Unique Looking Washington D.C. Metro Station

I have written in the past that one benchmark for me to consider visiting and exploring a place or spot on the planet is the availability and complexity of its metro or subway system.  The subway or metro train has always been my preferred mode of transportation when discovering a metropolis.  It is quick, cheap and convenient. 

Also, for me, an urban zone’s train transit system is a suggestive representation of that place’s culture, social conduct, and communal conventions.  Riding the subway train is like being one with the locals.

When I was in Washington D.C., its metro train system was my most used mode of transportation known as the Metrorail. And what is so distinct and captivating about the Metrorail is its exceptional look, motif and pattern.  Its design is like a weird fusion of retro and space-age at the same time.  Being at the station creates the feeling of being in a futuristic movie set in which such movie was created sometime in the 60’s.

It is weird but I also often felt like being inside a thermos bottle!  And it also felt like some strange alien is about to pop out at the end of the stunning tunnel.

Even the lighting of the stations were something unique.  It’s not bright like the usual and distinctly dim which adds up to a whole lot of character as compared to other typical subway stations of other urban zones!  Being at such an uncommon looking-station adds up to the unique Washington D.C. experience.  The Metrorail stations are also photo-friendly.  It’s actually Instagramable!

And through my readings, I have learned that Washington D.C.’s metro stations were voted and included in the list of America’s Favorite Architecture.  After reading such, I seem to not be so surprised by this recognition.  Metrorail is hip, cool and totally dumbfounding.

Sakay Na!

Scala Cinema: A Thai Eye Candy Interior Design

It is one of the locations where the award-winning and well-admired coming of age Thai movie – Love of Siam – was shot.  That is why when I got the opportunity to visit Bangkok for the second time, I did not hesitate to check it out.  Thanks to Red “Tarquata” Juacalla (a devoted fan of Mario Maurer) for letting me search the actual location prior to going to Bangkok.

 I just hope the Thai people know and realize the grand beauty of the interiors of Scala Cinema.  I am not an authority in interior or architectural designs but when I stepped into the magnificent lobby of this movie palace located in the bustling area of Siam Square, I was totally moved.  It is a living witness to the stylish and elegant cinematic movie-watching era of the Thai people.

The lobby design is of 60’s-era European-feel interiors that is totally visually captivating that can topple other modernized Thai interior designs in Bangkok.  I personally believe that it is a Thai icon and architectural crown jewel that should be preserved and maintained.  You don’t need to watch a movie to enjoy Scala Cinema in Bangkok. 

Climbing up the grand marble stairs and seeing the regal interior ornaments – gold flower-like accents on the ceiling, the massive 5-tiered chandelier, and the out of the ordinary design of the wooden ticket booths – is already a glorious experience.  It will definitely meet the standards of the Thai royalties.  I may be exaggerating but being inside the lobby of Scala is a mesmerizing treat of visual fortification!

Ameysing Tayland ang dating!