Thank You For The Rescue

A dear friend who regularly watch out and read my blog posts asked if I again ceased on writing and putting entries in this blog.  I answered no and not yet.  I explained that I cancelled writing about my take on Starbucks’ release of its Christmas holiday cups.   I annulled writing about my suggested technique on how to baste a turkey.  And I refused to write about my rants of not being able to shop during the 11.11 (Nov 11) online sale.

And though I wanted to praise on how blue looks so good on both the states of Georgia and Pennsylvania after the US American elections, I decided to keep quiet.  Reason behind this is because I do not have the gull to write about all these trivial and fun stuffs when my country is experiencing a horrendous devastation brought about by a string of super deadly typhoons.

a huge flood! 

I decided to be a little more sensitive towards the agony felt by my country towards the recent devastations brought about by not just 1 but 4 strong typhoons (named Quinta, Rolly, Siony and Ulysses) that hit my country consecutively in a matter of 2 short weeks.

Its sunny and dry now; the floods have started to recede now; and, the winds are gentler now.  But there are a lot of cleaning, clearing and fixing that needs to be done. I guess I am a little relax now and can write something again now.

My last 2 posts were about saying thanks.  Let this be my 3rd consecutive showing of gratitude then.  This time, let me extend my warmest praise and thanks to the rescuers who put their lives on the line in saving the people who got trapped by the big devastating floods brought about by these typhoons.

thanks paps!

i love this photo!

Their extra ordinary heroic bravery is truly worth all the praises! Thanks for your bravery. Thanks for your service.

A Fine Story Behind A Fine Sign Pen

Are you like me in which the attractiveness of my own signature is dependent on the quality and refinement of the pen I use?  I asked this because I am impressed and enjoy using my present sign pen.  Unfortunately, my present pen (pictured below) does not seem to have a label.

And it seems that I can no longer obtain the same pen in case the present one runs out of its ink.  Reason being, I got this pen from a boy who sells various ball-points, markers and pen on a moving bus.  If in New York subways there are young students who sells chocolates and snacks inside a moving train, here in the Philippines, there is a young boy who sells cheap sign pens and ballpens inside a moving bus.

On a public commute to the City of Manila from a weekend adventure in Villa Escudero in Quezon Province, a shy-looking young boy hopped up our bus and started distributing a note to all the passengers. The message indicated on the note states that the young lad is selling cheap ballpens and that the proceeds of his earnings shall be used for his schooling expenses.

I opted to buy one priced at twenty pesos (less than 40 cents in US$) and got to pick the green colored pen then return the note he handed earlier.  My colleague MJ, on the other hand, actually handed 50 pesos (US$1) to the young dude after reading the note and opted not to get any pen.  She however did not return the note the boy distributed and instead kept it inside her bag.  She told me that she is to show the note to her daughter and tell her daughter about our encounter with this pleasant-looking young boy.

And every time I use this sign pen I am reminded that it was the most meaningful 20-peso spending I did that day.

Ka-aya-aya ang piling!

Donating to Bohol the Easy and Dyahe-Free Way

Hey! Have you done your share of donating to the victims of Bohol 7.2 magnitude earthquake?  I did.

With the unprecedented level of realistic gore and massive destructions in the beautiful province of Bohol, I suppose your prayers and sympathy won’t be enough.  This catastrophe needs some damn concrete action like giving donation.

A lot of people wonder how they could lodge in their cash donations.  Others feel its “dyahe” (awkward) that they would have to deposit their cash donations to a bank account of trustworthy foundations when they deem that the amount they are donating is quite trivial.  This is aside from the fact that it would take you some trouble knowing the account numbers of those foundations and effort to proceed and transact to a bank.


Read! While waiting for the cashier to process my donation, i got the chance to take a photo of this signage located right in front of their cash register

I did my donating the easier way.  Its hassle free!   I simply proceeded to the nearest 7-Eleven store and hand over my cash donation while at the same time purchase myself a large “asado siopao” for my dinner.  This new 7-Eleven facility is so new cashiers won’t mind how much you donate.  Thus, it’s never “dyahe”.

Yeah, 7-Eleven accepts cash donations which will directly be issued to DSWD (Department of Social Welfare & development).  After handing over your cash, your name will be asked to be registered.  And yes, don’t forget to get your donation receipt…

Be a blessing everyone!

Psst! Reydi? Sing!!! Walang sinuman ang nabubuhay para sa sarili lamang…