Show Me by John Splithoff

This has been my gym-treadmill-music for the past week

After hearing series of newly released songs in my Spotify account, I can conclude that music released nowadays seem to sound the same.  And this makes Show Me by John Splithoff stands out from the rest.  The beat is vibrant and the rhythm is cool!  The tempo is just perfect for those who wish to walk and lose a couple of pounds on a treadmill.

Though it may be silly, another thing I love about this release is the poster.  It’s a reminder of the famous Madonna pose!

madonna and john splithoff

Ang kul ng kantang ‘to!

Boyfriend by Tegan and Sara

tegan and sara boyfriendThe music of Tegan and Sara has accompanied me for a significant amount of time during exhausting hours of workout in the gym.  This duo’s music is in my playlist blasting through my earpiece when I’m cursing the treadmill or gagging on some heavy weights.

Let me then show a little piece of gratitude by featuring their latest tune entitled Boyfriend from their upcoming album Love You To Death.

I particularly loved the gender twist in the lyrics as well as the dance-y 80’s-like vibe and groove of the tune. The supreme catchiness of the tune is super fun!  This will definitely be an awesome add-on in my gym music playlist.

Parang gusto ko tuloy mag-jim!

Human-Energy-Generated Power Plant

People invent because the human mind is always at work.  Brilliant human beings can turn salty sea water to potable drinking water, they invented the mobile phone, the TV, the internet and of course the computer.

While doing my 30-minute thread mill in Slimmers World, I realized that so much human energy is exerted yet wasted when people exercise at the gym.  I have been a gym freak for the past eight years (though my delicious body doesn’t seem to show it!).  I suppose the accumulated energy I have poured into using the thread mill and various gym equipments if converted into electrical volts are enough to run one humongous electric power plant.

I also realized that only if a not-yet-invented gadget that can convert human energy to electric energy be attached to all those gym equipment, this poor country need not allocate a big amount of money in buying oil, coal and gas to supplement the energy needs of its populace.  The converter-gadget should then be attached to the transmission lines towards one or two power generators that will distribute electricity to operate domestic appliances, office equipment and even industrial machineries.

This crazy thought may actually not be farfetched.  Just take the case of various luxury wristwatches available in the market that need not be run by batteries but powered by kinetic energy, i.e. a wristwatch would run perfectly when worn due to constant body movements but would stop when taken off.  My idea I suppose is just of a grander scale.

If this converter-gadget will then be invented, just imagine if this will be attached to the mattresses of all beds of this country’s resorts, hotels and motels.  That would create the biggest power plant in the universe!

Ito ang dulot ng blakong utak at naiinip na matapos ang paglakad sa letcheng tredmil na yan!