings better when she performs live than in a recording.

Anong Nangyari Sa Ating Dalawa words and music by Jovinor Tan performed by Aiza Seguerra.  It’s a slow, sleepy, melancholic and melodramatic song bordering to painful boredom.  Nevertheless, Aiza’s hushed voice provides the song’s center of gravity.  She undeniably knows how to breathe her syllables over a rhythm.  Aiza sings with grace that makes it hard to keep your tears in their ducts.  She’s good.  But the message seems too gloomy.  It feels downright lonely.

Tamang Panahon words, music and performed by Wynn Andrada.  It’s fresh.  It’s simple and it’s easy to the ear.  The singer’s charming voice is perfect for the song’s message.  What I like most is that he sounds so sincere.  No drama no histrionics.  It’s cool yet it’s warm in a compelling way.  It’s light-hearted and reliably comforting.  The song can be applicable for the young and the young at heart.  This is the type of song that you wanted to be sung to you and also the song you want to sing to somebody you adore.  I think the song is even adjustable since it can easily be converted into a duet.

For me, the finest track and this year’s Himig Handog WINNER is Tamang Panahon

Tamang tama ang timpla ng kantang ‘to.

Harrison Plaza

The Philippines boasts of its humongous shopping malls.  Two of the biggest in the world can actually be found here (SM North Edsa and SM Mall of Asia).  But there’s one mall I grew up going to.  It’s Harrison Plaza.  Growing up, this has been my family’s mall of choice during the 70s and 80s because of its accessibility since it is simply just at the borders of Pasay and Manila cities.

I am writing about this mall because I happen to bumped into a photo of how glorious Harrison Plaza was in the 70’s…

harrison plaza during the '70s

harrison plaza during the ’70s

This one-stop retail center is the first shopping mall in the country.  It opened in 1976 and up until now is very much operational.  Though it obviously needs some serious refurbishing to bring back its glory, Harrison Plaza is actually even older than the world’s worst airport NAIA Terminal 1 by 6 years.

harrison plaza today

harrison plaza today

Obviously, time has changed.  It is no longer the mall of choice by the Filipinos.  But going to Harrison Plaza does not entail and pressure a person to primp and gussy up (like when you would go to Rockwell, Greenbelt or Resorts World).  You can simply go sporting your casual house clothes.

It is no longer the mall of the well-heeled and A-listers.  Yet being so near to one of the Ivy-League-like universities of the land (De La Salle University), Harrison Plaza for sure has been visited at least once by these privileged souls.  I suppose this is one place every Green Archer can’t inevitably get rid of during his fun yet busy college life – may it be a simple need for a cellphone fix, a school requirement purchase, a cheap lunch or a societal immersion to a lower to middle class bracket of the population.

Now that I am living 3 minutes away from Harrison Plaza, this mall has been my most convenient place in resolving my addiction to rash and unnecessary purchasing binges otherwise known as “shopping”.

Bakit walang estatwa o rebulto si Francis Burton Harrison sa mol na ‘to?

Goodbye Marlboro Man

Goodbye Marlboro Man.  My being with you wasn’t my best experience in life and I hope not to meet you again.

As much as I want to keep it to myself and prevent myself from bragging, I could no longer help but make it known that I have stopped – as in totally ceased – from SMOKING.  Yeah, for exactly 3 weeks now my pair of lungs has been free from the dangers of tobacco.  Exactly 3 weeks now I have not lighted a single cigarette.  And luckily, exactly 3 weeks now I have not craved for even a single puff.

Don’t get me wrong but I am not a chain smoker.  Though I have been smoking for the past 20 years whose only apparent reason for lighting cigarettes is because of my high-flying zaniness, I actually consider myself a “sosyal” (social) smoker.

my vaping gadget courtesy of Bautina

my vaping gadget courtesy of Bautina

The kicking-off of my smoking habit was actually not planned.  It was not a new year’s resolution for I believe New Year promises are actually made to be broken.  It was a simple unexpected circumstance.  Thanks to my younger sister Joy (I call her Bautina) for gifting me a special gadget for Christmas, i.e., an electronic vaporizer otherwise known as e-cigarette.

I started with a tiny container of e-juice with high nicotine content.  Now I’m on my second vial that has medium content of nicotine (6 mg).  Upon finishing this, my third vial is ready to vaporize with zero nicotine content.  All provided for free by my sweet sister Bautina.

Surprisingly, I have yet to experience the symptoms of withdrawal and have yet to feel what the terrifying cold turkey would be like.  I am glad that I just simply feel better.  I am free from the trappings that come with it — no more coughing, no more gasping for air, no more choking-stench of breath and fingers.  And more importantly, I will no longer have to cringe at the thought of my being impolite for being the lone smoker in a group of non-smokers.

To those who happen to bumped upon this article, congratulate me!  I can proudly say that this silent personal holocaust is over.

Nakaw!!! Pano na yan?! Lalong mas magiging malinamnam na ako nito ngayon?!

Artistas Quest For The Elusive Olympic Gold

a videograb from youtube featuring the judo powers of baretto and greco-roman wrestling ability of santiago

Philippine telecommunications magnate Manny V. Pangilinan (MVP) has been a longtime supporter of the Philippine Olympic Committee (POC), the duly recognized organization by the International Olympic Committee for the Philippines’ representation in the Olympic Games.

Hours ago, the country’s dream to win an Olympic medal faltered when Pinoy boxer Mark Barriga lost his fight to a Kazahstani fighter.  Thus, another 4 long years again the Philippines will have to wait for a chance to finally pull it off and achieve that elusive Olympic gold.

It has always been a well known fact that the POC lacks the modern equipment, cutting-edge facilities and expert trainers to hone Filipino athletes who would slug it out during the Olympics.  Many people say that the answer to this long running Olympic medal draught is money.

If a lot of people are saying that money is the solution, I just wondered, what if the 4-billion-peso losses of TV5 the TV network owned by MVP was instead spent to buy modern sports equipment, construct cutting-edge sports facilities and train, feed, clothe and shelter the Filipino athletes, would the Filipinos today be united and are already rejoicing for the triumph of the country’s first Olympic gold?

Yeah, if I were MVP I would have spent the 4 billion pesos to these sports related venture.  This would clearly be one great patriotic endeavor.  Too bad I am not MVP.

But if I have the wealth and power of MVP mixed with lunatic neurons and neurotransmitters of Nengkoy’s son (that’s me,) I would spend the 4 billion to Philippine sports but will have to have specific conditions to further ensure the success of obtaining the Olympic gold.  I would dole out 4 billion pesos to Philippine sports only if the following artistas (Filipino entertainment celebrities) will compete for the following Olympics event:

  1.  With the expertise she has shown during her NAIA Terminal 3 airport showdown with Mon Tulfo, actress Claudine Barreto will have to compete in women’s Judo and Taekwondo
  2.  Corollary to item number 1, actor Raymart Santiago will compete in men’s Greco-Roman Wrestling event
  3. Since the Aldeguer Sisters would be too old already by this time, I will demand that the Wea Twins who now for sure are adults must compete in the duet competition of Synchronized Swimming
  4. Corollary to item number 3, the Sex Bomb Dancers will compete also in Synchronized Swimming but in the team competition event
  5.  Since he has done two Panday movies and is planning to film a third one, senator/actor Ramon Bong Revilla must vie for men’s Fencing event
  6. Corollary to item number 5, Anabelle Rama who showed great potential in Fencing during the wake of the late Dolphy by using a cane in trying to whisk her nemesis must compete in that event
  7. Yet corollary to item number 6, Chito Arceo who ran like a scared rat when threatened by Anabelle with a cane must compete in the 100-meter dash
  8. For the country to have more chances of winning the Olympic gold in athletics, Vice Ganda who is a self-confessed horse must also compete in the 100-meter dash
  9. Marian Rivera, Charlene Gonzales, Alice Dixon and Alma Moreno must compete in the various Swimming events since all of them played the role of Dyesebel in the movies and on TV in their respective eras.  They can even vie for the 4×100 meter medley relay.  They will of course will be coached by Vilma Santos who ones played the same role during the ‘70s
  10. Too bad FPJ and Rudy Fernandez are no longer around, they could be our best bet in Shooting events.  These legends never miss a shot in their movies.   Nevertheless, I will give the opportunity to action stars Robin Padilla and Cesar Montano to compete in Air Rifle and Rapid Fire Pistol events
  11. Lastly, Kris Aquino.  She will not compete in any game – she’s to lame – but will instead be the Philippine flag bearer during the big opening ceremony to be escorted of course by Baby “Bimby” James

Talo nanaman kasi tayo kaya kung ano-ano nanaman ang naiisip ko. Go por gold!

Sarah G is such a Turn-Off

geronimo & anderson

Entertainment TV host Ogie Diaz and the rest of Pinoy showbiz-landia attributes actor/celebrity Gerald Anderson’s surrender of pursuing actress/singer/superstar Sarah Geronimo to be his girlfriend to the latter’s wicked mother. Considering that Anderson is one of the most eligible bachelors of this country, only stupid ladies, I guess would say NO to him. Even devoted caring mothers would pray to the heavens that their daughter be the girlfriend of this gentleman.

Though Anderson’s acting skills can be compared to a guy suffering from indigestion, Gerald is famous, single, childless, young, handsome and filthy rich.  A lot of people would agree with me – and I apologize to the multitudes of Sarah fanatics – that he is even more beautiful than Sarah Geronimo.  He could therefore be considered “one rare find”.

I just hope Sarah Geronimo (who at 24 years old has yet to develop her inner backbone) would not end up marrying an old, adulterous, ugly and atrocious beer-bellied worthless bum in the future.  Her inability to stand up for what she wants and how she feels as well as her allowing to be controlled by people whom she actually feeds is just absurd.  She for me in this case is a whopping turn-off.

Hindi ka stap toy na pwedeng itago sa cabinet ng nanay mo neng?

The Word of the Day is… Hongsaya

Hongsaya is the modern way of writing a Filipino phrase ‘ang saya’ meaning “it’s so fun”.  This is the usual way today’s youth would write their feelings of elation towards a certain situation, event or happening.

It is from the Filipino root word ‘saya’ meaning fun with an inflectional affix ‘hong’ to express a grammatical mood. ‘Hong’ on the other hand is a modern derivative of the Tagalog article ‘ang’ meaning ‘the’.  It is spoken in a loud yet low toned voice similar to Santa’s “Ho! Ho! Ho!” in which the intonation of the last syllable is uttered similar to that of shouting or howling.

This fresh contemporary and up-to-the-minute word can be transformed into a word-compounding process that would imply greater expression of not just simple fun but high degree of elation. You could write or say in a loud yet low toned voice: Hongsaya-saya!!!

Some examples of this modern prevailing word when used in a statement could be as follows:

  • Hongsaya-saya… parang magjowa lang!
  • Grabe, hongsaya aylavet!
  • Haler… Hongsaya-saya diba?

Wala nanaman akong magawa.  Sensya na…