The Word of the Day is… Hongsaya

Hongsaya is the modern way of writing a Filipino phrase ‘ang saya’ meaning “it’s so fun”.  This is the usual way today’s youth would write their feelings of elation towards a certain situation, event or happening.

It is from the Filipino root word ‘saya’ meaning fun with an inflectional affix ‘hong’ to express a grammatical mood. ‘Hong’ on the other hand is a modern derivative of the Tagalog article ‘ang’ meaning ‘the’.  It is spoken in a loud yet low toned voice similar to Santa’s “Ho! Ho! Ho!” in which the intonation of the last syllable is uttered similar to that of shouting or howling.

This fresh contemporary and up-to-the-minute word can be transformed into a word-compounding process that would imply greater expression of not just simple fun but high degree of elation. You could write or say in a loud yet low toned voice: Hongsaya-saya!!!

Some examples of this modern prevailing word when used in a statement could be as follows:

  • Hongsaya-saya… parang magjowa lang!
  • Grabe, hongsaya aylavet!
  • Haler… Hongsaya-saya diba?

Wala nanaman akong magawa.  Sensya na…