Filipino Language In A Hit Hollywood Movie During The Language Month

August is the Philippines’ Language Month.  It is but so fitting that in this month the movie Bourne Legacy was shown in cinemas worldwide.  It is so apt because there were a lot of times when the Filipino-Tagalog language was uttered in the said movie.

In one scene female lead star Rachel Weisz was being advised by a Tagalog-speaking pharmacist-vendor about the medicines she is buying.  Rachel responded and looks as if she understood. And since a lot of scenes were depicted and shot in Manila it is but inevitable to hear Tagalog spoken from the background.  There was one scene that I laughed out hard since the cursing in Filipino was smacking solid!

And of course, aside from enjoying a witty yet action-packed movie, I was delighted at the end part of the film when the lead star Jeremy Renner spoke one Tagalog word.  He uttered “salamat” when he thanked the son of a boatman who helped them escape from their foes by sailing away from Manila and heads for Palawan.

Hearing the Filipino-Tagalog language spoken in an international hit Hollywood movie during the Language Month is quite refreshing.  Because in the last Hollywood film which I saw where Tagalog language was spoken, my native tongue is being uttered by the devil.

constantine starring keanu reeves

It was in the movie entitled Constantine starring Keanu Reeves.  In the first scene of the movie, a lady was being possessed by the devil and while being on a mad trace she threats and curses in Tagalog.  I can still clearly recall the young kid watching in front of me seated with his dad inside the cinema became so upset and distressed telling his father in a very dreary tone that the devil is a Filipino.

He said, “Ay Papa, ba’t ganun? Ang demonyo pala ay Filipino.” (Translation: “Hey Papa, why is it like that?  The devil is a Filipino.)  He cried, hugged his dad and turned traumatized because I guess he realized that the spoken language in hell is Tagalog.  Hahaha! Good thing though, Constantine was not shown in the month of August, otherwise, I would be insulted.

Salamat Jeremy, salamat Rachel pero no tenks kay Keyanu at sa demonyu.

Anticipating Hollywood Stars Sightings in Malate

"bourne legacy" teaser poster

Every working day, travelling from my 350 divided by 10 square meters condo unit to my office, I would instruct, demand and insist the taxi driver to traverse the streets of Leveriza, San Andres and J. Bocobo so as to reach my office located just across the Remedios Circle in Malate, Manila.  These highly populated streets are the shortest and speediest way for me to reach my office on a regular basis.

However, according to local news these streets and locations are the very sites where Jeremy Renner, Rachel Weisz, Edward Norton and the other stars of Bourne Legacy will shoot the film on January 18 and 19.  Now this posts a problem because for sure these narrow labyrinthine roads will either be closed for or filled with traffic.

repairing the Remedios Circle lamp posts

Just yesterday, I noticed that the rickety and long-overdue-needing-repair lamp posts around Remedios Circle were being restored and refurbished.  Moreover, the rundown parking slots in the corner of Remedios Circle and J. Bocobo street is being constructed with high-rise scaffolding which I suppose where the high-tech cameras will be installed and operated on the days of the shoot.

Despite all these, I will still pass by these roads on January 18 and 19 but will not take a cab anymore.  Instead, I will ride the ever reliable manually-operated padyak (foot-pedaled tricycle) while sporting my posh designer office clothes.  I also plan to bring along with me my prehistoric digital camera to take photos of these celebrities as remembrance.

However, I am still contemplating whether to bring me a pen and paper where the movie stars can sign their autographs since getting their elusive autographs seemed too farfetched.  Instead, in keeping with the circa 70’s and 80’s tradition of a true Filipino fan (ala Germspecial or GMA Super Show – famous but now defunct Filipino Sunday noontime shows hosted by German Moreno), I will bring lots of Sampaguita leis to hang and drape around their respective necks.  The amount of these flower garlands that I will put around their neck would be so plenty, only the foreheads of these Hollywood stars would be visible.  Here in the Philippines during the 70’s and 80’s the higher the leis that hang on a celebrity’s neck the more sikat (popular and admired) he or she is.

No way will I instruct the padyak driver to take a different route since I expect to experience rare Hollywood star sightings, the Malate version.

Yihee, may rason na akong hwag umabsent sa mga araw nayan…