Matt Bomer For The Win

matt bomer

matt bomer as felix

When I learned in the past (about a year ago or so) that Matt Bomer was not considered to play the role of Christian Grey for the movie adaptation of the massive hit novel 50 Shades of Grey, I was glad.  Besides the face of Matt Bomer is buckets-full prettier that the visualized looks of Christian Grey.

I was glad that I will never have to be compelled on seeing that movie, because otherwise, I would have to watch it simply because Matt was in it.  Though 50 Shades of Grey was a massive hit novel series, I can profess that I am among the few adults on this planet who has not read it.  And I don’t have any plans neither intentions of reading it anytime soon or anytime in the future.  Reason?  I actually don’t know.

mattbomernormalheartI guess destiny did not allow Matt Bomer to star in 50 Shades because the universe intended him to star in a much much better material that is The Normal Heart.  I saw this HBO film, adapted from the autobiographical play with the same title two months ago.  And this movie definitely deserves an Emmy-worthy recognition for Matt. His characterization on his role as Felix in the film was no big joke.  He loosed 35 pounds for it.

But beyond Matt’s physical transformation in the film, he was hauntingly amazing in this movie!  He was the heart-wrencher in the story that will make you feel the pain.  I saw the film 2 months ago and yet the drama, the thunderous message and Matt’s powerful performance still lingers in my mind.  His character was definitely louder than the beat of a normal heart.

The Normal Heart is out for sale on DVD and Blu-ray format on August 28, 2014 – which I predict as – 3 days after Matt Bomer has gone home with an Emmy trophy.

Mat Bamer Por Da Win!

Game of Thrones: A Hauntingly Entertaining TV Series

gameofthronesIt must already be in the hundreds if I have tallied and counted the number of times I uttered the words “grabe”, “shocking” and “galing” while watching the episodes of the great HBO tv series Game of Thrones.  These do not include the occasions when I sighed, gasped and screamed while watching it.

The series is so biting and disturbing in a great sense of these words.  It will definitely bring sharp chills on your spines.  All the elements of backstabbing, manipulation, double-dealing, erotica, greed and brutality are present.  The show never holds back!

Unlike a usual TV series where the lead stars are expected to remain alive and be the main and principal characters throughout the whole show, in Game of Thrones characters are dynamic and evolving.  It is unexpected that right in the middle of the story, the lead character (who you thought was the lead character) would just suddenly meet a brutal death.  Or the character you’re starting to like would unexpectedly become a horrendous iron-handed protagonist.  And amazingly, these characters would literally go down and dirty!

For those who have not watched it, I must say that you are missing a hell of a lot.  I swear to the old gods and the new that Game of Thrones is hauntingly entertaining.  This show definitely ranks right up there as masterworks of ingenuity and wild imagination.

Pugot kung pugot! Patay kung patay!