Don’t Come Around By Jessica Sanchez

After the semi-successful launch of the first single of American Idol Season 11 runner-up, people kept wondering what shall be the follow-up single on her first album launched in April/May of this year.

If the management of Jessica Sanchez would be able to read this post, I hope that the next single to be released in her Me, You & the Music album would be the reggae-like tune mixed with a whisk of dance-pop and R&B beats entitled Don’t Come Around.

If this track would be produced with very good music video, I believe this would be a potential big hit.  The beat is infectious, the type that would basically grow in you. This would be aside from the song’s tough and unapologetic message which would add some color to the somewhat bland and pa-twitams (nauseatingly cute) image of Jessica Sanchez.

Let me share this little golden nugget of a music.

Na-aw! Na-aw! Na-aw! 

Dami Im, X Factor Winner (Australia Got It Right)

Melinda Doolittle, David Archuleta and Jessica Sanchez of American Idol, Ella Henderson of X Factor (UK), Marco Germar of So You Think You Can Dance (U.S.) and most recently Morisette Amon of The Voice (Philippines) were the awesome talents I personally rooted for in their respective contest seasons in the past.  Click the name of these talents to read my posts about them for me to prove my point.  I can’t seem to remember when was the last time that my chosen contender won the contest he or she is competing on TV.

Strangely, despite their breathtaking performances, no one among these brilliant and gifted contestants did won in their respective talent contests.  They were beaten by other competitors as oddly voted by their respective country’s viewers.  Honestly, I’d rather observe a grass growing than listen or watch these so called winners perform.

lady gaga, katy perry and rihanna has yet to perform a number as amazing as this...

lady gaga, katy perry and rihanna has yet to perform a number as amazing as this…

Anyway, it seems that it was not America, nor the UK, nor the Philippines talent contests that has the right sagacity and discernment for what a true talent really means.  Surprisingly, Australia does have the right vibe, groove and keenness on this matter.  I am saying this because just tonight, Australia has voted and honored Dami Im to be this year’s X Factor (Australia) WINNER!!!

I was slightly freaked out when the host announced who this year’s winner was.  I was clapping and cheering when Dami Im’s name was called.  All I can say is that endearing Australia got it right in the pocket…  Aussies know what exceptional talent is…

Here’s the spectacular and one-of-a-kind final number of Dami Im singing Purple Rain…

Congratulations Dami Im!!! Congratulations Australia!!!

Sa sobrang galak, parang gusto kong maligo ng may pakpak! 

I like Nicki, I like Jessica

nicki aiI have yet to watch one full episode of the latest season of American Idol (season 13).  I have seen a few clips of interesting performances as well as this year’s judges’ comments, praises and criticisms on YouTube.  Yet with the limited number of clips I have seen, the most superb judge this year for me is Nicki Minaj.

I like Nicki Minaj.  She is honest.  She is not afraid to say what other else’ are thinking.  With the few and limited videos I have seen, I am surprised to agree with Nicki in every word that comes out of her mouth.  I never thought that she knows what she was talking about.  It’s pretty crazy!

Since I have not been watching this year’s version of American Idol, I only learned through the latest on-line news that the true winner and story spinner of last year’s American Idol was back.  Jessica Sanchez was back to perform her latest single.  Watch this…

Too bad, Nicki was not yet a judge when Jessica placed runner-up.  I wonder what Nicki has to say about this performance… Oh and by the way, I also like Neyo!


Thanks Jessica

Let me be a thinking well-mannered adult this time around.  This is because Phillip Phillips who won the American Idol 2012 title seems to be a nice and humble gentleman.  Aside from his good looks, these characters I guess made America love him.

Let me be civil and let me give peace a chance.  I will not be bitter and I would not even dare attack anybody.  But I would have been gladder if Jessica Sanchez won American Idol season 11.  But somebody got to lose because only one person can win that show.  Jessica not winning the title will for sure is gonna be just fine and okay.  She has been phenomenal.  She’s amazing and for sure she’s gonna do crazy good things.

Let me say thank you to Jessica for letting me stick and watch the whole season of American Idol this year.  But let me also express my special gratitude to Jessica for bringing in some good and awesome news for the past weeks in the Philippines which is actually pretty hard to come by.  The Philippines has never been so affected by American Idol until now.  It was so strange that an American contest feels so at home and so local here in the Philippines.

Salamat bru!

The Pressures Faced Yet Outshined By Jessica Sanchez

If you are a contestant in a singing competition and you are to follow a stratospheric vocal delivery of a contender dubbed by the judges as the greatest live performance in the history of any singing contest, what would you do?

If you are the next contestant to perform in a singing competition and you heard for sure the rendition of your opponent who just sang which was truly amazing and one of the judges announced that he wanted to go home already like announcing to the whole world that the contest is already finished, what would you do?

If you are the person who will sing next in a singing competition and you heard the judges giving the most superlative accolades that a judge could say about a contestant and this contestant was the person who just sang before you, what would you do?

If you are the contestant who was told by the stage director that you should just stand don’t walk around the stage nor go near the live audience and do nothing but sing and you knew that the competitor before you received the most number of standing ovations bestowed by the judges during the elimination process of the contest, what would you do?

Could you still sing with all these chock-full of pressures at hand? This is what Jessica Sanchez was faced with during the top 4 elimination round of American Idol Season 11.  If I am in the shoes of Jessica Sanchez at that very moment, I for sure would just be compelled to step back, shut my mouth, pack my bags, go home and never sing a single song ever in my life.

Before Jessica Sanchez sang, I wondered what song was she gonna sing to topple down the performance of Joshua Ledet to prove to the judges and the viewing public that they were wrong.  I even thought to myself that I would totally understand with full compassion if the host Ryan Seacrest will announce that Jessica Sanchez has decided not to sing and just backed out from the contest.

But that is not what Jessica Sanchez did.  She actually sang one of the most difficult songs on the planet and simply gave her all!  After seeing and hearing Jessica Sanchez sang her second song entitled And I Am Telling You, I hated her.  I hated her because I wanted to smack her down, rip her throat open and put her vocal chords into my body and use them!

Jessica Sanchez seemed not shaken by the pressure for she was fabulous and was flawless.  I don’t know where she came from!  It’s absolutely insane!  She is so great! I don’t even think she’s from planet earth!

What she just did and overcame was simply a mark and testimony of a true IDOL!

Galing mo neng!