Honor Bound by Raffaelle Sollecito

For the past 4 nights before I go to sleep, “Honor Bound: My Journey To Hell And Back With Amanda Knox” written by Raffaelle Sollecito is the book I have been reading.

It is a shocking yet fascinating book about the extremely controversial story of Amanda Knox and Raffaelle Sollecito (the book’s writer) that made worldwide headlines a couple of years ago.

It depicts an anatomy of wrongful accusation about a mysterious death of a young English lady as well as the tough conviction of a remarkable young innocent man who stood by what is the truth no matter what adversary he would be faced with.  It is also about a grave mockery of a corrupted justice system illustrated in a very uninhibited yet genuine manner.

Appreciation towards ones freedom, standing by what is truth as well as life’s little rewards (like availability of fresh glass of water) are the ultimate learnings you would get out from reading this book.  Read it and hope that Sollecito’s frightening rollercoaster ride of life with will never happen to you.

Inspayring! Di ko kakayanin kung ako ang nasa lugar ni Soletchito!