Getting Lost In The Right Direction

Your unexpected detour could lead to unexpected moments of beauty that otherwise you would have missed” 

This is how I would summarize my thought after I and my friend-colleagues has gone to Laiya, San Juan in the province of Batangas to scout for a venue for our upcoming company’s post-summer outing.

We basically checked-out, visited and inquired almost all of the major sea-side vacation lands in the area but in each of the resorts we visited there seem to be something lacking.  We have gone to seven leading resorts yet we still were not one in deciding which to choose.  This until, we decided to get lost and do a little detour before heading back to Manila.

And here is what we found!      

It really feels good to be lost in the right direction…


Into The Blue: A Feb 14 Song

Today is Valentine’s Day and this “awe-mazing” song just smacked right between my ears.  It obviously is not a cupid love song, yet this fantabulous pop track simply represent how still positive I am amidst this dreadful day.

The lines of this applause-worthy song that truly hit me denotes strength and independence.

“When I got my back up against the wall,

don’t need no one to rescue me. 

‘Cause I ain’t waiting up for no miracle,

yeah tonight I’m running free!”

I like this song simply because I have never been a believer of self-pity.  Self-pity is for people who have too much time on their hands yet they wait for miraculous change to befall them.  As for me.  Instead of dreaming miracles, I have long learned to make my own.

This may not be this year’s song for those who chose or no choice but to remain solo and unattached, let me nevertheless announce that Into The Blue by pop goddess Kylie Minogue as my Feb 14 theme song…

hapi balentong…