Looking For Alaska Is Inspiring

looking for alaskaThis is the second John Green book that I read this month.  Though it’s not as strong and powerful as The Fault In Our Stars, Looking for Alaska nevertheless is an inspiring work about life and death, about loyalty and friendship, and about the choices we must inevitably make during the tender ages of our life.

I like this book because of its uniqueness of not having a villain or bad person in the story.  Though this book is generally introspective, brooding and contemplative, the story is interspersed with fun hilarious episodes and laughable conversations among characters.

Aside from having normal human beings as characters, the compelling forces that made this novel very meaningful are the literary allusions.  John Green definitely was right in the money for every mention of dead yet admired and/or significant individuals’ last spoken words being mixed through the storyline.

Two connotations referenced in the book that truly stirred me were Francois Rabelais’ “The Great Perhaps” and Simon Bolivar’s “How will I ever get out of this labyrinth?”  Readers at the end will definitely be left with something to think about regarding these two rousing allusions.  I won’t explain further for I don’t want this write-up to be some silly spoiler.

Overall, this book is excellent and is well worth my time.

Eksayting nga naman malaman kung ano “Ang Dakilang Marahil”

The Fault In Our Stars: Superb!

the fault in our starsThe book entitled The Fault In Our Stars is so superb I want to hate it.  Reasons…?

  • The characters Hazel Grace Lancaster and Augustus Waters were neither glossy nor sugar-coated.  Also, I am totally captivated by the character of Isaac.  The presentation of these characters were so raw they seemed so real.
  • It made me cry— as in from quiet tears to full sobbing.  I actually threw first towards the sky and cursed John Green (the author) for writing such a light yet tragic yet beautiful novel.
  • It gave me a different perspective about cancer stricken people.  That these people’s lives can also be fun, playful and meaningful at the same time despite being in a horrific circumstance.
  • The plot is simple yet the healthy doses of lessons and life’s views depicted in the story will hit you in the gut.
  • The book made me loved and adored my imperfections.  It made me realize that the “world is not a wish-granting factory” and my imperfections make me a just human being.
  • I lost one weekend and did nothing else but read because I was so hooked I could not put the book down.  No I was not hooked, I was floored by it!
  • And lastly, I hate this book because it blew me away and to say that I love this book would be an understatement!

Ito ang librong simpleng hebigat.