Frustrated Japanophile

Let me be a little materialistic today!  My avaricious stance at the moment is caused by the airline who texted me that my October 29 flight to Japan has been cancelled.  And since I cannot take a trip to magnificent Osaka, I let bits and pieces of Osaka take a journey to me.

i love everything japanese! except for the karokke (croquet) chips, all these are actually available in my country. hahaha!

I have just received the package full of Japanese stuffs I ordered from my Japan-based niece!  Yihee! These are the cheap Japanese junks, the absurd Nippon messes and the silly Japanophile stuffs I would have purchased in Osaka if my trip pushed through.  Please excuse me but ordering and receiving these stuffs are my coping mechanisms in expunging my extreme frustration when I learned about the cancellation.


Let me then I agree if you find me so worldly and so twisted in this circumstance. Got to go!  I need to do my airline refund! Haha!

Tastes of Asahikawa

One unusual thing that I and my colleagues did in our most recent trip to Japan is that we decided to stay in a minimally advertised destination in Hokkaido.  Instead of staying in a more popular Sapporo or Furano, we decided to stay for 2 nights in a remote place called Asahikawa. 

And since there are limited tourist spots to go to (aside from going to a mall and a zoo), I and my colleagues decided to explore Asahikawa through its food.  Our first destination was the ramen house our hotel has recommended, the Ichikura Raman. 

with the asahikawa gang just outside ichikura raman (edwin, malou, gie and dominic) 

surprisingly clear to the palate yet with a distinct flavor of a ramen

 Since Isahikawa seem to be popular with shoyu-based ramen (shoyu: Japanese soy sauce), I settled and ordered the Okhotsk Shoyu Ramen.  This ramen according to the menu is composed with unique Hokkaido ingredients like Namuro dried salmon flakes, Esashi dried herring and Rishiri kelp from Oumu.  I was really happy that Ichikura Raman was the ramen place our hotel has recommended.  And aside from their ramen, one surprising dish in this joint was their Gyoza.  It was one of the best gyozas that I have tasted!

A lot of people say that it would be a sin for a tourist in Hokkaido if he/she failed or refuse to try the Hokkaido ice cream.  This soft frozen dairy is one plain ice cream that is simply made of milk.  It has no fancy flavor, no fancy add-ons and no fancy flairs for an ice cream.  For me, its plainness makes Hokkaido ice cream remarkably exquisite and amazingly elegant. 

happy crew handing me my creamy ice cream 

savoring every moment of yummy-ness!

Then, one of the highlights of our Asahikawa stay was the dinner at Jingisukan Daikokuya.  This restaurant is the top rated local-cuisine restaurant in Asahikawa as per Tripadvisor.  It is so popular people would have to wait and queue outside before they be given a table.  Specialty of the house was Hokkaido’s grill icon called Genghis Khan (also termed Jingisukan).

Like their sophisticated ice cream, Jingisukan is a must try in Hokkaido.  It is a unique style of yakiniku in which mutton and lamb are grilled on a convex skillet shaped like an upside-down bowl.  Since the meat are grilled over charcoal, we were surprised to see and experience the amount of smoke inside the popular restaurant.  We nevertheless did not complain because the smoke actually added up to the character and atmosphere of the establishment. 

outside the resto, waiting for our turn


an asahikawa highlight

I personally prefer beef over lamb, but the marinated flavor and the stunning taste of the meat served to us gave me some second thought if I really do prefer beef over lamb. Genghis Khan was strikingly delicious!

Asahikawa may not be of the same level as that of Osaka, Tokyo or Sapporo where there are tons to see and marvel at.  Asahikawa nevertheless has loads of gustatory surprises that tourists can taste and talk about.

Para maiba naman!

Royce Potatochip Chocolate: The Ultimate Snack for a Cheat Day

Now that I am back to going to the gym after more than 6 months of hiatus, I am also back to having a cheat day.  And for the initial salvo in this very important moment of calming my cravings, I will eat a snack that contains all of the elements that a fitness trainer forbids.  It is a snack that will ultimately resolve my one week old wicked cravings! Carbs, salt, sugar, fat!

I will devour the outrageously delicious Royce’ Potatochip Chocolate.  This unique and incredible snack is a combination of salty potato chip and rich chocolate.

japanese snacks never fail to amaze me...

japanese snacks never fail to amaze me…

What I like most about this snack is that the potato chip is not fully coated with chocolate.  The uncoated side of the chip results to the brackish flavor of this snack.  Perhaps, if the whole chip is choco-coated, the unique saltiness would not be achieved.  Thus, for every chip that you munch you would experience the fleeting sense of saltiness but would eventually mix up to the precise sweetness of the rich Royce’ chocolate.  This amazing sensation to the palate makes it a truly unique snack.

wicked ration for the next cheat day!

wicked ration for the next cheat day!

The only problem that I have with this snack is that it can extremely be addictive.  It will take a lot of will power not to consume everything in one sitting or to save some so as to munch in the future cheat days.

Sobrang makasalanan ang chibog na ‘to! Pero grabe sa sarap!

Miso Ramen: The Seventh Level of Heaven

The non-negotiables when I’m travelling abroad with friends or family are the sights to see and the food to eat.  I can scrimp on room accommodations and modes of transportation but the gastronomic exploits needs to be remarkable.  Besides epicurean remarkability need not be expensive and extravagant.

That is exactly what I and my family had when we were in Hokkaido.  Since Sapporo is the birthplace of Miso Ramen, letting the humongous chance to try the authentic would simply be absurd.

That is why we had Miso Ramen not once but twice while we were there.  The enticement is just too strong that is why we tried twice which I classify as the old and the new forms.

First stop was Horyu (TakaraRyu), a Sapporo Ramen specialist operating since 1957.  Prior to going to Sapporo, we were not aware of the existence of this ramen house located right at busy street of Sapporo-Ekimae Dori.  This was actually our first meal after our smooth flight from Osaka to Hokkaido.  Everybody were so hungry we almost ended up eating inside a FamilyMart near our hotel.

so hungry i wanted to eat the facade!

so hungry i wanted to eat the facade!

clueless how prestigious the ramen house is...

clueless how prestigious the ramen house is…

But thrusting and trusting my instinct on which food establishment to dine by the mere look of the façade, I urged my family to dine in this authentic Japanese ramen house.  And by the looks, smell and taste of the special miso ramen served by Horyu (TakaraRyu), I can proudly say that my hunger instinct did not fail me that time.



wicked rice topping!

wicked rice topping!

they were actually requesting for my autograph but i was to amazed to say yes

they were actually requesting for my autograph but i was too hungry to say yes

It is surprising to note that as you enter Horyu (TakaraRyu), photos of Japanese celebrities are posted on the wall enjoying their miso ramen.  What is also surprising to know is that this restaurant has been awarded the Governor of Hokkaido Prize because of its traditional taste and old-fashioned way of preparing miso ramen.  My further research about Horyu (TakaraRyu) indicates that this ramen house is a very successful and well distinguished food establishment in Japan operating in multiple branches in 9 prefectures in Japan.  And the one we dined at (with a total of 29 seats only) was the main or premier branch were all its success started.

Another opportunity we embraced to enjoy slurping the now universal classic Miso Ramen (aka Sapporo Ramen) was on the night when we just came from adoring the sparkling ice carving exhibits at Susukino.  This time we tried the new and modern-day ramen house called Kita Ichi.  As expected, I ordered the ramen with the biggest photo on the menu called Tokusen Miso, in which my nephew translated as high-grade or Special Miso.

where magic happens!

where magic happens!



kita ichi means north one

kita ichi means north one

Kita Ichi is a new ramen house that is starting to swell and pop up like shitake mushrooms in Hokkaido. The outlet were we dined is actually not available/posted yet in Google (can’t find it!).

braving the freezer cold outside kita ichi! hahaha!

braving the freezing cold outside kita ichi! hahaha!

After clearly demolishing the bowls of Horyu (TakaraRyu) and Kita Ichi, I can profess that there really is no clear-cut difference in terms of my enjoying the delicious Sapporo Ramen.  May it have been served and prepared by an old or a new ramen house, I consider both as the 7th level of heaven…


Cigare by Yoku Moku

Sweets have the strange power to make people smile.  This principle is totally accurate especially when you are eating a piece of Cigare butter cookie by Yoku Moku.  This Japan-made cookie is the most delicious butter cookie I have ever tasted.  It is so rich in butter yet so subtle it melts in your mouth.  It’s better than excellent!  This cookie is a bombdiggity!

delicious smokeless cigars!

delicious smokeless cigars!

I would consider Yoku Moku Cigare to be a luxury kind of a cookie.  To seal its freshness, each rolled cookie is individually wrapped and packed in a beautiful metal tin box.  It is made from all-natural ingredients that is why its shelf life is shorter as compared to an ordinary cookie or confectionary.  It is actually one of the most overpriced cookies I have purchased.

The hardest part after eating this cookie is the struggle and resistance of refusing to take another one.  The strong craving to eat another will ensue after the first stick.  You would realize that it‘s definitely very difficult to eat just one Cigare.  You will either get so sad or much worse go so insane if you would not buckle down to eat and enjoy another round.

Ito ang stik-ow ng mga sosyal. Sarap sobra!

A Sumptuous Okazu Experience

There is one plain and simple food establishment in Osaka that my family has dined at.  It is so plain and simple that we actually failed to inquire with their very few and quiet staff on what the name of their intimate restaurant was.

Sorry if I cannot read exquisite Japanese kanji but this is how it looks from their façade…

the facade of my sumptuous okazu experience

the facade of my sumptuous okazu experience.  will somebody read that lighted sign for me…

What is so striking about this place is that it obviously does not seem to cater to tourists.  As we have observed me and Nengkoy were the only tourist guests inside while the rest of the dining folks were the uncomplicated locals of the city.

Uncomplicated meaning the unfussy office workers and blue-collared souls that keeps the economy of Osaka running.   They are the austere Osakans who seem to have simply gone hungry and decided to grab a delicious meal prior to heading back to their respective homes.  They are the type who seem too tired to prepare their dinner and instead settled for a low-cost yet sumptuous Japanese meal.

happy nengkoy with denden

happy nengkoy (feeling like a local) with denden

Another strikingly divine about this restaurant is their food.  It features dishes that are not the mainstream and well-known Japanese cuisine yet considered classic.  These are the diverse varieties of Okazu.  If the Philippines got ulam (viand), Japan has Okazu.  The side dishes of Japan that are usually accompanied with rice.  But since Okazu are commonly small in portions, these are comparable to tapas or the small dishes of Spain.





no conveyor belt machine... an old and reliable self service japanese eatery

no conveyor belt machine… an old and reliable self service japanese eatery

I particularly like the fact that each dish are served in small portions.  This makes the customer enjoy, explore and savor varying dishes in one seating as if having a grand feast yet still very desirable for it will not result to gaining too much weight.

It is so obvious that preparing these beautiful dishes at home would take so much time, skill and effort.  Thus, it is not surprising that regular Osakans would rather flock these types of modest yet charming eateries.

Karinderyang sosyal… Daming ulam…

Ramen Zundo Ya: The Best Ramen Ever

One great test to determine if a restaurant and its dishes are truly superb is through the guests’ impression on his or her return visit.  It is very common for a restaurant to receive raving reviews on the first engagement.  But almost often, guest becomes disillusioned on their return because they realize that their ordered food – which they totally enjoyed during their pilot visit – was nothing but a fluke or a strike of luck.  In Tagalog, tsamba!

But with my recent visit and return to Ramen Zundouya located at Shisaibashi in Osaka, I can definitely say that this joint serves the best ramen in the universe.

ramen zundouya shinsaibashi branch

ramen zundouya shinsaibashi branch

During my first visit (click: HERE to read my previous post), me and my family were easily led inside and was given a table with such a breeze.  However, on our return, we already have to queue among the long line of patrons waiting for their turn to be assigned with a table.  We were actually listed 13th among those who enlisted to dine that afternoon.

no pinoy on queue yet, pinoys has yet to discover this savory treasure

quiet japanese folks waiting their turn.  no pinoy on queue yet, pinoys has yet to discover this savory treasure

While waiting and drooling on line, my personal claim that this indeed is the best ramen house was actually an understatement.  To prove a point, I in fact noticed one big poster on the wall announcing that they have mushroomed around Japan.  To further prove my point, Ramen Zundouya’s flavor will soon invade America.  It is because a Ramen Zundouya shop is due to open a branch along 10th Street in New York next year!

soon to open in new york (i will definitely try it when i get there)

soon to open in new york! (i will definitely try it when i get there)

To check the consistency of this restaurant, I again ordered for the same dish I had during my first visit, the Zenbu-nose Ramen.  When the bowl was served in front of me, I was absolutely surprised because the presentation and the arrangements of all ingredients placed in the massive porcelain was still impeccably beautiful.

And when I had my first sip of the broth/soup, nothing actually changed!  Nothing changed because the world seemed to stop for a moment for me to savor the paradise-like flavor of Zenbu-nose Ramen.  This matchless concoction was without a doubt an invigorating assault in all of the senses!

zenbu-nose ramen (my tastebuds had  a blast!)

zenbu-nose ramen
(my tastebuds had a blast!)

Walang kaduda-duda, ang tindi ng sarap!

A Savory Ramen Experience at Ramen Zundo Ya

Flavors were exploding in my mouth and my taste buds were giving a standing ovation shouting, “Bravo!”

These are the general feelings when I had the first bite and first sip of the ramen I tasted at Ramen Zundouya Restaurant located in Shinsaibashi, Osaka.  Since I can’t read kanji, I selected the dish with the biggest photo.  Since it was the biggest picture in the menu as well as the most expensive one, I supposed that Zenbo-no Ramen is this restaurant’s specialty.

the actual dish looks better than the one on the menu

the actual dish looks better than the one on the menu

True enough, my selection was impeccably right.  The Zenbo-no ramen came with freshly cut negi, some absolutely melt-in-your-mouth pork slices, slips of nori, a full soft boiled egg and a good sized serving of “curly” noodles.  Generous amount of garlic cloves are provided on the table which can be freshly crushed using a unique garlic press. But what is so heavenly about this dish is the magic broth that the restaurant uses.  The rich savory broth flavor simply bursts in your mouth!

The feelings induced by this perfect ramen were excellently joyful and heavenly.  For a moment, I forgot my name and thought that I was having an elated out of body experience.  Zembo-no Ramen in so rich and explosively delicious my taste buds thanked me!

super yummy!!!

super yummy!!! 

distinctive interior design

distinctive interior design

i love those "troso" as dining seats

i love those “troso” as dining seats

waiting area outside of the restaurant was me and nengkoy's venue for  our blog header's photo

waiting area outside is the venue of this blog’s header photo

Ramen Zundouya’s website indicates that their first aim is to “captivate the customer with each ramen dish”.  This aim absolutely hit me.  Never in my restaurant-dining experience was I so impressed with the dish that I personally asked to meet the restaurant’s chef.  I was so captivated that I asked for his name and even topped it by asking for a photo with him.  I could not resist to thank him for such an awesome masterpiece.

with chef endou

with chef endou

This unmatched ramen experience was simply outstanding!

Mapapa-jusko ka sa sarap!


Aside from having the ardent desire to revisit my dear nieces and nephew, destiny concurred and recognized that I return to Osaka, Japan because during my first visit I failed to eat Takoyaki.

Everybody knows that a trip to Osaka won’t be complete without eating the tastiest Takoyaki in the face of the universe.  The best and most delicious is in Osaka for a simple reason that this lip smacking dish was invented right in the heart of the city.

cooking takoyaki

cooking takoyaki

that's my order...

that’s my order…

It’s actually easy to find a good Osakan Takoyaki.  Simply look for a store with a long queue selling this Japanese street-snack.  Then you’re in the right place!

my niece (kim) behind  her is one popular takoyaki store  near don quixote

my niece (kim) behind her is one popular takoyaki store near don quixote

the popular takoyaki store along dotonbori street

the often blockbuster takoyaki store along dotonbori street

Truly, a trip to Osaka won’t be complete without trying at least one ball of hot savory Takoyaki!

Pogita bols!!! Yum Yum!!

A Siopao In Kobe

Food has always been an integral part of my travels.  Though I have a limited ability to explain my wondrous experience about food in all of my travels, I try as much as possible to describe it.

Just like what I just had.  It`s about the tastiest siopao (pork meat buns) in the face of Kobe, Japan.  Thanks to my niece Erika for bringing me and my family to have this amazing palatal experience.  At first I had doubts when she told me that we should try the best pork meat buns in Kobe.

But when we reached the middle of Chinatown of Kobe, I was surprised.  I was surprised to see that there was actually a long queue and these people were patiently waiting for their turn to have the chance to enter the very small yet infamous Rosyoki store.

blockbuster!!! pila balde ang peg!

blockbuster!!! pila balde ang peg!

waiting in line

waiting in line with kim and luis (two of my monster pamangkins)

how i wish i can bring all of these back to manila

how i wish i can bring all of these back to manila


packing the taste of heaven

packing the taste of heaven

happy and excited with our purchase

happy and excited with our purchase (with erika & luis)

what a palatal surprarise!!!

what a palatal surprise!!!

Rosyoki store only sells siopao (known in Japan as butaman).  It is a bite-sized pork meat bun with taste that can actually bring you to the doors of heaven.  On my first bite, I knew that Erika and the people who fell in line were all correct.  It was one of the worthy waiting that I had to do in my life.

Walang sinabi ang asado ng mamunlok at chowking…